X and Y Chromosomes = Always a Man!

By | March 26, 2023

Gil T explains why biologically speaking you will always be a man if you have x and y chromosomes. It’s a scientific fact that the woke gender ideology is full of lies. Toxic and masculinity don’t belong in the same sentence.
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I've never thought in my life that I Would hear the word toxic and Masculinity as a compound word they Don't belong in the same sense what is So toxic about being a man there are Specific things that make a man a man And this is in our DNA this is biology This isn't up to us this is an up to our Determination you know I have an X Chromosome and I have a y chromosome I Was born that way there's nothing I Could do there's nothing I could inject To change it I can give myself Androgen Deprivation therapy I can take all the Estrogens in the world and I could do Whatever I want I could get breast Implants and grow my hair and I still Have an X and A Y chromosome so no Matter how many body parts I cut off I'm Always going to be a man and that's just A fact of the matter biologically Speaking and this isn't a political Debate this isn't about opinion this is Just scientific fact

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