TRT: Why Your Endocrinologist is NOT interested

By | April 22, 2023

Dr Thierry Hertoghe explains why endocrinologists are not interested in prescribing testosterone replacement therapy.
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Why are endocrinologists not really Interested in trt A while ago I had a female Endocrinologist other patients in my Office and I tried to talk with her About it a bit uh I I try to uh feel uh A bit her senses about it and she she Said oh I said what do you do diabetes Thyroids Um I said yeah maybe a bit of Testosterone for men getting older she Said no no they're testosterone so I'm Gonna shut up Um but why are endocrinologists like That So those in the crosses are usually the Older generation but not always because You have won a very young Professor at The end that is writing books on Testosterone doesn't give testosterone Not much Um but basically there's a first three And then the chronologies is not what we Think a hormone therapies of all hormone Therapies they're basically experts in Diabetes and accessory they do thyroid Therapy and and not always with in my Experience the best products but they do What it has been taught to them and they Don't touch the sex hormones because for Women that's reserved for the Gynecologist that's what they think they Can prescribe it they won't do it Because of that reason and then the

Testosterone is prescribed by Neurologists but very few Rogers gift Assumptions but there are some very good Ones in Belgium we have amazing ones They even have shown and not give Conferences that testosterone does not Give prostate cancer and then you should Treat prostate cancer patients with a Little testosterone we have here very Top neurologists doing that professors In University So so basically an oncologist doesn't Work with kratomol doesn't work as Melatonin doesn't work with DHEA even Very uh spring no long uh vasopressin Nothing so basically Um you need to find another type of Doctor and accept that incologists want To remain in their domain you cannot Convince them once they are fully Convinced there's so many other young Doctors that are open for that that Might lose time with people don't change Their mind yeah sure Foreign [Music]

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