Vagus nerve degeneration webinar – Part 2 – Ross Hauser, MD

By | March 5, 2020

Ross Hauser, MD presents part 2 of his 3-part Vagus Nerve webinar series on Facebook Live. Sorry about the poor quality sound not syncing up during the upload to Youtube. If you prefer to watch the webinar on Facebook, here is the link:

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Dr. Hauser discusses many medical conditions and symptoms as they relate to vagus nerve function, including brain function, dizziness, vision problems, ear pain, GI/digestion problems, anxiety, and much more! He also discusses why there is a huge increase in vagus nerve degeneration symptoms due to cell phone addiction.

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[Music] Welcome everybody sorry I'm a little bit Late but just grateful that you're here Hopefully today you're gonna learn some Amazing things are gonna help you and Those that you care most about That's actually why carrying medical Spends so much effort personnel time Money to make these webinars today's I'm Going to talk about how vagus nerve Degeneration is involved in almost all Human disease and what you can do to Correct it if you research autism Alzheimer's Parkinson's balance problems Speech difficulties swallowing Difficulties leaky gut and you and you Type in those conditions and along with It the vagus nerve all these articles Will pop up recently I wrote a book on The vagus nerve which is currently Getting edited and in the book there's 1,400 references so in other words I Looked at 1,400 different references on All the different conditions that have Vagus nerve neuropathy which I call Vague appa the– Involved in the condition and there Wasn't one article that insinuated that The vagus nerve was getting injured by Problems in the neck Specifically cervical instability so the Cause of most people's they got at these It is actually a problem in the neck so That's kind of where we're heading but

Today's talk I really wanted to expand Everybody's information and knowledge on How exactly the vagus nerve gets injured And why it causes your digestive Problems balance problems pots immune System problems okay so how do I Couldn't go to the next one so let's Look at this so how can you know Specifically that you have a vagus nerve Problem one when you have biggest nerve Problems your pupils dilate more than Average so that's what gives light Sensitivity if you've noticed a change In your voice quality you know you're a Woman and you're sounding more like a Man or you got a scratchy throat or you Chronically cough you can't sing anymore You have a vagus nerve problem if you You've done everything for upset stomach Nausea bloating you you have diarrhea Then you have constipation and Especially if you have constipation you Have a chronic of vagus nerve from you Of a vague operty which most vague ah Pytheas from the cervicals cervical or Neck problems so we call the disease Cervical big APPA the– if you look and Go ah and you look at the thing hanging Down the back of your throat and if that Tissue which is called the uvula Deviates to one side you have a vagus Nerve from if your ear is red or you Have a sensitivity to touch in your ear Canal in the temperature is different on

A certain part of your ear you have a Vagus nerve from if doctors you've gone To a million doctors and nobody can Figure out what's the cause of your Problem you probably have cervical and Instability which is causing a vagus Nerve problem and that's what's causing Your symptom Just read you know when you lay down When you lay down and you feel much Better Well laying down takes pressure off of The neck takes pressure off of your Vagus nerves and you feel better If you have a low heart rate variability So this is the monitor I use to monitor My heart rate variability heart rate Variability is the best test currently For functioning of the vagus nerve and We'll talk more about that later if you Have sensitivity to light or sound like You bright likes irritate your eyes and Loud sounds irritate your ears you most Likely have a vagus nerve problem if You're having difficulty swallowing or You choke on your food or you swallow And the food goes up into your nose or You cough after you swallow that's a Vagus nerve problem if you've got Undergone traditional testing and they Can't find the cause of your symptoms Most likely you of the vagus nerve Problem and we are going to talk about White traditional testing dozen of

Doesn't find the problem so let's look At this I'm so I'm going to look a Little bit away because I can see it Better on this other screen so if you Have headache pain facial pain bloodshot Eyes blurry vision pain behind the eyes Sunlight affects you your bites off you You can't really hear too good you've Got itchy ears your ears feel clogged You have a lot of secretions in your Throat chronic sore throats chronic neck Pain stiffness any of these symptoms Most likely you have cervical Instability causing a vagus nerve Problem and there's lots of ways that We'll show you how to help this next That's me that's our digital motion X-ray so my name is dr. Ross Howser I've Been doing Prolotherapy for cervical Instability for 27 years I'm coming to You live from our Florida office Next we see some of the most complicated Cases around the world just in the last Two or three weeks I've consulted on Patients who have needed they've needed Blood patches in their spinal canal to Get rid of some of their symptoms other Patients have had to have their cerebral Spinal fluid taken out we see people With cerebellar tonsils Opia You know horrible balance problems Wheelchair-bound recent today I saw a Patient who has a central line and she Gets IV fluids just to keep her blood

Pressure up and she walked into the Office for the shoe she basically cannot Walk where she was she was wheelchair Bound and she's only had two or three Prolotherapy visits I Mary Anne and I my Wife and I have written nine books on Probe there Prolotherapy and published Many different scientific papers they're Available at carrying medical calm and Prolotherapy org so I encourage you to Go to those sites we do write a Newsletter which keeps people up to date On various types of instability and how It causes a lot of problems including Cervical instability causing vagus nerve Problem so I encourage everybody to get That newsletter we do have a Facebook Page Friends of carrying medical that's A great place just to talk to other Patients who've seen me seeing the other Providers at carrying medical we have an Office here and then we have one in Oak Park I would like to thank my media team Which includes Barry whiner my publicist Izzy's here with Ben who've done a lot Of work with Nicole and Travis on this Webinar so I just like to personally Thank them and Marian our CEO over the Company I'm coming to you live from the Houser Neck Center where in Fort Myers Florida I do do Skype visits meaning that if Somebody lives far away like and they're Wondering if they're a Prolotherapy

Candidate so we do do I do do some Telemedicine or Skype visits the reason Why we started doing that was some of The cases are so severe the instability Associated the vagus nerve problems are So severe that it actually is beneficial For the person to live here and get Treated for us for a couple months While they're here and they can get Treated more frequently I want to first Explain why when people go to likely Recently at a case where they went to Two of the most prominent medical Centers and I won't mention their names But one of them is in Minnesota and the Other ones in Ohio but the why they Don't figure out what the problem is see Traditional medicine testing always has A person laying down like they'll be Laying down for an MRI and even when They do blood vessel tests the person's Laying down we're in our office we do Dynamic or upright testing so when we When when we're doing testing for Cervical instability we actually have The person move their neck around while They're getting a digital motion x-ray Then when we do our blood vessel testing To see if where's the did somebody bring In a model okay so it's also in the in The cervical spine are the vertebral Arteries so we do blood vessel tests When a person's upright and we're Actually going to show you I think it's

The next thing we're gonna show can we Okay okay so yes I'm going to show you Live video or video of a vascular test At our office showing that the blood Flow stops Basically the severity of a persons Vega 'they will determine how bad the Symptoms are so somebody's vagus nerve Is really degenerated and we can tell This because the size of the vagus nerve Gets smaller and smaller and when the Vagus nerve size goes down it means that The neurons within the vagus nerve are Actually dying and the cause of the Dying is one of two things it's either Stretch and compression from the neck Which we call I call cervical disc Structure or it's the major stresses That are going on in a person's life Those are the main two things that cause The vagus nerve neurons to degenerate The severity of the instability and the Vagus nerve degeneration determines Basically how many Prolotherapy visits That a person needs for those who aren't Familiar with the term Prolotherapy Prolotherapy is a treatment that Stimulates the body to repair painful Areas Prolotherapy injections are done Into the ligaments that connect the Bones in the spine and that stabilizes The spine stability of the spine means That as the person moves the vertebrae Stay together instability means the

Vertebrae move excessively and when they Move excessively that's what compresses Or stretches the arteries the veins the Brainstem the ligaments of the spinal Cord and that's what gives a lot a lot Of the symptoms that people have okay Now we're going to watch some vascular Testing I think you guys will find it Fascinating Note that the blood supply is going to Actually stop by very small movements of The neck Not on Probably objec you my party is going to Hear on dirty water to reblog see what Else do it again why is there you Getting the wings – yeah – go forward Yeah that's it best Karina here we're seeing on the screen Here your left middle cerebral artery The blood flow the peak systolic blood Flow isn't around ninety five to a Hundred centimeters per second and the Same thing on the right and then your Heart rate variability right now is in The 40s and what we're gonna have you do Is bend and flex your neck and then Twist to the luff so if you could do That okay we see a complete cut off of The blood supply so we'll have you what Have you come back have you come back Have you come into the right And we're seeing her have a mild Dystonic storm she's having a mild dis

