Young Watermelon Growing in a Home Garden

By | February 16, 2021
Video shows how a watermelon starts in a garden after flowering and has formed a tiny bud and later grows into a bigger watermelon fruit. A watermelon turns into a fully grown fruit ready for harvest in about 60 days after planting the seedlings. It starts out having a white colour inside flesh and later as it grows it changes colour that ranges from bright pink to dark red when it is fully grown with dark brownish seeds.

A watermelon is a tropical fruit grown in many countries of the world and is suitable for mainly tropical climates. Young watermelons are susceptible to pests and diseases so different methods have to be applied to control the pests including spraying the plants in an early stage when they are growing and any use of pesticides has to be stopped or discontinued more than two weeks to harvest time or period of the fully grown watermelons.

Young watermelons at an early age when growing in garden they have their distinctive colour of dark green stripes and the general green colour of the watermelon. Irrigation has to be done in dry areas to help the watermelons grow big and fertilization has to be done at an early age if possible and as required.

Watermelon fruit is a world popular fruit known for its sweet sugary waters and is enjoyed in many countries like United States, China, Russia, Brazil, Poland, Argentina, Japan, Nigeria, United Kingdom, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Australia, Uganda and many more places in the world over. Watermelon fruit is also popular among young children or kids with watermelon pictures, watermelon toys or watermelon songs to help them learn in school or at home.

Those are some of the benefits of eating watermelon fruit or drinking its juices;
1. Watermelon has sweet juices that hydrate the body needed for the body’s natural and normal metabolism for the well-being of any person.
2. It is a drink that can be used for weight loss as it is packed with less calories yet has crucial nutrients for the normal function of the body like vitamins.
3.It is a readily available fruit in the market or anywhere else in many parts of the world and easy to be carried anywhere because it has got a longer shelf life compared to other fruits like pineapples.
4. Easy to prepare and either be eaten as a fruit or easy to make juice out of it.
5. Its a popular summer drink either at parties or picnic and even at beaches.
6.Watermelon fruit water has got antioxidants, amino acids for a better workout in a gym or anywhere else and helps to prevent muscle soreness.
7. Watermelon fruit or drink when taken acts as a natural viagra. Watermelon fruit has got a compound called citrulline which helps to relax and dilate blood vessels as viagra would have done therefore helping in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
8. Watermelon fruit when eaten or taken as a juice may improve Heart health.
9.Watermelon juice or drink lowers inflammation and oxidative stress.
10. Watermelon fruit has got properties that may help to prevent macular degeneration.
11. No need to add sugar or any other sweetener as it has already got its natural sugars in the water and flesh of the watermelon.
12.Watermelon fruit has got properties that work as anti-aging agents and also improved the general good appearance of the skin.

However watermelon fruit has got some side effects.
Generally eating watermelon has not got any serious side effects but eating large amounts of it everyday may increase or lead to too much lycopene in the body and too much potassium.
Therefore, watermelon fruit or drink should be eaten or taken in moderation. Now the question is: How much is much or how big is big? Over to you. The video appears as too simple and too short but that’s how a watermelon looks in it’s initial stage of growth before it becomes big and you find it on the market, supermarket,shop or anywhere you get it or buy it for consumption. Thank you for watching and please do subscribe.

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