Where does TRT fall short in improving Mental Health from a Psychological Standpoint?

By | March 15, 2023

Where does TRT fall short in improving Mental Health from a Psychological Standpoint? Dr Rudy Eberwein and Dave Lee have an insightful discussion about hormones and behavior, and the mental effects of testosterone replacement therapy TRT.
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Where does trt fall short in improving Mental health from a psychological Standpoint So welcome back to the trt and hormone Optimization YouTube channel and today We have two guests and that's Dr Rudolph Iberein welcome Rudy Good to see you again And Dave Lee welcome back Dave Thanks for having me again Today we're talking about psychedelics And hormone optimization so the first Question was where does trt fall short In improving mental health from a Psychological standpoint So Dr Rudy you go ahead So so I can start with this it's so so To me that that's a subject that I'm Very passionate about because you know We we talk a lot about pistachio and Optimization and there are still the Stigma and the misconception that Testosterone is only for muscles and for Sex people don't realize that Testosterone is one of the most Important psychoactive hormones and that Really helps with the brain Neurotransmitters actually testosterone Does activate the 5-ht2a the serotonin receptors the same Receptors that antidepressants and Psychedelics work on so when I see a lot Of the patients in my clinic one of Their main complaints especially on my

Younger guys it's a decreased mood Decreased ability to take pleasure in What they used to have a decreased Motivation anedonia are feeling flat and A lot of times when they go to your Primary care doc the first reflex of the Conventional doctors is to put them on Antidepressants whereas if we go to the Root cause a lot of times it's pistachio Is not adequate the better treatment is To replace testosterone and for me Testosterone is never in a silo Testosterone always comes with good diet Exercise and with optimization of Hormones we got a lot of results But I said it's always Stalking another guys we see with Venom On testosterone we improve their Nutrition they start exercising they get Great Improvement but sometimes there Are still some trauma or some issues Some self-defeating thoughts some Short-circuited thoughts that can still Not get them to their optimal self and That's where now we have psychedelic as Another tool to really get to the next Level of uh mind body and spirit Optimization Right Dave Yeah I think that's a fantastic Introduction I think that I think testosterone is If there was a Panacea for men's mental Health which does not and testosterone

To not but if it was I think Testosterone is the closest thing Um when we look at what we generally Would be looking for from an Antidepressant treatment for a man it's A lot of things that testosterone does In the brain and One thing I think we should look at when We're looking at testosterone is going Okay well what are its newer steroidal Properties so what does testosterone do What does DHT do in terms of how does it Influence neurotransmitters and then how Does that influence our behavior and I Think one of the most damaging things For men is the period before they Correct their hypogonadism where they've Had a prolonged period of this low Androgenic state which makes them very Susceptible to the psychological effects Of stress Um and it also as Rudy was saying it Removes a lot of the reward for doing Pleasurable or motivating behaviors so When you're in a situation like this and You're going to the gym and it feels bad And exercising feels stressful and Everything that you're wanting to take On feels like it's too much and it's too Hard and you just can't get going and You get paralyzed by this uh this fear Of of of what you can't do You then become depressed and anxious Because you can see that you're wasting

Your potential when you get stuck and I Think that when you look at what Testosterone can do it's not going to be The thing that's going to act like a Massive stimulant that will get you off The couch and just you know immediately Tackling your to-do list but I think it Can set you up in a way that it will Dispose you more towards the things that You should be doing and potentially away From the things you shouldn't be doing And then I think if you can use that as Part of a I guess a holistic Intervention With having intent around I guess taking on the behaviors that Will make you into the man that you want To be and I think a lot of the time when Guys go on TRD is because they want to Be better men or they want to be more Masculine whatever that means to them Subjectively and I think when we look at What it takes to get there it's time but That's because time is required for People to do the work that needs to be Done and I think the amazing thing about Psychedelics being offered as a Treatment is that it can make people Aware of the things they need to do Um I think that's one of the most Powerful things from psychedelics they Can show you the things that are in the Way that are stopping you from being who You could be or who you want to be and

There are different psychedelics which Will do different things and more Suitable towards trauma or more suitable Towards creativity and inspiration more Suitable to different experience levels But the amazing thing is that when you Look at what testosterone can do as a Foundation the self-work when we look at Things like exercise mindfulness Meditation psychedelics nutrition all These different factors It's like the foundation is laid for you To be able to really get the most out of All these interventions and ultimately Heal whatever needs to be healed Right Completely you know something that's Interesting for me is when you look at Behavior for for humans in general and For men we're talking more Men's Health You know you can see a guy that that's a You know as you said masculine man Whatever that that means or very Self-motivated a leader and you can see They may change and when you look you do A hormonal panel if you have low Testosterone or abnormal thyroid so That's where you see that behavior is Not fixed uh we are only as strong as Our hormones so you can get the most Self-motivated more positive men that Always has achieved Peak Performance in His life you give him low thyroid or low Testosterone and it becomes a completely

Different person so our Behavior Although we think we may have control Over it a behavior of guided mostly by Our hormones so once I made that link Together it made me realize first it Humbled me because it made me realize Everybody can go and become a victim of Those Hormonal problems especially in our Toxic world with the endocrine Disrupting chemicals that we have so a Lot of times guys may go through Something and then they internalize that Shame and that that guilt that you know Because because men culture is always Man up you can do it just yes you can do It don't look for hell sometimes it is Physical Until you get the ground of the good Hormonal Health you're not able to go to The next level

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