Donek storm and then the blood supply's Coming back is coming back and notice That she turns her head to the right You're doing great do you feel up to Doing the next motion okay so we see the Peak systolic blood flows you'll 9390 so Now all we're gonna have you do is look Up so we'll have you look on so you're Looking up and we're seeing this going Down to zero again it's going down to Zero okay yeah and we see another Dystonic storm still another dist onyx Home And you'll very quickly the blood flow Gets back We back okay so you go to the next one Here I just want to comment a little bit About the video that you just saw Obviously it's very very dramatic so the More serious of persons symptoms and Let's agree Karina's symptoms the young Lady there like she's in a wheelchair Her symptoms are severe she she suffers With dystonic storms so some of the dist Onic episodes can last for you know Greater than five minutes if you go on Youtube or our website you'll see one You'll see another one with Jaime where Jaime's dystonia is even more severe the Cause of their dystonia is obstruction Of blood flow from the changes in their Cervical spine so if I take the model of The cervical spine right the cervical Spine supposed to be like this yea like

This and then their cervical spine Because of the ligament laxity has Changed and then when they do certain Movements when they do certain movements Because of their ligament laxity Ligament injury in their neck it Obstructs the flow of blood to their Brain so the testing that they need is Dynamic transcranial Doppler that's what We did with both of them and anybody With severe symptoms severe neurologic Symptoms that nobody can figure out Should get transcranial Doppler in our Office and what we do is we put the the Ultrasound probes and measure the blood Flow in the middle cerebral artery the Posterior cerebral artery and then we Figure out where in the neck the Problems coming from and you saw with Christina it wasn't just one movement of Her neck it was several movements once We have that information we know where How to brace the person so the blood Flow is always normal And then when the neck becomes stable And the curve gets corrected the blood Flow improves so then eventually they Can do those movements without having a Dystonic episode so for those of you who Don't know what a ch3 Prolotherapy is so Dr. Hackett invented the term Prolotherapy taught dr. hum wall to Treat the treatment in 1955 I joined dr. Hamill when he was 85 years old

In 1993 yeah and then he died at the age Of 90 in 1998 so that's me and dr. homo Prole Prolotherapy treatments are Normally given once every four to six Weeks though like I said for severe Upper cervical instability cases I might Treat somebody every couple weeks but Have all Hackett Hauser Pro therapy can Be done in many many body parts for Really severe cases we actually have a Nurse anesthetist come in and then we we Do pretty much the whole person's all The joints of the body because some Really severe alert and okay PSA's come Here ehlers-danlos syndrome is a Disorder where basically all the joints Of the body are loose and that and and That condition is a progressive ligament Condition and the treatment for that in My opinion the treatment of choice for That is pro therapy Prolotherapy will Strengthen and tighten the ligaments and Resolve the instability and then we're Just going to show you a quick video on What Prolotherapy is like for those who Are unfamiliar with it And this is actually a person who came To me because she had a stroke and Nobody could figure out the cause so we Figured out the cause of it was she had A plaque in her internal carotid artery Went and then when she turned a certain Way the she had a complete occlusion of The blood vessel and her the cervical

Instability was contributing to that and When we do the upper cervical spine we Do it under x-ray guidance or ultrasound Guides and you can see me seeing exactly Where the needle is and then placing the Prolotherapy solution in the ligaments The capsular ligaments at c1 c2 we do The whole pretty much the whole Posterior ligament complex and once Those ligaments get tight the person Doesn't have excessive joint movement And thus the tension on the vagus nerve On the spinal cord on the brainstem it Goes down and so do their symptoms as You can see there's one vagus nerve on The right one vagus nerve on the left The vagus nerve on the right that Primarily innervates the heart so when That the vagus nerve on the right is Stimulated you get slowing of the heart Rate and you get lowering of blood Pressure then the vagus nerve on the Left goes to the intestines so anybody With digestive disorders and we'll talk About this in more detail they often Have a lot vagus nerve issue where the Lot vagus nerve is degenerated in this You can see that the vagus nerve runs Right in front of c1 see that c1 on this Side then c1 on that side it's also Important to realize the cell body where The genetic code of the vagus nerve is The cell body which is the brains of the Vagus nerve is sits right in front of c1

And that ganglion is called Nodos ganglions to github hear that term A lot no dos ganglion is the cell bodies Of the vagus nerve so that's the brains Of the vagus nerve where the vagus nerve Primarily is getting injured is in the Let by the lateral masses here of the Atlas and if you have tilting if you Have a subluxation if you have Instability involving the atlas it could Totally screw up your your vagus nerves So anybody with a vagus nerve problem Has to get an assessment of the atlas so That involves either getting a digital Motion x-ray that's what I would Recommend or you have to see an upper Cervical chiropractor and many of them Are excellent most of them understand Prolotherapy and are very good at Referring to a Prolotherapy if the Adjustments they do don't hold this Slide is great the vagus nerve is Composed of a hundred thousand neurons Now compare that to the brain the brain Has 1 billion neurons the eye the optic Nerve has 1 million neurons and the Enteric nervous system has a has a Hundred million so the vagus nerves only Have a hundred thousand neurons compared To a hundred million in the digestive Tract so that means that if that one Vagus neuron will affect thousands and Thousands of other neurons the vagus Nerve is the body's patrol to make sure

Everything is safe in the body that the Nutrition is good in the body that blood Pressure is fine the pulse rate is low The body feels safe so anybody who Constantly feel stressed or there's a Change in plans and they go ballistic or They can't control Their emotions you know you have a vagus Nerve problem so for the body to Function properly the vagus nerve has to Be telling the brain the correct Information like the the livers the Livers functioning good the spleen is Fine the hormones are well if the vagus Nerve isn't functioning well the brain Gets crazy information like you know What so somebody who has Potts posture Orthostatic tachycardia syndrome the Brain isn't isn't controlling the blood Pressure and the pulse correctly why is It not doing it because it's getting Crazy information from the vagus nerve So the vagus vagus nerve could be Telling the brain the pulse is high when It's low or it's low when it's high you Know and so the brain doesn't give the Right input to the vagus nerve to then Speed up hard to slow down a heart rate Or the sympathetic system does speed up Heart rate if the vagus nerve is not Able to assist enough because its own Health is compromised you basically get A disease meaning that the if the vagus Nerve can't assess the situation right

It can't then cause for instance the Blood flow to the organ to improve so so Then the organ can't do what it needs to Do to repair itself so then you get a Disease and this is just kind of an Overview if you again if you research Dementia cancer hypothyroid heart Ischemia nausea colitis you'll see that All those things are associated with Poor vagus nerve function poor vagus Nerve function Is found often by testing the vagus Nerve through heart rate variability so When the heart rate variability is low That's a sign that the vagus nerve Functioning is low and the sympathetic System is high when you take a deep Breath let me just talk about this just For a second because there's gonna be People want to see if their vagus nerve Is functioning good so when you take a Deep breath the heart rate speeds up a Little bit so more oxygen gets into the Blood and then when you breathe out the Heart rate speeds up so when you're Relaxed so for instance if we check my Heart rate variability right now we Would be able to tell whether I'm Relaxed or I'm stressed so hopefully if We tested it my heart rate variability Would be high the higher your heart rate Variability is the stronger your vagal Tone the more you can handle stress Whether it's relationship stress toxic

Food you know chemicals in the food Electromagnetic radiation from cell Towers you know 5g work stress or even Stress from a healthcare condition so That's why the vagus nerve is involved In every single human disease and when The vagus nerve function is poor you're Going to get systemic inflammation You're going to get systemic Inflammation and your ability to Detoxify toxins in your body goes way Way down okay so this is kind of cool The vagus nerve is the defender and the Protector of the body against all Stressors pollutants infections current Stressors chemicals toxins so if you've Been to a holistic provider and they Said you have leaky gut and you get on a Diet or you take glutamine you take a Million different supplements and it Doesn't resolve well you have a vagus Nerve problem the you have to have a Strong vagus nerve To have the tight junctions between the Gastrointestinal cells to repair Themselves so in other words to resolve The leaky gut you have to have good Vagal tone if the holistic provider said You you're toxic and you can and you're Not detoxifying well well it means your Liver isn't functioning well what's the Nerve input to the liver so your liver Functions good well it's the vagus nerve You got gastroparesis your stomach isn't

Working right well what's the what's the Nerve input to have the stomach contract And have hydrochloric acid be secreted That's the vagus nerve you okay so so if You have a stressor and your body Doesn't stay calm like it drives you Crazy like loud noises light sensitivity You can't eat certain foods you're Allergic to a million foods what cause Why are you allergic to a million foods Other people can eat a million foods You've got a vagus nerve problem so you Want to resolve all your food Sensitivities all your chemical Sensitivities all of your hyper reaction Distress you have got to improve your Vagal tone so the main way to improve The vagal tone is get the stretch and Tension off of the vagal tone by Correcting your cervical curve and Correcting the instability okay poor Vagal tone somebody who has product Lines is these fibromyalgia multiple Chemical sensitivities central Sensitization syndrome all those things Are primarily caused by or associated With poor vagal tone so if you've been Diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease Fibromyalgia central pain sensitization Central multiple chemical sensitivities And you're seeing everybody you're Seeing a really good holistic provider But you're actually not resolving the Condition it's because you have poor

