The REAL Causes of VERTICAL RIDGES On Your Nails

By | April 21, 2023

The real causes of vertical ridges on the nails.

Nails are made out of hardened skin cells, and a material that we call keratin. Unfortunately if there is a deficiency in certain nutrients in the body, because you aren’t eating the right foods, you’re under stress or you have a digestive problem, the nails begin to change in shape and appearance, forming vertical ridges.

In this video we explore the 6 main underlying causes of vertical ridges on the fingernails, and why this happens, including Vitamin B12/Iron Deficiency, plant based diets, digestive problems, thyroid problems, high cortisol or nail biting (physically injuring the nail bed).

We also explore some very simple ways to fix these problems using natural remedies, lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements.

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Recommended supplements for nail health:
🌿 Evening Primrose Oil (Hormone Balance):
🌿 Liquid Trace Minerals (Strengthen Nails):
🌿 Apple Cider Vinegar (To Absorb Nutrients):
🌿 Nutritional Yeast (B-Vitamins):
🌿 Cod Liver Oil (Retinol):
🌿 Sea Kelp (Thyroid Support):

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⏰ 00:00 – Intro, Vertical Ridges On Nails
⏰ 01:39 – 1. Anemia (Iron & B12)
⏰ 02:23 – 2. Plant Based Diet
⏰ 03:00 – 3. Digestive Problems
⏰ 03:53 – 4. Thyroid Problems
⏰ 04:27 – 5. High Cortisol
⏰ 05:02 – 6. