This ONE Plant Will Save Your Life Now AND During World War 3

By | May 15, 2019

Western Doctors and the entire Pharmaceutical Industry would like you to believe that you you HAVE TO HAVE their expensive medicine in order to survive some of the diseases and ailments that plague humanity but their answer IS NOT the only answer.

In today’s video, I’ll show you how a simple plant – one that can be grown indoors or outdoors, in your window sill or in your survival garden can and will save your life.

In this presentation provided by The National Institute of Health, researchers show how Allium Sativum L. you will see how garlic can save a person from cancer, bacterial infections, high blood pressure, viruses, and more.

From the research:
Throughout history, many different cultures have recognized the potential use of garlic for prevention and treatment of different diseases. Recent studies support the effects of garlic and its extracts in a wide range of applications. These studies raised the possibility of revival of garlic therapeutic values in different diseases. Different compounds in garlic are thought to reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases, have anti-tumor and anti-microbial effects, and show benefit on high blood glucose concentration. However, the exact mechanism of all ingredients and their long-term effects are not fully understood. Further studies are needed to elucidate the pathophysiological mechanisms of action of garlic as well as its efficacy and safety in treatment of various diseases.

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When a disaster strikes a survival Garden might mean the difference between Life and death for your family or your Group but this one single plant that you Can grow almost anywhere even indoors Might be the one that saves your life Before we get into some of the details Scientifically as far as University and Government level research goes on how This one single plant can save your life After a disaster or even before as a Preventive medicine I want to get a fire Site started so I can show you how I use It [Music] [Music] Okay so I've gathered up my fuel my Kindling and what's going to service my Tinder I've got some char cloth in here As you guys know from another video I'm Not making a big fire today I'm not Going to be out here for a couple of Hours just making a fire that's enough To heat my meal to show you how I take My medicine I really do consider these Natural plant products preventive and Curative medicine and I think you have To start to consider that every day that The food that we eat when it's Unprocessed each of these items have Ingredients that have natural chemicals Inside of them and natural parts to them That affect the human body and we know This because science takes these

Chemicals and corrupt corporations use Them to create medicine to give back to You at a price and they alter it so that It is no longer curative that's why when We look at cultures like Asian cultures And Indian cultures those that eat the Mediterranean diet or Asian diets they Live a lot longer there are a lot Healthier and they can even live on less And that's because their culture doesn't Eat processed foods all day long and as We talked about in one of the news Videos the allotments that companies are Given by the government of what they What kind of junk they can put inside of Your food There's based on you only eating their Meal and for the rest of the day eating Unprocessed Whole Foods we need to get Away from that and we need to look at Every meal that we eat as a part of Medicine if we don't do that we're gonna Have a real problem and so when I take My medicine I'm doing this every day not As a meal but because it's time to take My medicine and I just happen to be able To find ways to enjoy it rather than Popping a pill out of a bottle so I've Got everything that I need here and I'm Going to use the flint and steel method For fire making today what I'm going to Do is take my char cloth here and I'm Going to place it underneath of my flint Like this and I'm going to find a spot

That I want to start nicking at here I Think that looks good and I'm just going To start striking it until I get a spark Okay I guess some little showers there One hit but didn't take And you can see that it starts to Degrade your char cloth and so if you're Not careful you're going to ruin your Entire piece there should be enough I'm Gonna add a little bit more char cloth In and I'm going to place it in my Tinder bundle which again is some pine Needles that are dry off of the ground Go ahead and sandwich it in there deep Breath and slow blow [Music] Now I went ahead and created a bed of Dry ten dry sticks here because the Ground is really wet we've had a lot of Rain here recently and so the ground Moisture is just going to soak away Everything that I put on it so I'm going To build an impromptu teepee right off The top there and then make sure that I Have enough fuel nearby so that if it Doesn't catch initially I'm able to just Place some more right on top of it okay [Music] So what is this wonder drug this wonder Plant that has so many properties to it I guarantee you you either ate something With it in the last two or three days or You have it sitting in your house right Now it's garlic garlic throughout

History and this is according to the National Institute of Health which looks At multiple government and university Level studies this is a dot-gov website This isn't somebody saying that apple Cider vinegar is going to cure AIDS and Do everything on the world to help you This is studies that you can trust these Are studies that you can trust so this Is National Institute of Health titled Garlic a review of potential therapeutic Effects says abstract throughout history Many different cultures have recognized The potential use of garlic for Preventative and treatment of diseases Recent studies support the effects of Garlic and its extracts in a wide range Of applications these studies raised the Possibility of the revival of garlic Garlic therapeutics so again Corporations are going to take the Component here and turn it into medicine And charge you for what you could be Doing at home different compounds they Say are shown to reduce the risk of Cardiovascular disease as heart disease Have anti-tumor antimicrobial functions And show benefits on high glucose and High blood pressure dietary factors they Say play a key role in the development Of human disease this is something we Talk about all the time across cultures There are many different dietary Patterns which promote or degrade from

Human health despite cultural Differences there are some shared Characteristics one Them is garlic garlic has acquired a Reputation and different traditions as a Prophylactic preventive medicine Something that you can take every day to Prevent disease as well as a therapeutic Medicinal plant it plays an important Dietary and medicinal role throughout History and some of the earliest References to medicinal plants revolve Around garlic ancient Chinese and Indian Medicine recommend garlic to aid Respiration and digestion and to treat Leprosy and parasitic infection just to Name a few in the medieval period garlic Was also played an important role in Different diseases in a well-known Medieval book the Canon of Medicine the Author recommended garlic as a compound To treat arthritis toothache chronic Cough constipation parasitic infection Insect bites gynecological or women Diseases of the lady parts as well as an Infectious diseases as an antibiotic it Has attracted particular attention and I Could go on forever because this is a Study literally of the entire history of Garlic as a medicine in short it is the Cure-all it is the medicinal plant tick To beat all other medicinal plants and I Use it for various reasons I have Prehypertension or I did have pre

Hypertension that is high blood pressure I was labeled once I went into the Hypertensive level and let me give you Just some background here if I don't Take garlic every single day my blood Pressure is 20% higher than when I'm on A regimen of garlic right now taking a Daily dose of one clove per day in a Meal as my medicine my blood pressure Stays in the range of around 117 to 120 To 76 to 80 it's well within the Acceptable range for optimum heart Health optimal heart health So garlic it says can be easily grown in Mild climates and there are different Types of subspecies most notably Hardneck garlic and soft and soft neck Alison is the principal bioactive Compound it's released when you cut it Open or chew into it it's released when You cook with it do so many of these Different things Another widely studied garlic Preparation is aged extract sliced Garlic that's stored in 50 15 to 20 Percent ethanol that's alcohol for more Than one point five years is referred to As aged garlic extract this whole Process is to cause a considerable loss Of Allison and increase activity of Certain newer compounds that science is Just now learning about such as an SLS Cysteine Alexson and – oh this is ID oxy

D-fructose 1yl arginine selenium and all Of the number of others stable and Significant antioxidants but dissing Aliy they say garlic oil is most mostly Prepared by steam distillation again These are just different methods and Ways to prepare it what they have shown In participant experiments is Intravenous administration that's Through an IV of garlic extracts produce Reductions in systolic and diastolic Blood pressures an oral ingestion of Garlic extract in hypertensive Participants brought the blood pressure Back to the normal range that's exactly Why I started taking it and why I think Everybody out there should just make This a part of their daily regimen it's Been suggested that the mechanism of Anti hypertensive activity of garlic is Due to its prostaglandin like effects Which decreased peripheral vascular Resistance Aged extract was superior to placebo and Lowering systolic blood pressure again It goes on and on I don't want to Necessarily bore you with all of the Specifics here I am going to leave a Link to this gov research so that Everybody can go and see you don't have To go to a doctor and you don't have to Pay him your 65 dollars for him to say Listen John you're hypertensive you're Gonna have a heart attack and die if you