Vagal tone the difference between Somebody who can eat everything And nothing causes them a problem and The person who has to eat these 10 foods Otherwise they feel sick it's vagal tone The higher your vagal tone the more you Can handle any kind of a stressor Whether its food stress chemical stress Relationship stress so that's why bagel Tone and vagal health is so important to Keep the body healthy and and to resolve Symptoms like brain fog anxiety Depression obsessive compulsive disorder Mental fatigue You know beside balance issues migraine Headaches tension headaches fibromyalgia You have body pain so why do you have Body pain you know why do you have body Pain what's causing your body pain You've been diagnosed with small fiber Neuropathy what's causing it is low Vagal tone it's a low vagal tone the Body can't heal without the vagus nerve Like the vagus nerve is what has the Body heal what cleans up inflammation When you have a workout or you did Something where you inflamed your Muscles It's the vagus nerve that helps the body Repair all that damage you can't sleep Well what's if you have high vagal tone You go right to sleep if you have low Vagal tone you're all stressed out you Can't sleep so again even sleeplessness

Related to vagal tone okay now look at Look at this thing look at this thing Wow so in other words when it says Central sensitization syndrome it means That your nervous system is on alert Your sympathetic system is so high and Your parasympathetic which is the Healing the peaceful the joy system is Very low all these things panic disorder Pelvic disorder multiple chemical Sensitivities manera disease irritable Bowel brain fog here since they Mentioned Kyary if you have a Chiari Or you've been diagnosed with cerebellar Tonsils your surgery so any good upper Cervical chiropractor any good Prolotherapy person has helped a person With cerebellar tonsils or ectopia of One centimeter or 10 centimeters or less Resolve their symptoms without surgery Chronic pelvic pain edema or swelling And nobody can figure out why you have Chronic fatigue syndrome you have Fatigue and nobody can figure it out you Have a vagus nerve problem so all these Things of you research the polycystic Ovarian syndrome sick building syndrome Vulvodynia tinnitus hyperventilation Hormone imbalance you'll see that They're all associated with low vagal Tone low heart rate variability poor Parasympathetic activity and if you get A digital motion x-ray or you measure Your vagus nerves you're gonna dull

Trace on you'll see that you have vagus Nerve degeneration you do have cervical Destructure or abnormalities in your Cervical spine and once those things get Corrected once you resolve the cervical And stability with Prolotherapy you have Your curve corrected the symptoms go Away so that here's the systemic effects When you have vagus nerve degeneration You'll get Parkinson's Alzheimer's Depression increased heart rate blurry Vision hyper arousal this sensory system Meaning somebody touches your your Forearm and you jump right that's what Fibromyalgia is you have all these Tender spots you have low hormones Diabetes insipidus nobody can figure out Why mast cell activation syndrome Bloating nausea poor temperature Regulation right one day you're hot next Day you're cold this area's hot this Area's cold That's vagus nerve problem you have OCD You have hoarseness Chokey Difficulty breathing if as this talk Goes on as I enter into the 90 minute to 120 minutes you might see me I get more And more hoarse or more and more Secretions Well that means my vagal tone is good Enough so my vocal cords are have enough Nervous input through the vagus nerve For 90 minutes but but beyond 90 minutes There's a struggle right so that's that

That's a sign of you know I don't have The vagal tone of say a Tony Robbins who Can scream and shout for hours and hours Next so here body homeostasis the vagus Nerve connects the central nervous System immune systems and different Systems so if your endocrine system is Shot right you go to holistic providers And no chronologiste and it's one you Got hypo cortisol ism you've been Diagnosed with Addison's disease low Cortisol you have to take melatonin Right because your melatonin levels low Your hypothyroid all those things can be From a vagus nerve problem you've had Various infections you have small bowel Bacterial overgrowth C Bo you have C Bo You holistic providers said you had Candidiasis yeast overgrowth you have in Bacterial dysbiosis all these terms mean That your immune system is low the Immune system is probably low because Your vagal tones low a white your vagal Tone low because you're under too much Stress Well if that you're under too much Stress because you have job stressful is There anything you can do to resolve the Job stress if you have anxiety and you Don't know why you probably have Structural anxiety from your neck and The treatment for that is Prolotherapy And getting your cervical curve good Okay so this is what the so in other

Words the normal cervical curve here the Normal cervical curves supposed to be a See see this person they have a reversal Of their curve and this is see where the Pointer is that's at the anterior part Of c1 and see how the vagus nerve has to Do this 90-degree turn right here right So as you move your head you can imagine When you have a see see how there's a Direct route of the vagus nerve into the Brain so in other words the Vega the Next supposed to go this way when you Have a reversal of the curve the vagus Nerve has to make this 90-degree turn And it's at this 90 degree turn that the Pressure is so great that the nodos Ganglion just gets annihilated so one And again once the vagus neurons start Dying right your vagus functions going To go down and it's going to go down and Then all of a sudden you're gonna get Ringing in the ears and you get Headaches and you can't handle stress is Good you start getting hoarse you get Ringing in the ears you feel dizzy you Got a mal debarquement syndrome where You feel like you're all cease You got like seasickness and wobbliness Or you have stutter vision where you Look at things then you look away and You still see the image or you have Blurry vision and nobody can figure out The cause you have nude onset macular Degeneration or glaucoma and the doctors

Can't figure out why you have it and You're so young you know you have brain Fog you've been diagnosed with Depression or anxiety and you don't even Know why and the doctor wants to give You an antidepressant and you have a Nice life you have a good family you Know all these things can have at their Roost cause cervical destructure causing Cervical Agathe the– And I just call that Hauser's disease Meaning that it's the cervical Instability causing the Veii they got at Thee and the degeneration of the vagus Nerve and ultimately all these Healthcare conditions nice thank you for Izzy for helping me here so here like This is the vertebral artery so you Could see where if you have looseness of Any of these vertebra it can cut off Blood supply to the vertebral artery if You have if you can get a symptom like Dizziness and all you have to do is turn Your head a little way you have got to Get transcranial Doppler test you have To get a dynamic test for the blood Supply to the brain this is the Brainstem so you can see when somebody Has a normal or Datuk cervical curve the Vertebrae get closer together when You're hunched over right so here's my Cellphone notice that the cover is Yellow right because yellow is a Peaceful color a happy color so all of

You should try to incorporate yellow Into your life so when you're hunched Over when you're hunched over the Vertebrae they separate right the Vertebra separates so that elongates the Spinal cord it pulls tension onto the Brainstem and can cause cerebellar Tonsils or ectopia and in the brainstem Is your nausea center so any tension on The break and stem from kyphosis so this Is a chaotic spine it means it's bent Over then that can cause nausea that can Irritate the respiratory center of the Brainstem so you might have a shortness Of breath or you have trouble breathing And nobody can figure out the cause well The cause could be cervical instability Causing a vagus nerve issue and also one That pulls on the brainstem and that can Give you shortness of breath Also when vagus nerve Input to the vocal cords is not there The vocal cords don't open and close Correctly so imagine if your vocal cords Couldn't open properly then of course You can't get air way you can get air Into your lungs you're going to feel Short of breath Okay next while look at the cervical Instability can cause drop attacks so Drop attacks definitely get an Assessment for cervical instability by Digital motion x-ray and of course Cervical instability can cause vagus

Nerve compression it also causes post Concussion syndrome vertebral basilar Ischemia if you feel like your head's in A vise and there's pressure there all The time You probably have increased intracranial Pressure increased intracranial pressure Can give you blurry vision along with a Constant headache constant headache Vertigo the most common cause of chronic Vertigo spinning feeling dizzy feeling Ringing in the ears migraine headaches Is cervical instability either because It cuts off blood supply or it causes Vagus neuropathy or vague appa the– So these are the mechanisms by which Cervical instability causes symptoms Subluxation if you have chronic muscle Tension whenever you have a ligament Injured when you have a ligament injure The body will contract a muscle to limit The bony motion because right remember We said that the vagus nerve sits right In front of c1 so if the muscles back Here didn't tighten it means that every Time you turn your head you smash into The vagus nerve so muscle tension like In your neck is protecting your vagus Nerve as well as your superior cervical Sympathetic ganglion from getting Further injury so that chronic muscle Tightness you have way up high that's a Sign that you have ligament injury in Your neck and most likely you have

