Watermelon Ginger and Lime juice | Drink for Body Repair and Blood Pressure

By | April 30, 2021

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Watermelon, Ginger and Lime Juice is prepared by Cutting watermelon into small pieces and putting them into the blender. Put some ginger one thumb size ginger and then squeeze lime juice into the mixture and blend them. After strain them and serve. You may not strain if you want to take the juice as a smoothie or juice with bits.
Watermelon juice has so many advantages and they include the following;
1.The juice is packed with amino acids needs for the normal function of the body
2.The juice has got water which is needed for good body metabolism
3.It has got a lot of energy
4. Ginger and lime help in fighting off diseases like glue
5.It has got citrulline and lecopene which help to relax the vessels and dilate the muscles for good blood flow
7. The drink has got less fats therefore it may help in weight loss in both men and women

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I'm going to squeeze it into Blender into some little water Here i'm squeezing the lime into some Little water Like this so that we get all the pieces From the line And some this is Yeah this is what i'm doing Let's place it into the water like here Then i strained this wood i'm going to Use this sieve to strain the water to This blender So now i'm going to get some watermelon Here this is the watermelon I'm going to use i'm going to get some Beets I'll put it So i'll put the watermelon into the Blender Then i'm going to blend it I'm going to blend it Small bit you don't need a lot like this One can do Thumbnail ginger that's the amount you Need because I'm taking half a liter one more time Then i slowed it in until they mix The blender then i blend again Now just blended the mixture This is the thing i've just blended in The blender Now the next thing is to straighten it Straighten it That's it and now our juice is done

Our watermelon ginger and the lemon Juice is done It's good for the body i aggress the Body And many more yeah this is our juice This is our juice watermelon ginger And lime juice it's so nice the lime is Good So this is the juice just made Now i'm straining it to remove the beets But some people might take it with these Bits but for me I just want some of the juice Something like a smoothie without these Bits So this is the juice i'm going to pour Some into This take yeah This is our juice watermelon lime And ginger juice so this is the finished Product It's nice I think there shouldn't be much because Some people can't tolerate it Should be mild if you want that one if You can take strong ginger It's also still okay yeah thank you So this is our juice this is our Finished product So good

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