What is Self Love? It is True Self.

By | October 12, 2015

Talking about being your true self

Hey Um i'm driving so I'm sorry if uh I'm looking away and stuff But i wanted to make this video uh Specifically for My sisters that participated in the the Womb healing Um Mantra that we did over the phone Oh my goodness Man it was so beautiful it was just so Beautiful And i wanted to tell you guys that i Love you And that um i think that I think that this is the beginning of Something Very major And i told the ancestors during you know In between our meditation because after We hung up the phone friday night i Continued to do the chant and i Continued to Um talk to my inner self and my higher Self and basically open myself up and And said that I'm prepared to take on whatever it is That i'm supposed to be doing because i Know i know i know that i'm supposed to Be doing something because of my name My name I'm a commission My name is kamisha i'm a commission in

This commission Meaning that i've been commissioned to Do something If you've been my facebook friend you Know that i Share little things that i hear Uh people sometimes they might think i'm Crazy or whatever but i do hear things When i'm falling asleep i hear I hear whole sentences whole paragraphs And One time i heard that um Because i asked my higher self one time What am i supposed to be doing and i Heard maybe about like a week later um That your mission was always to protect Women I heard that So I don't know i'm just asking for Strength and uh and clarity and And just prepare me for whatever it is That's about to come and and i just Asked to I just said that i'm ready to receive it And i'm ready to take that on So um I wanted to talk a little bit about Self-love i'm not going to make this a Whole long video because i'm driving and I'm on my way out but um you know i Wanted us to really dig deeply into Self-love because that's where the Healing comes in there and my in my

Opinion that's the core of healing Everything within us is to make sure That we're loving ourselves first so we Have to understand what does that mean What does that mean to love yourself First what does that mean to love Yourself love is truth Should i go this way uh No love is truth So loving yourself starts with being Honest with yourself that is that is my Eye Everyone talks about the 42 laws of my Eye but just my i just rounded up it Means be true truth and justice and Order so first being truth meaning that You have to be always honest with Yourself Don't Don't bend don't don't how can i say it Be honest with what you really want with Yourself like i'll give an example you Know i used to be scared to tell if i Meet a guy That you know i want an exclusive uh Long-term committed relationship because We live in a society where like you know If you tell a man that you're gonna run Him off and all of this other [ __ ] but He can gladly openly tell you that on The first [ __ ] five minutes that he Talking to you he'll tell you i don't Want no relationship i ain't looking for No marriage i ain't looking for no

Commitment And And i look at you funny you say well no That's okay well then you stay right Over there where you at then because We don't want the same thing so so now I'm learning to be honest with myself That that is what i really want and so I'll be honest with him and if he run Then I don't like scary ass [ __ ] anyway so Go head on with your scary self Because that's what's attracting I think anyway keep attracting Guys that run is because you're scared You're scared to be who you truly are I mean that i'm speaking from my Personal perspective i can't say that's Everybody's case but i mean We're attracting ourselves and part of The reason why we're attracting whatever You know certain things is for Experience Somehow we ask for it within our own Energy But it's like deep down deep down deep Down inside are you truly being who you Are on the inside or is your outside Matching your inside because if not You're going to keep attracting Your truth So you have to face your own truth That is the number one step in healing Yourself and loving yourself imma cut

This short i'm in five minutes uh i love You guys Peace bye

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