Cervical vague appa the– the cervical Upper cervical limit ligament damage can Cause brain stem ischemia cerebellar Ischemia compression of the venous System the internal jugular vein drains The brain so if you have cervical Instability it can compress the carotid Sheath in the carotid sheath is the Internal carotid artery the vagus nerve Spinal accessory nerve glossopharyngeal Nerve as well as the carotid artery so Any of those things can get compressed And if the internal jugular vein gets Compressed your brain cannot drain so It's like a plugged up toilet many of You know you feel like you have a toxic Brain right you have brain fog you can't Think you can't focus you get exhausted Just by reading anything you're having Difficulty work so it's probable that The internal jugular vein or the Cerebral spinal fluid which is the fluid That the keeps the brain tissue healthy If you will like all the waste products Of the brain ultimately after Going the cerebral spinal fluid which Has to gets drained through the internal Jugular vein so if the brain toilet is Clogged up it's just like a clogged up Toilet man it smells except the smell is Sitting in your cranium and how you get That to drain is you got to figure out What posture you have the optimum Drainage and the optimum blood flow and

We can surely help you figure that out By doing the various vascular tests that We do in the office and obviously here Autonomic nervous system dysregulation So if you've been diagnosed with this Autonomia Or you think you have it but the Traditional autonomic nervous system Test didn't show it they didn't show it Because those tests put too much Emphasis on blood pressure to tilt table But on the testing we do for autonomic Nervous system we place more emphasis on Heart rate variability and heart rate Variability is a more sensitive test for Dysautonomia and vagus nerve Degeneration than blood pressure blood Pressure is more of an end-stage problem Okay Wow if this if you were gonna try To learn one slide it's really this line So when you have vagus neuropathy or Decrease vagus cholinergic Anti-inflammatory system you basically Your body loses the ability to regulate Inflammation or regulate the immune System so what that can cause is cancer Autoimmune diseases you've been Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis Lupus mixed connective tissue disease You have a vagus nerve problem any kind Of immunodeficiency disorder you know Like I said chronic Lyme disease yeast Bacterial overgrowth that you have a Vagus nerve problem the vagus nerve

Stimulus to the internal organs causes The organ to make a secretion so if you Have decrease increase In the liver your body's ability to Detoxify goes down and then if your body Can't get rid of inflammation in the Digestive tract you're going to get Crohn's disease Irritable bowel disease colitis of Ulcerative colitis when the vagus nerve Input to the mucosa of the digestive Tract is low you're going to get Increased intestinal permeability which Causes leaky gut which can cause body Pain which can cause multiple food Sensitivities can cause mal absorption Of nutrients when your gall bladder Doesn't work right your liver doesn't Work right you get gall stones bloating Nausea poor digestion if you have to Take digestive enzymes to digest your Food well you got a vagus nerve problem Because your vagus nerve input to the Pancreas is low so the pancreas isn't Making the enzymes if you have diabetes And you don't know why even though you Have normal diet or normal weight you Probably have a vagus nerve problem when The vagus nerve gets degenerated you get Arterial spasms all over the body the Arterial spasms can cut off blood supply To the kidney you have to go Mariola Nephritis you have poor kidney function And nobody knows why like you don't have

Diabetes well you probably got vagus Nerve degeneration causing vasospasm Into your renal arteries causing Glomerulonephritis which can cause and Stage kidney disease you have blurry Vision you have darkening of vision you Have retinopathy macular degeneration Nobody knows the cause you probably have Cervical they gotta be causing basal Spasms in those in that artery we can Measure the arterial blood supply in our Office you if you get ischemia into the Organ of Corti which has to do with Balance you can have hearing deficits We've had people that have had hear you They used to need hearing aids they Don't need anymore hearing aids after we Get done with And their balance gets better you have Heart disease nobody can figure out the Cause but you probably got vasospasm or Decrease blood supply to the heart from Vega pathy you have symptoms compatible With brain stem degeneration you have New coming then you know you you you Know your tongue doesn't work you Probably have cervical they got the Theory of brain stem degeneration you Have you know like you have a taxi ax The person said your pre Parkinson's or Your parkinsonian like again you Probably have cervical vague op a–they You have psychiatric disorders and you Don't know why or the psychiatrist

Doesn't know why you probably have Structural anxiety structural Obsessive-compulsive disorder structural Brain fog you have an endocrinology or Your testosterone is low and you don't Know why your hypothyroid melatonin so This this slide really explains a lot of The pathology of human disease and it All or originates from the vagus nerve And it's really either there's a you Have such a major stressor in your life And that's causing the vagus nerve Degeneration or you have a structural Problem that's in your neck and that's Actually what's causing the vagus Neurons to to degenerate and caused in The vague appa the– okay so we'll just Show you like before this is before and After Prolotherapy stable and unstable C1 c2 and uh so this is how we diagnosed In the office we do motion scanning to Show where a person's cervical spine is Unstable any overhang over three Millimeters is considered severe and After Prolotherapy the spine is now Stable and that usually correlates Almost all the time With the improvement of the person's Symptoms cable can do the next one Well I have Izzie next to me so we did a Scan on Laney this was Laney at about 13 Weeks and you can see right here see how A baby even in a mother's womb room has A cervical curve then this is Laney

Right and this is me oh that's Laney – Wow how old's lenience Oh so she's already raising her head oh Yeah okay okay so okay this is Laney at 13 weeks this is you know and then this Is her at 4 months so in other words Kids are supposed to be looking up Looking up looking up why are you no Kids babies look up kids are supposed to Be looking up at parents when they're in School they're supposed to be looking up At the teacher and honestly all of us Are supposed to be looking up and that Looking up maintains the cervical curve So Lainey cervical curve which is right Here her normal or not a curve will just Keep increasing increasing as long as Her mother and father keep her looking Up and there's one thing dangerous thing The most dangerous thing to Laney's neck Is what what's the most dangerous thing Next what's the most dangerous thing Delaney's neck it's the it's the iPad so This is who this is forget this is will This is a rare moment where is he let Will her my five-year-old look at the IPad see look at the look at look at What happens to his neck so if you want To protect your children you have got to Get them away from iPads right grunts And away from cellphones if you are Struggling with your help or you have a Loved one struggling with their health You've got to stop looking down at

Cellphones so in other words looking Down is gonna stretch the ligaments and There comes a point where those Ligaments are like rubber bands they are Not going to snap back to their normal Length so if you keep looking down at Cellphones you are going to get cervical Instability and you are going to End up in a pro Lowe therapist office Not that I wouldn't like injecting you But I only have so many appointment Slots but no but in the end hopefully Some of you are gonna you know take this To heart and I'm just telling you the Whole population is getting cervical Instability so what we did in our office Some of the kids of some of my staff we Just x-rayed them and honestly they're All losing their curve and and again Joint instability is a progressive Disorder so if you think about a hinge On a door your cabinet doors and if one Screw on the hinge gets loose and you Open and close the door what's going to Happen to the next screw that screw gets Loose once that hinge is loose what's Going to happen to the next hinge the Next hinge gets loose so if you have Cervical instability even in one level The condition is a progressive disorder So all of us have to be cognizant of our Neck our necks and so all of us should Have our computer screens really high Right so we're looking up so what

Maintains the cervical curve are the Cervical ligaments and the musculature Right Prolotherapy is there to tighten The ligaments but a person still has to Strengthen their muscles if you don't if You don't if you don't do that and you End up with a curve like this the vagus Nerve right here is going to get Stretched and it's gonna get compressed And what's going to happen is your Ability to handle stress Goes Down Goes Down Goes Down so if you feel like your Ability to handle stress is going down You're starting to get or you already Have a significant vague appa the– so You've got to stop that even if you get Pro therapy or curve correction you have Got to stop the reason why your cervical Is getting assaulted and you're losing Your normal or Dada curve which is Looking down so I hope I've made that Point strong enough in all the Conditions that we talk about with Adults kids get them okay so that means If you have a child or a child not Developing good They have developmental delay they have Hyper sensitive things they have Migraine headaches there they have poor Tone they have cerebral palsy and They're not progressing They have balanced issues the they have They have autism and nobody's figured Out the cause of it

You honestly you've got to get a scan You got to get a scan and you got a Ghost you all I think you should have us Evaluate have you ever thought you ate Them so the face down lifestyle causes Cervical ligament injury which causes Anterior displacement of the head in Front of the curve which further Accelerates the ligament injury which Eventually causes a vague op a–they Which then causes all kinds of terrible Diseases liver disease pancreas disease Kidney disease inner ear disease Meniere's disease fibromyalgia and the Whole gamut of human disease okay you Know and then even just on static x-rays You could see all these terrible curves Right the curves supposed to be like This you know you can see ligament Damage just in a standard x-ray even Though the best so if you if you get a Regular x-ray at a chiropractic office And you know and you have a straight Curve just know man you're already well On your way to ligament damage and Cervical vague appa the– next Okay so these are the five major Detrimental effects of cervical Kuip Osis the weight of the curve the weight Of the head is in front of the curve so In other words the weight of the head is Supposed to be behind the curve but when You have this type on a curve the weight Of the heads in front of the curve

