The Treatment For Prediabetes You Were Not Expecting

By | March 9, 2023

Can Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) be a good treatment for prediabetes and even reverse diabetes type 2?
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I am a pre-diabetic and I am low-t now I Take a testosterone shot of 0.5 55 Milliliters twice a week my concern is This doesn't testosterone raise blood Sugar if so is it still safe to continue To take testosterone therapy or can it Make my blood sugar A1C and discontinue The therapy okay again I'd love some More contacts like age how long has he Been a type 2 diabetic uh what's his A1C You know what when did he start his Testosterone how's it being managed what Other ancillary medications use there's A lot more here but I'm just going to Try to just touch on this in a general Statement most type 2 diabetes in adult Males outside of those that obviously Lead a poor lifestyle nutritionally and Activity wise manifest as a result of Low testosterone testosterone helps to Regulate metabolism which then also Rheumatizes into estrogen and estrogen Has been shown in studies to actually Regulate blood glucose levels so I would Argue that testosterone therapy done Right and that's a key point with an Asterisk and I'll come back to that but Testosterone therapy done right can help To arrest and reverse insulin resistance Or type 2 diabetes actually lower your A1C now here's my concern this is a Gentleman who was on 220 milligrams per Week which is a fairly Hefty dose for Most guys I find most of our guys

Between 100 and 160 milligrams a week Split depending on their shbg level two To three times per week on average is Really a sweet spot for getting the the Therapeutic benefits of treatment Without the side effects now when you Have someone who's admittedly a type 2 Diabetic we don't know what this guy Looks like but generally speaking other Metabolic syndrome ailments come with That like obesity and and various other Things hypertension hyperlipidemia now These are things that could be Exacerbated with elevated testosterone Levels increased appetite increased Hypertension from hypervolemia so There's a lot of things that taking too Much testosterone can make worse it's Not going to make your diabetes worse But secondary to the other things your Diabetes could become worse so I would Urge you to have a very close look at Your therapy and have a conversation With your a provider who's treating you And make sure that they truly understand The the implications of of managing Testosterone for men [Music]

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