What Blood Work Do I Need For TRT?

By | April 9, 2023

Dr Thierry Hertoghe answers this common question: what blood work or tests do I need to start Testosterone Replacement therapy (TRT)?
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What blood tests do you need to start With before you get on HRT to get the Base level what are the blood tests do You recommend You need to do a blood test certainly And the blood test you need to do is Um in blood is testosterone total Testosterone Shpg sex hormone buying globin the Hormones are transported Blood by Proteins if there's too much of those Proteins sex hormone globalin it keeps The testosterone blood and doesn't go in The target cells and the ratio between The two gives us an idea of how much They're starting to go in the cell so Testosterone shpg and then very Important the metabolite of the male Hormone dehydrotestation called Andrew Stain diacruconide the higher the value Is of the understand dial Kryptonite is The more you're risking of losing your Hair male pad bondage but the lower it Is the less your erections are so Basically you need to find the right Ratio it has to be high normal but not Above the upper reference range are near The lower reference range and so these Values are really important and then It's not enough when men make Testosterone testosterone can go to Convert to the super male hormone Dehydro testosterone but it also can Convert to Estrada so if your estradel

Level is too high it will block the Testosterone effects it will not Receptors to the distance so we need Also to ask estradel and then for Experts there's also P3 hormones called LH FSH that cannot prolactin but this is Not uh essential in all cases but we do Many testing but basically what the Fourth test I ask you total testosterone Blood shpg Understand how good can I and estradel Are the major tests to identify a Testoster the fish amen by the lab test Also to do a questionnaire looking at The components they have of Testosterophy and look at physical exam It's Interesting to do a very good physical Exam because on the body of a man you Can see how much deficiency it is to What degree the extent is the final Result of testosterone on the body

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