That's going to stretch the posterior Ligament complex which of course causes Increased force and further damage to The Atlanta axial joint the c1 c2 so Upper cervical instability is the number One cause beside cry stressors that Cause damage to the vagus nerve and of Course this Chi photic curves going to Pull down on the brainstem so it can Affect all the nuclei all the neurons in The brain stem and that's the control Center for blood pressure pulse Digestion respiration and once that Thing starts to tank your body can't Regulate the normal things it needs to Be healthy okay so the here's the vagus Nerve see how close it is to c1 c2 the Vagus nerve has connections to the Trigeminal nerve facial nerve the blood Vessels that go to the brain the Hypoglossal nerve so if you've been Diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia TMJ Your tongue your tongue doesn't work Right like in other words you know your Speech is being affected the muscles of The tongue are the hypoglossal nerves if Taste you have a metallic taste in your Mouth you have burning mouth syndrome You know that that can be the vagus Nerve taste is cranial nerves seven Which is the facial nerve It's cranial nerve nine glossopharyngeal Cranial nerve 10 vagus nerve if you have Sensitivity to sound the facial nerve

Innervates the Stapedius muscle the stapedius muscle That's what dampens sound so you have Sensitivity of sound you have something Affecting your facial nerve which can be C1 c2 instability or c1 c2 issues Affecting the vagus nerve which affects The facial nerve one point I got to make Is that one of the major effects of the Vagus nerve is to control sympathetic Output so the sympathetic system is the Flight-or-fight system it helps our Bodies when we have to fight an invader So if you have an infection you actually Want your sympathetic system to be Strong so it can cause inflammation in The body to fight the infection but if If the sympathetic system is too Hyperactive obviously and your body is Feeling stressed feeling stressed Feeling stressed all the time then that Means that your vagus tone is not high Enough so you have to get your vagus Tone up which means that you have to Correct why the vagus nerve is getting Injured So here's the nodos ganglion so you can See the nodos king in here and that's Going to be smashed with c1 c2 Instability and this is where it goes Into the medulla oblongata so if the Vagus nerve is getting stressed because Of cervical instability and cervical Destructure that's where the cell bodies

Are the biggest nerve run that's where It gets injured oh it's just which show Me because I'll do it okay so any sort Of stressors can injure the vagus nerve So any sort of divorce emotional Conflict financial difficulty poor diet And don't underestimate how you think Like anybody who has toxic thinking Stressful thinking like if you feel like You're not beautiful enough or you're Not good enough or you're not worthy and You have that thought over and over and Over again it's ultimately going to Cause damage to your vagus nerve in my Opinion the proper thought processes and The truthful thought processes I'm Beautiful God loves me I'm highly Intelligent I'm awesome you know and Positive thoughts help vagal tone being Calm deep breathing helps vagal tone Listening to Beethoven and pakka bell And love songs and calming music that Helps vagal tone now this is a this Shows a lot but it just shows how close The vagus nerve is to all different Kinds of nerves the vagus nerve has Connection basically with all the Cranial nerves and as well as the blood Vessels and ultimately can affect all of Them this is what a degenerated vagus Nerve looks like this what a degenerated Biggest nerve looks like this is a Normal vagus nerve run this is Degenerated vagus neurons and we want to

Thank our Turkish colleagues who gave us This slide so they've done a lot of Research which has shown that when the Nodos ganglion specifically the neurons Die you get vasospasm in the renal Arteries causing kidney disease you get Vasospasm into the arteries to the lymph System so you get lymph node necrosis You can have heart attacks the blood Supply to the brain can go down just Because of degeneration of the nodos Ganglion so you can get organ failure You can literally have kidney disease And be on kidney dialysis just because You had them just because you had Cervical instability that caused Destruction of the cervical spine Injuring the vagus nerve so what you Should get from this talk is all this Stuff is reversible but you have to that You have to diagnose it correctly so if You have vagus degeneration you want to Get a digital motion x-ray if you feel Like there's vascular compromise or then You have to get a dynamic transcranial Doppler test and we do other Sophisticated autonomic nervous system Tests here at carrying medical Florida And if we find that you have cervical Disc structure you have a cervical Instability you have vagus nerve Degeneration all this stuff is Reversible for the most part and the Oregon injury can stop the balance can

Come back the blood pressure control can Come back the mast cell activation Syndrome can reverse the SIBO can be Gone Leaky gut can be gone and wouldn't you Love to be able to eat a piece of red or Have a bowl of ice cream and not feel Awful it's wonderful Okay so you know we measured the vagus Nerve and been here oh he loves ice Cream so he's laughing okay so we Measured this is the biggest nurse we Measure the vagus nerve and often times We find the diameter the area is small Compared to normal when a healthy person Has a strong vagus nerve so when they Get under stress the vagus nerve can Then send out impulses they increase Blood flow to the oregon then the oregon Whether it's the immune system or the Digestive tract that can fight the Organism or the stress can resolve this Dress when you have poor vagus tone you Just can't handle stress so whenever There's a stress or something that Potentially can harm the body a bacteria Fungus the corona virus of the job Stress relationship stress financial Stress toxic diet the vagus nerve can't Do anything about it he can't do Anything about it so it can't increase Blood supply to your liver so your liver Can detoxify better it can't send out Impulses to your immune system so your

Immune system can't be activated so Ultimately you end up getting organ Disease and potentially getting a fatal Disease so it's a very serious problem This is the Autobahn the vagus nerve is Basically the body's auto banach and it Can help us improve blood flow hormone Levels so we can handle life stressors The vagus nerve and brain function so When when when they do vagus nerve Stimulation right that's one of the Things that can help vagus tone is vagus Nerve stimulation so we're one of the Clinics in the country that prescribes Vagus nerve stimulators when you Stimulate the vagus nerves the part of The brain that gives joy that helps the Body problem-solve that gives high Intellect though Parts of the brain improves like the Left frontal cortex the left prefrontal Cortex the anterior cingulate gyrus and The parts of the brain that have to do With disease that have to do with fear That have to do with pain like the Somatosensory cortex or parts of the Amygdala that our blood supply goes down So in other words even functional brain MRIs are being correlated with vagus Nerve degeneration causing all kinds of Problems so when you improve vagus tone The primitive parts of the brain go down And the civilized ethical parts of the Brain their blood supply and their

Function goes up so in other words when Your vagus tone goes down in other words The limbic system gets really really Strong and the parts of the brain that Problem-solve Like the frontal cortex of the anterior Cingulate cortex don't function as well So that's why you have to improve vagus Tone so you've got a teenager that's Making one bad decision after another They probably are addicted to their cell Phones their vagus tone is terrible so What you need to do is they need to Improve their cervical curve get off of The cell phone and strength strengthen Their posterior cervical muscles and You'll see then become calmer more Joyous and be able to problem-solve Better so the vagus nerve has many Different effects in the brain but it Basically can help the body overcome Fearful or harmful emotions so if you Have trouble handling stress or you have This uncontrollable fear you have a Vagus nerve issue so the vagus nerve When the vagus nerve is healthy you feel Peaceful joyfully of high intelligence And the body has optimum immune system Detoxification blood flow like I said The vagus nerve interacts with the Enteric nervous system when the vagus Tone is healthy the bowel cells there Make a Serotonin and serotonin is the happy

Hormone if you're on an antidepressant The antidepressants raised serotonin Well the reason why you don't have good Serotonin is because you probably have An issue with the vagus nerve input to The bowel 90 percent or so 95 percent of The serotonin in the body comes from the Bowels so is there a question yes after Has we have a question from the audience How does the biggest nerve impacts the Laryngeal muscles okay just hang on There I'm going to talk about the larynx We're going to talk about that in a few Minutes but basically the vagus nerve Innervates the laryngeal muscles so if You you're having where you're having Swallowing difficulty hoarseness chronic Cough chronic hiccups you have Difficulty with your vocal cords that's Going to be the big op at the end you Need to get an assessment of why that is And the follow-up question is also can It have any influence on the formation Of men angiomas oh my name geomos that's Really interesting meningioma is a Benign tumor just know if you haven't Meningioma normally you have to get it Taken out because the brain it's taking Up space You know it's crushing the brain so it's A benign tumor but you have to get it Out and if you research like tumors and Vagus nerve you'll see that there's a Lot of data that part of all these

Tumors forming is the sympathetic system Locally where the tumors form is too High and vagus nerve input it's too low So let's hear Kim's story and how Prolotherapy and can help even anxiety Most people don't realize that you can Actually have severe anxiety and Depression just from instability in the Neck so Kim let me just tell a little Bit of what you were feeling and now After two Prolotherapy visits how is the Anxiety doing definitely gotten gotten Better and it gotten to the point where Before I came down here for feeling Twisted and having a bunch of the issues That I was having I felt just constantly Depressed fighting hopelessness and Having anxiety like if anything went Wrong I have four kids if anything Changed our schedule or came up with School where I'd have to have things I Would start to feel just super anxious And overwhelmed and like I just couldn't Handle it at all but after two and then Having some improvement with my curve I Feel like I can I can handle so much More like I I don't feel like I am Having just like loss of control of my Life anymore you know like which is Crazy because I am like I have a good Marriage I have great kids I do love the Lord and I have that you know that faith That it's you know that kind of holds me Study but I do I feel like it's much

