Why Do Men Have Nipples?

By | July 25, 2013

If both men and women have nipples, why don’t men also produce milk and breastfeed? It’s a question that’s been on all our minds, leading Laci to once and for all explain the reason for male nipples.

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Why Do Men Have Nipples?
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Why do men have nipples?
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Dnews audience member, Stephan, wants to
know, "Why do men have nipples?" To which science says, "Psh. Why not?" Hey friends, Laci Green here with a
very important topic, Male nipples. Men don't feed babies with
their boobs So why are they there? The basics go like this. In the womb, a sperm meets the egg and a zygote
is formed. All your genetic information is tightly
packed into 23 pairs of chromosomes. One of those pairs determines your sex. XX for females and XY for males. There are other sex chromosome pairings like XXY and XXYY, But hey, that's a whole other video. The other 22 pairs of chromosomes Provide the genetic blueprints to make a
human being. Information about how to form your feet, and
your heart, and your eyes, and Your nipples. In the third or fourth week,
you're a little embryo, chilling in the womb, And that's when the nipples begin to develop. It starts with the milk line, which
runs from your armpit Down through your breasts to your genitals. Typically only two nipples are arranged on
the milk line, But as many as seven can line up and come
hang out. For most people, these don't develop any further, But sometimes they do and people are
born with more than two nipples. You can also have little remnants that
looks like moles, but they're actually Just teensy embryo nipples. Now not only do you get nipples but also
get milk ducts. At this point, everyone's looking pretty
female. That is until The eighth week when the hormones start
pumping. For males testosterone mean the penis starts
to develop out from the clitoris. The Scrotum develops out from the labia. Things like where you'll get body hair,
and how deep your voice will be is determined.

You already have nipples and milk ducts, but
the hormones determine if you'll develop more Breast tissue. This happens much later though during the
next hormonal uproar in your lifetime, Puberty. So if males do have nipples and mammary glands, Couldn't they produce milk? Aha! Yes they could, but they're missing the
proper hormones to do so. Hormone are the law of the land. No
hormones means no milk. Sometimes on rare occasions, males will
spontanesouly produce milk later in life. It's called Galactorrhea, Which is a pretty epic name to be honest. Sometimes that happens in infants
too, right after they're born. When doctors can figure out the cause,
it's usually a hormonal thing: Not enough testosterone, extra estrogen, Extra prolactin, which is the milk producing
hormone. But a nice chunk of cases, scientists don't
know why. It's just one of those cool nature things
that remind you, Sex isn't quite as clear cut as it seems to
be. Thanks for joining me, guys. Do you have a question for me, Anthony, or
Trace? You should leave it in the comments down below
and hey, maybe we'll make a video for you. Don't forget to subscribe for more Dnews updates,
and we'll catch you next time!

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