Don't get on this medicine that is Simply not the answer sure is it a Answer yes but so is cutting off your Wrist so an infection on your finger Doesn't go off into your bloodstream It's just not the answer it's not the Only answer there are other answers out There one more thing I want to talk About before I start showing you the Spider One more thing I want to talk about Before I start showing you the way that I take my medicine is the possible Anti-carcinogenic mechanisms of garlic And its constituents including the Inhibition of carcinogen activation the Enhancement of detoxification excretion And protection of DNA from activated Carcinogens in short garlic is going to Stop cancer even through oral ingestion And that's where a lot of things fail if You take vitamin C for example and That's not really good work because that Has oral ingestion properties too that Are bioactive let's say something like Vinegar even something harsh let's say Bleach and a lot of cultures around the World drink bleach because out on the Surface there's been studies that show Bleach will kill cancer of course but so Does air over time it breaks down and it Can't thrive so these cultures and some People drink bleach which is a dangerous Use of a man-made chemical it's not the

Best way to go about things this is a Natural product that you are eating Every single week but enhancing your Ingestion of it he's going to give you Preventive medicine today before a Disaster strikes and it's also going to Give you a way to heal yourself or help Others with high blood pressure or heart Disease or cancer or anything else after A crisis okay first let's talk about how I take my medicine every day if I'm not Having it in rice this is the best way For me to have it and that's with grits What I have here is 1/3 of a cup of Grits 1 cup of water and I'm going to Add one whole clove of garlic to this so Let's go ahead and break open our new Cluster here and I try to pick from a Larger one so I'm going to get a clove About this large if I have some smaller Ones because and that's why science That's why Western medicine says oh we Don't approve Just taking natural medicine because the Dosage will be different and they can't Trust the individual to take about the Same amount every day as a curative or a Treatment option But we're all smart people we can make These good conscious decisions and if You have a clothe this size or one this Big put two or three in there it's Natural it's not going to hurt you to Take too many you're not going to get

You know overdose like if you end up Taking two blood pressure medications at One time so I'm just going to peel the Outer layer off here the outer layer Isn't very edible you can of course put It in things and break it down if you Want to get that much more there are Some good properties to it but it's not The main property of garlic okay so You're gonna take your cloves of garlic And the first thing I'm going to do is Cut it up now a lot of medicines a lot Of natural medicines we'll just have you Slice it and that way you're still Biting into and releasing active Compounds when you cook it I'm going to Go ahead and slice it small here and Then kind of crush it up you'll see that You are going to release additional Compounds when you crush it up and you Can see some of the oil starting to come Out there if you're doing this inside I'm going to put a link to a garlic Press that's what I use inside and That's what Keller uses it really Crushes it up into a very small fine Little minced chunks and those make it Really palatable and easy to consume Let's go ahead and get this started okay So now that we have our garlic roasting On the fire we're going to go ahead and Make our RIT's like I said I use 1/3 a Cup of grits a lot of people have a I Guess their own way of cooking them I'm

Pretty good at just being natural or raw You're cooking them I'm just gonna add Water the garlic is going to give a lot Of flavor okay so about 6 minutes on the Fire I pulled it off of the coals so That it would just simmer on the side it Will burn I mean you're gonna evaporate All the water out of there if you just Leave it on raw flames or really hot Coals the entire time after about 6 Minutes you get a consistency that is Mostly translucent there's a lot of Garlic taste to it it's good and what I Have with it at home there's pepper on Top of it you don't have to do this over A fire though there's another really Easy and palatable method of using milk Inside it makes it really creamy and Nice you're going to use 1/3 a cup of Grits 3/4 of a cup of milk and 1/4 a cup Of water Kelly I'll throw a little bit Of butter in it some pepper and the Garlic and it's really amazing it's Something that is easily taken in every Day and even if I'm not feeling like it Instead of going to something else if I'm like hey I'm gonna have you know a Cookie she baked or something like that I'll have a cup of grits instead because It is preventative curative in treatment Medicine guys I hope that you will put Garlic in your survival stores today use Dry powdered garlic stork and garlic and Start growing your own garlic today you

Can grow it very easily and we actually Did a survival card with our monthly Mail outs for our patreon members that Had garlic in it and easy propagation And how to keep it going Month after month after month so that During a disaster you have your medicine On hand I hope you enjoyed this video a Special thank you to all of our patreon Members for making it possible and to USA Berkey filters com for sponsoring This in place of the night shift news if You're gonna filter a lot of water like We are when a disaster strikes or just Use it every day visit their site and Readymade resources site for night Vision and communications gear from Kelly and I to you and yours really our Entire family to you and yours please Stay safe remain vigilant and keep watch

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