Better and then if I have a day where Things are off I now recognize it for it Being my neck and so I feel like you Know what I'm really this is my Sympathetic nervous system going crazy Right now this is not me having an Anxiety attack because I can't handle The stresses of life and so being able To tell myself that too I can be like You know what this is I can recognize my sympathetic nervous System versus what I thought were like Constant anxiety you know like issues And so I am there's just there's just Been that improvement in that Contentment with life and being able to Kind of roll with the punches again that Like I used to be able to do before you Know two years ago and everything with Her and then I'm your first visit and Was The will show it on this video on your First visit I showed you how deviated Your uvula was it's not ever straight Right now cuz we're not there yet but it Will I will notice when I check it on my Good days it does seem like it's come Down a little bit but then I will have Days where something will shift while I Sleep or whatever and I it's like it'll Go clock you know like more to the side It'll it'll be worse and then I'll just You know a couple days later I'll sleep And things will go back in and you know

I'll notice it coming because I've had Days where I'm like oh it looks like It's really you know starting to come Down here but yeah so um that difference Is there the improvement is coming like A patient now because I can see healing You know like you seem happier like you Seem probably more I guess more like Norm normally hug me came down here when I first started and all I could do is Cry just constantly and I couldn't Figure out why I mean a lot of this is Trauma to my body has really you know it Builds up to but um I was I was I was Fighting so much that I was like why am I depressed why am i anxious because I Trust the Lord is gonna you know work This for my good I got a good doctor now Like what is what is happening and then You sat down you're like did you know This can cause anxiety depression I was Like oh my gosh like I'm not going crazy And so yeah like it it makes a big it Makes a big difference it does to even Know that you know this is there or to Have the days we're like I get told I Need something for the kids school and I Just run on out to it like I don't feel Like I'm just like how am I gonna go get Cookies and XYZ and you know not yeah It's not there anymore like it stopped It is improving so Thank you everybody wow what a great Story on what a great lady this is

Basically Kim's you know before her Before see this is the normal curves This is before and this is after just to Prolotherapy such as you can see that Her spine is getting better so just know There is such a thing as structural Structural anxiety so this is ways that Restoring that stability improves brain Function you you get an augmentation of Vagal tone and then the parts of the Brain that need to be stimulated that Has to do with joy happiness higher Cognitive function high intellect Problem-solving those parts of the brain Increase in the parts of the brain that Have to do with primitive things like oh I just want you know I you know I I need It overeat or I want you know I you know The destructive behaviors that people do You know oh I got a drink I got a drink I got a drink you know alcohol versus Healthy behaviors you you get Normalization of intracranial pressure Cerebral spinal fluid as fluid as flows Normally nerve tension on the various Brain structures resolves or gets Restored an optimum blood flow so Obviously that all those things are Going to help brain function so now I'm Going to go to different body parts so We're just going to go to the ears so Cervical vague appa the– or cervical Instability can cause radiculopathy Which can give ear pain cervical they

Got that they can compromise ear blood Flow you get eustachian tube dysfunction And obviously vagal neuropathy so here's The innervation of the year this is c2 C3 the purple here is the vagus nerve so Often when you see vagus nerve Stimulation we're trying to stimulate That Of the year and then this is the Auricular branch of the vagus nerve so That's what we're trying to stimulate This is the concho or Simba Concha or The tragus and then so these are the two Muscles that open the eustachian tube so That you the eustachian tubes main Function is to regulate pressure and the Inner ear If this ear feels different pressure Than this your balance is going to be Off you and you might get you'll get ear Fullness and you'll feel off balance You'll get ringing in the ears and you Can get vertigo Now there's two muscles that open up the Eustachian tube the levator v-lite Palatini muscle which is innervated by The vagus nerve and the tensor v-lite Palatini muscle which is innervated by The trigeminal nerve If those nerves cannot open the Eustachian tube fluid builds up that's Why you get people some people can say Well I can hear is good out of one ear Or another ear or it feels like I have

Swimmers ear or if you're somebody who Every morning you got to go like this to Get your eustachian tube to drain or Your ear to pop you probably have a Vagus nerve issue and if you've been Diagnosed with Meniere's disease this is The cause of Meniere's disease most of The cases is you have inadequate your Station to function and you got fullness In your middle ear because of fluid and If you restore your vagus nerve function The levator be like palatini muscle Opens the eustachian tube and the Balance gets better vertigo gets better Tinnitus ringing in the ear gets better So yeah I think that's that's everything With that Then see the stay P stay Pease muscle Stay Pease bump bone here so you have The malleus incus state these the stay Pease muscle is innervated by the facial Nerve again resaw that the vagus nerve Interacts with the facial nerve and the Facial nerve also runs by c1 c2 the this Little muscle it's like one millimeter Or something or it's just a few Millimeters this muscle and that's Actually what dampens sound so if you Have sound sensitivity this is the Pathophysiology of it and the cure for Sound sensitivity is correction of your Curve and resolution of the instability So again this is just a figure showing The fluid in the air and fluid in the

Inner ear because of cervical Instability and cervical vague appa The– because the levator be like Palatini muscle doesn't work can cause Dizziness vertigo lightheadedness mal Debarquement syndrome where everything Seems to be like you're on a boat and You have a woozy feeling so some people Have clicking in the ear or swishing in The air if you've been diagnosed with Pulsatile tinnitus like you probably Have cervical instability and we're just Going to show you a video on somebody Who has this is one of our patients who Has clicking in that ear and the cause Of this is caused by upper cervical Instability affecting the vagus Trigeminal or facial nerve and some of The muscles to the inner ear are not Working correctly You You In carrying medical We're the clinic of weird symptoms if You have a weird symptom you have Swishing sound in your ear you have Clicking in your ear you have a weird Neurologic syndrome that nobody can Figure out I'd really recommend that you Come in because we specialize in that if You will when you have cervical vague op If you have impaired sphincter control Between organs so if you're lower or Upper esophageal sphincter isn't working

Right you could get reflux you can get Gastro esophageal reflux if you have Decreased stomach acid secretion you're Gonna get poor digestion bloating you Can't digest your food you could get the Stomach it just stops the food just sits There some of our patients are losing so Much weight I saw a patient day when I First saw her she was losing so much Weight she lost 15 pounds in the Previous like five weeks and I told her That I can't let her go even though she Lives in Ohio and she had come down here From Ohio to Fort Myers Florida and I Treated her on a Thursday and I saw her On Monday and she said over the weekend Man her stomach started to work again so Immediately after Prolotherapy bracing Her getting the tension off of the vagus Nerve her gastroparesis stopped and so If the vagus nerve so remember I told You that at about 90 minutes I'm gonna Start getting hoarse so you're seeing Cervical they got at the in action like You're seeing like my vocal cords right So I can talk I'm good I'm good for About 90 minutes so bear with me so Thank you when the vagus nerve input to The bowels isn't good you have slowed Bowel transit time so that's why people Get constipated or they have increased Intestinal permeability leaky gut you Can get pancreas insufficiency defective Body deep

EXIF occation because the liver doesn't Work good SIBO small intestinal Bacterial overgrowth intestinal despite Oasiz an excessive intestinal Inflammation so all that stuff's from They gotta thief from the neck and this Just shows that when the vagus nerve is Damaged you get nausea and bloating Because the pyloric sphincter doesn't Work good this just shows vagus nerve Input to the various organs so all these Organs spleen liver gallbladder stomach They're not going to work good if you Have big op ethey this shows the vagus Nerve input to the enteric nervous System in the intestines in the stomach Antral glands which make the stomach Acid so again you've probably heard of The enteric nervous system there's a Hundred million neurons in the Intestines and the hundred thousand Vagal neurons have – well it's not even A hundred thousand be like fifty Thousands not all the biggest neurons go There so you have fifty thousand neurons Innervating a hundred million so you Cannot afford to have even one vagus Neuron not working good because it's Gonna affect thousands of enteric Neurons and if you have fibromyalgia you Know body pain terrible immune system Fatigue or body aching or if you the Doctor has said that your c-reactive Protein is high or your tumor necrosis

Factor is high an inflammation is going Crazy in your body you have a vagus Nerve problem and you need to get it Evaluated so the vagus nerve input is Necessary for a tight intestinal barrier So this is Fort Knox this is what it Looks like the vagus nerve so if you Don't have good vagus function man that Those tight junctions Fort Knox they're Gonna loosen up somebody's going to rob The gold out of there And once the tight junctions are like This it means that anything in your Bowels that means food part Calls bacteria funguses viruses those All can get into your bloodstream and Imagine a myriad of things from your Bowels permeating your gut associated Lymphoid tissue getting into your diet Getting into your bloodstream so right Now if you have leaky gut that's what's Happening every minute every second of The body so you've got to get those Tight junctions good and the way to do That is to improve your vagus tone and The way to do that is to correct your Neck gut organisms measure 2.2 pounds so If you weigh off highway you know Probably 160 pounds though I should be Weighing 150 pounds but 2.2 of the Pounds that I have is microbiota and When you have big APPA the– your vagus Function is bad You have craziness going on in your gut

