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By | August 2, 2020

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A watermelon is a vine like flowering plant that is cultivated worldwide and is originally from west Africa. There are very many varieties of watermelons which exceed 1000 varieties. Watermelons are classified as a fruit.
When cut longitudinally, the watermelon has got dark brown seeds that are in almost a symmetrical way and in a line, where they sit they form some cavities. The flesh bit of the watermelon is sweet and has a lot of water and feels like a hard sponge. It is red in colour while the seeds are dark brown and the watermelon rind is pale green. Inside the flesh of the watermelon there are some small fibers that are in a pattern. However when you cut a cross section, the seeds appear to be almost anywhere in the red juicy flesh part of the watermelon.
Watermelons are more than 92% water and have got a lot of nutrients for the body. The watermelon rind is hard than the watermelon flesh. The exterior or skin of the watermelon is smooth and some watermelons are camouflage and others are dark green in colour. The dark green camouflage of the watermelon when scraped with a knife Becomes light green and the light green turns a bit dark green. Those are the few observations I was able to make. This type of watermelon has very many seeds.

In simple terms, a watermelon has four (4) components and are the following;
1. The Watermelon Rind which forms the outer and inside skin. It has got some water and is hard. The inside part of the rind is light green.
2. The Watermelon flesh which is holds most of the water and is normally red in colour.
3. Watermelon seeds that are ranging from dark brown to black in colour.
4. Watermelon juice or water red in colour and is sweet or sugary.
5. Watermelon fruit has got amino acids that are vital for the body.
6. It has got Citrulline that helps to relax the muscles and dilate the vessels hence boosting blood flow or circulation.

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[Music] What's inside the watermelon when it Is cutting or treating it like you can See there The seeds form almost from a symmetrical Pattern they are On each side of the cat section And they also have some cavities where They sit they tend to form some cavities The seeds are dark brown so that is the Middle there The seeds are dark brown others are Black depending on the watermelon i Think Because this is a kama fridge watermelon And also they see The fresh of the tomatoes has some tiny Fibers that form a pattern so now that Is a cross section And i made another cross section of Another what am i going to show you Those are the cavities the seeds inside There and this type of watermelon has Very many seeds The red beet is the flesh which is sweet And most people are interested in that Because most of the greases Of the water that is sweet is in the Flesh not Really fresh yeah And another thing we should know Watermelon is more than 92 percent water and it is classified as A fruit

Grown worldwide although they originally Came from west africa Yeah there are many varieties of water Buildings more than a thousand So that is the fresh bit of the Watermelon with many seeds And it's a bit spongy although hard So when you put it in the mouth then the Water comes out it's Sweet that is the bit the sweet bit of The watermelon The rind is the one that is peru green The rain on the sides that's the rain It's harder Than the flesh another observation This is a camouflage watermelon another Observation On the skin of the watermelon when you Scrape it with a knife or anything that Can scrape The dark dark green camouflage it Becomes a bit lighter old pair of green And the pale green becomes a bit Darker that is an interesting Observation Yeah those are the many seeds i'm trying To show you again Yeah so watermelons have got a lot of Nutrients Good for the body amino acids and they Hydrate the body Yeah so we should be eating watermelons So now i'm showing you what i was Telling you when you scrape

[Music] The dark green becomes a bit lighter and The Lighter bit of the watermelon becomes Over the camouflage Becomes a bit darker that is another Observation i made Yeah that is it I told you already the watermelon is Classified as a fruit And it is a flowering plant plant It's a vine flowering plant it is a vein Like Plant yeah it is classified as a fruit So now i'm showing you that Yeah it is an interesting observation The fresh bit of the watermelon inside Is Red all dark pink so that is the karate Perfect it depends because There are many varieties of watermelon Is more than a thousand Some are the skin is Dark green but this one is a camouflage Watermelon like you see there And its skin is smooth it has got a skin Skin that is smooth the outside skin is Very smooth Yeah thank you

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