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By | May 4, 2021

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Watermelon Lemon Juice is one of nature’s given drinks that are easy to make in a home and yet the drink is equipped with a lot of ingredients that are vital for the body metabolism and they include the following;
Hydration of the body, the body also helps fight off infections like flu, it has got amino acids that are vital for the body, citrulline and lecopene help relax and dilate the body’s muscles hence helping and strengthening the body when that time comes up like exercising or any sport. It also helps in weight loss by burning off the body fats. Easy to make and cheap and so popular in many countries. Both fruits are readily available in many countries.
Video link: https://youtu.be/KPbS-tcUPvg
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How to make watermelon And lemon juice You put your Watermelon into a blender if you see There this is the watermelon so we are Putting the beets into a blender So that will blend it you put some water So that they're blendable Blender works well with the juices And then you squeeze The lemon this is the lemon i'm Squeezing the lemon into the blender now Yeah like that Because i've already put the This is the Lemon i'm squeezing I'm interested in that water I mean stressed In the water so this is what i'm Squeezing inside here So now we are going to spray To spread the juice Now see the meaning is just to strain The juice Into this Yeah I've stranded the juice Don't let him see you [ __ ] you always Have a plan to stay tough this life Ahead of you ain't easy it was built to Be rough but that's what makes a Personality is tragedy bruh Oh so keep your head on your shoulders Now we ain't not in moving rocks we out

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