Flora it's terrible your gut flora toxic Gut flora Flora's good gut flora go down the tubes And I'm not saying that diet doesn't Play a role if you want to get healthy You got to decrease the amount of Stressors that you subject yourself to So obviously eating organic food fresh Food eating slowly chewing your food Till it's a liquid taking your time stop And smelling the roses where a lot of Yellow get funky glasses surround Yourself with positive people positive Thinking all that stuff improves Vegas Tone but I'm just saying there can be a Structural reason why your Vegas tone is A problem and if your Vegas tone is a Problem you're ultimately going to have Delirious effects on the gut flora and Your digestive tract so if you've been Trying to get your digestive tract to Work right and it doesn't you probably Have a vagus nerve problem and need to Get it addressed the vagus nerve your if Your immune system you can't get your Immune system strong your take In akinesia you're taking licorice root You're taking all kinds of herbs you're Taking acidophilus You're on a hypoallergenic diet and your Health still is lousy you you have Impaired vagal cholinergic system so Cervical beg APPA 'they causes immuno Dysfunction for lots of different

Reasons it screws up the vagus Inhibitory effects on the sympathetic System you don't have a normal your body Can't give out cortisol or other Anti-inflammatory hormones you can't Adequately serve a bacteria viruses Coronavirus other viruses you have Increased intestinal permeability and Your gut immunity is terrible so this is This is the cell body of a neuron you Have the axons and the dendrites so this It I just put this in here it's just Interesting like when the animals when You screw up their vagus nerves their Growth hormone levels go zero so if your Muscle tone isn't good if you feel like You workout and you have excessive Muscle pain after workouts or your Exercise tolerance is low you probably Have a vagus nerve issue and probably Your girl normal levels are low like I Said they they got bethey can cause Basal spasms into various arteries and That can even injure other nerve so They've shown by our Turkish colleagues That when you have nodos ganglion Degeneration the nerves in the neck Start to get basal debate the nerve the Blood vessels to the nerves of the neck Actually going to vasospasm and you can Actually have cervical radiculopathy and Other nerve injuries in the neck or the Cranial nerves from vegas neuropathy Then the death rates and the animals go

Crazy like they go crazy when there's Vague appa the– and of course you can Get the spread and Excel Of cancer and can end up dying from it Just because of a tapa theme if you're If you have allergies if you have Allergies and nobody can figure out what You have allergies you probably have a Guy a–they when you have a Coppa The–or mast cells just go crazy and Secrete a whole bunch of histamine and Histamine just causes all kinds of Problems in the lungs in the body and Cause a systemic inflammation This shows the vagus nerve connection With a sympathetic neuron so the vagus Nerve is going to inhibit the Sympathetic neuron which again will Cause the various immune system cells Not to secrete inflammatory cytokines so If you've had a test and it showed any Symptoms of systemic inflammation or Your cytokine levels interleukin 6 for Instance is crazy or your tumor necrosis Factor is elevated you probably have a Vagus nerve issue if you're on a drug Like Humera like enbrel or any kind of Tumor necrosis factor inhibitor and you Need that for your irritable bowel for Your psoriasis for your chronic pain for Your autoimmune disease you have a vagus Nerve issue because the the nerve input That lowers tumor necrosis factor is the Vagus nerve so just by definition if you

Have if you need a drug that lowers your Tumor necrosis factor and these are all The disease's where tumor necrosis Factors are high look at them multiple Sclerosis sarcoidosis melanoma Rheumatoid arthritis eczema asthma Lucidi polycystic ovarian syndrome Fibromyalgia So all these diseases could have a vague Aathi as the cause or what propagates The disease okay So let's turn our attention to the eyes And vision if you Have macular degeneration retinopathy You have glaucoma they can't figure out Why you have darkening a vision you have Floaters you have eye pressure you have Darkening of vision you have blurry Vision you have stuttering vision where You see something then you look away and It goes or it comes in two you have Double vision you have where you see the Image that you look away in the image is Still there you probably have cervical Vague Appa the–so cervical instability Or cervical vague apotheke and caused Increased intracranial pressure which Cut which which is intracranial Hypertension you can also have increased Intraocular pressure which is called Intra or height height intra ocular Hypertension you can have optic nerve Swelling we'll show you how we measure That you can have inadequate pupil area

Ocular responses to light an Accomodation is where you're reading Something so I'm reading something and As you look at it your your eye is Supposed to accommodate your pupils and You're supposed to be able to read stuff Really close so if you've noticed that Your focusing ability like at work or on The computer isn't as good you probably Have a cervical vague toppity causing it And of course poor ocular blood flow Because the vagus nerve is intricately Involved with blood flow to the face the Head the brain the eye the the inner ear By the Oregon of Corti and and I've Shown you data it also involves blood Flow it's involved with blood flow to The heart the lungs the brain the Kidneys and other internal organs so Again the nodos ganglion gets injured at C1 the nodos ganglion inputs the vagus Nerve inputs Hibbett the serpent superior cervical Sympathetic ganglion when this superior Cervical sympathetic ganglion is not Inhibited you're going to get basal Constriction of blood vessels to the Brain to the face And of course that can cause all kinds Of things this kind of shows the vagus Nerve input into the superior cervical Sympathetic ganglion and ultimately that Can cause pupil dilation if this system Isn't a if the interaction isn't

Responsive or appropriate then what Happens is your pupils don't dilate or Constrict like they should so in other Words right now I'm looking at a light So my pupils are supposed to be Constricted well if the this system Isn't correct the pupils stay dilated so If you shine a light in one eye and Another eye and one eye is more dilated Than the other eye then you have a Problem in the interaction between the Vagus nerve and the superior cervical Sympathetic ganglion the vagus nerves Sits at c1 the superior cervical Ganglion sits at c2 so again what would Cause that problem is instability at C 1 C 2 C this is C 1 this is the ganglion Of the vagus nerve at C 1 and the super Sympathetic ganglion is at C 2 so Instability in this joint or laxity and The capsule ligaments can cause banging Here and banging there so it's the Double duo right so negative effects on The eye from vagus nerve degeneration You get diminished ocular blood flow Exaggerate a pupillary hippest and we'll Show you what that is it means if you Notice that your pupils go up go down go Up go down go up and down or they do That to light that's most likely a vagus Nerve issue if you have increased Intraocular pressure which Course we know is glaucoma that can be From cervical instability and vagus

Nerve issues limited pupillary Constriction again if the pupil can't Constrict you can have sensitivity to Light vagus nerve degeneration can Ultimately lead to optic nerve damage And poor image quality so can we show This one and I guess you so here we're Going to show pupillary hippest so see Watch how the pupil it pulsates it's Pulsating boom-boom-boom-boom-boom Its see how it goes down and up and down And up with a light with light the Pupils supposed to constrict and this Side doesn't do it as much so this Person has more Pupillary hippest on the left side than The right side and the cause of that is Cervical instability and the cervical Instability affects the vagus nerve Right look at that look at how dilated That pupil is to light like light your Pupils are supposed to nd with your Pupils are closed to constrict so though So much light doesn't go in we actually Do a sophisticated measurement of Pupillary constriction So we objectify it and once we resolve This the instability and cervical Vega The– with Prolotherapy then the Pupillary constriction gets back to Normal so this is a person with a normal Optic nerve on one side this is a Swollen optic nerve on the other side so This was the eye that the person had

More blurriness of vision – remember I Said that cervical instability can Obstruct cerebral spinal fluid flow so It's like a clogged up toilet at one Side so if you have on the right side That the instability is obstructing the Toilet from flushing on this side you're Going to get swelling of brain Structures on This site including the optic nerve Normal optic nerve diameter is less than Five so we can measure this with High-resolution ultrasound and this will Improve as the stability in the neck Improves with Prolotherapy and as vagal Tone improves and the neck architecture Improves so our the one person had asked Questions about the vagus nerve input to The vocal cords so you can end up with Aspiration of saliva or food particles Into the lungs because of cervical they Got that the affecting the larynx and Pharynx it affects the vocal cords the Palate doesn't elevate because of the Levator belie palatini muscle isn't Working correctly so if you look at your Uvula it deviates to one side that's Diagnostic of vagus nerve of basically Paralysis or neuropathy on one side you Get irritated throat sensors so if your Vagus nerve isn't working correctly your Respiratory tract your larynx your Pharynx can be hyper sensitive so that Can lead to what chronic hiccups for

Chronic up if you're always clearing Your throat you probably have a vagus Nerve issue and when your esophageal Things sinkers don't work right you Continually get acid reflux reflux so Acid reflux can be caused by the gothy And this just shows how many biggest Neurons there are you know how many Vagus neurons avicii there's about Eighty thousand to a hundred thousand Neurons and the vagus nerves in the mid Cervical region but the branch the Recurrent laryngeal nerve there's only Eight thousand the recurrent laryngeal Nerve that's what innervates the vocal Cords so imagine you only have eight Thousand neurons so if you have cervical Instability that's affecting the Recurrent laryngeal nerve your vocal Cords on one side aren't going to work So you're gonna get a raspy voice or you Can't sing Or you or you can't hit the high notes Or or you're swallowing is affected so This just shows the nodos Anglian and The various musculature the thyroid Cartilage is around c4 so the recurrent Laryngeal nerve can be affected not just By upper cervical instability but mid Cervical instability and this the most Common instabilities we find on digital Motion x-ray is at c1 c2 affecting the Nodos ganglion at c4 c5 which absolutely Can affect the superior laryngeal nerve

And recurrent laryngeal nerve and that Can affect the muscles in the pharynx And larynx so the person can feel like They can't swallow normally or have Difficulty swallowing and again this Just shows swallowing and the vagus Nerve is involved in all of this the Upper esophageal sphincter lower Esophageal sphincter the epiglottis the Palate elevate elevating all this Involves the vagus nerve and it can get Screwed up in any portion of it when you Have cervical Vega cthey when you have Cervical they got with the affecting the Vocal cords you get paralysis that the With talking the vocal cords can't close So you just end up with poor airway Exchange you feel like you're short of Breath so you have no reason like you Get a you go to a pulmonologist they Can't figure out why you're short of Breath why you yeah why you you know Your oxygen isn't good it can be because The vocal cords aren't allowing the air To go down these remember I said heart Rate variability so you can measure Heart rate variability by various Monitor so you just go on internet type In heart rate variability monitor you Download an app and you can you can Measure that every day look at all these Diseases that are associated with low Heart rate variability so when your Vagal tone is low your heart rate

Variability is low meaning that your B To B variability so you know how the EKG is boom-boom-boom-boom when you're Relaxed and you deep breathe and your Heart rate slows then it speeds up slow Speeds up because you're relaxed when You're stressed out it's boom boo-boom Boo-boom boo-boom boo-boom and there's No variability between heartbeats so the Way you monitor vagal tone at home is With heart rate variability and almost Every disease is associated with low Vagal tone so if you want to improve Your bagel tone just by lifestyle Changes like getting rid of stressors Proper thinking having a strong faith in God exercising every time you are Petting your cat or your dog you're Touching the hand of a loved one you're Laughing you're drinking wine just a Little bit of wine then you're smelling Lavender you're reading a good book You're not watching the news you're not Worrying you're having positive thoughts You have gratefulness great gratefulness If you think about a gratefulness means That what you have is enough ungrateful Means that what you have isn't enough Like I've seen some really sick people Who have gratitude like you you know Like they're just amazing so you can you Can be joyful and peaceful even with a Chronic terrible ailment so you guys Watching this means that you haven't

Given up yet so just know you're being Brave and courageous and if anything I've said rings true to you or somebody You love please please get an assessment Get a digital motion x-ray see if There's a structural cause of the vague Appa the– and then ultimately if you Need to get Prolotherapy here yeah they Have a question about vision vision does This cause the sunspots that take a long When you come inside from outside Oh Sunspots ya know the you know Suns eel Sunspots off your tell about when you're Looking at the Sun ok yeah no I think That's it that's actually that's Actually a separate issue but that's That's a good question so when you have A negative emotion your heart rate Variability goes down when you have a Positive emotion like I'm grateful to be With Ben and Izzie they're great Coworkers we have a lot of fun together And then corrected me actually like Spread better than ice cream so I Apologize run nor even if I offended Bryant Ben right away I just asked Forgiveness because I did one time get Upset with him for no really good reason And I asked you for an I did remember I Asked you for forgiveness like Unforgiveness and bitterness it just It's a negative emotion so it's going to It's going to stress a person out Decreases vagal tone resonance resonance

Breathing is interesting when you Breathe six times a minute That improves Vegas function the most as Far as breathing Most of us breathe like you know 10 to 15 times a minute so it's best to for All of us to really be slowing our Breathing down and that's going to Improve heart rate variability the most We're going to talk a little bit about a Vagus nerve stimulation but in two Months I'm gonna I'm gonna go further Into vagus nerve and what you can do About it and I will let that talk so if We could take notes right I'm going to Talk about vagus nerve issues and kids So we're definitely going to go through That and some of the topics like the Vagus nerve affecting the endocrine System we didn't have it we didn't have Time to do that one and we'll talk more About vagus nerve stimulation and I will Talk more on heart rate variability and How you can use that to improve your Health but the first vagus nerve Stimulator so that's just a device that The surgeon implanted to stimulate the Vagus nerve was 2005 and they show that Chronic depression could help be helped A lot Chronic epilepsy or really severe Epilepsy and depression the first Fda-approved device in the United States Was gamma corn 2017 but just know

There's lots of the vagus nerve Stimulators you can use at home so you Don't need a prescription for it and you Know there's different ways to put it on This is an earbud thing and look at all The ways that vagus nerve stimulation Helps angina is lesson It helps decrease inflammation it Decreases heart heart rate and blood Pressure so it improves quality of life Improves rheumatoid arthritis blood work So we're one of the centers where we Teach people about vagus nerve Stimulators and have some patients on Vagus nerve stimulators but ultimately What a person needs is their own vagus Nerve to be stimulated by peaceful Living positive living and improvement Of vagus tone by improvement in their Neck curvature and next ability of Member would like to know your opinion On vagus nerve stimulation Regard to cervical instability and if People need that in addition to prepare Oh the question is just do you need Vagus nerve stimulation in in it yeah in Addition to Prolotherapy and I'll even Answer it could you do it just by itself So you know you know like some people Are gonna come and they have issues but They actually don't have cervical Instability by the digital motion x-ray So some of those people I'll just give Various weights

I'll have them wear different weights to Correct the curve and if their vagus Nerve function is important they could Just do vagus nerve stimulation with the Vagus nerve stimulator and all the Things we talked about like essential Oils and living a positive healthy Lifestyle then and then obviously if Somebody has severe they got at the and They're slow to respond to put their Being curve correction then you might Then early on start them on a vagus Nerve stimulator but the patients who Come to carrying medical they want to Get rid of their problem I know I'm not Supposed to use the word cure so I'm Going to say that we greatly help people Resolve their their condition like Obviously a person who has dizziness if You diagnose the problem correctly like Let's say a person has the blood supply Like let's just for argument's sake say It's the blood supply in the vertebral Artery and they extend and they turn Their head to the left and the the blood Supply the vertebral artery goes away And the cause of it is c1 c2 instability After Prolotherapy that condition should Be resolved you know so Vagus nerve stimulation is a good Treatment option but it's still not Correcting why the vagus nerve is Degenerate in the end you obviously Let's try to regenerate the vagus nerves

And correct the underlying So this is one of our great patients Paulina she's an awesome lady she Exercises a lot so in the course of her Care we said to her what do you do for a Living so I work on a computer a lot how Do you have the computer and we just Made sure that she was looking up so he Made sure she was looking up and she's On like a balance board here and see how She's in her bare feet so she's actually Getting a workout while she's working Right so ways to improve vagus function Is make sure that you're looking up you Know to correct your curve decrease your Stress Prolotherapy to resolve cervical Instability so you know a good upper Cervical ortho spine ology chiropractor Ortho spine ology Alice orthogonal Nuka Some of those doctors they're just They're just amazing they really are Amazing so if you can't right away get To a Prolotherapy us consider upper Cervical chiropractor but it has to be Somebody who's specialized in that They'll take x-rays and they'll tell you Which way your c1 is tilted and if you Don't hold the adjustment then get Prolotherapy when we talked about vagus Nerve stimulation thank you so much so I'm Tuesday May 5th I'm going to do part 3 of the vagus nerve webinars if you Didn't see part 1 I'd really encourage You to see part 1 so obviously I'll

Continue in the neurology of cervical Instability we do we will emphasize of The kids we'll talk about we'll talk About the endocrinology out cervical how They got the causes I know Crenn APPA The– and anybody who has questions you Know if you want me to cover something In the next a webinar please just email Me at dr Houser at carrying medical comm And I thank you for your attention and Always if you have any questions about Anything I covered please go to dr Hauser at caring medical On our website you can download one of Our books so I'm Mary and I wrote a book Called curing chronic pain with Prolotherapy I really recommend that you Read that because there's a lot of Information on how Prolotherapy can Resolve joint instability in all the Parts of the body and again feel free to Contact us contact me at dr Hauser at Carrying medical comm have a great rest Of the day

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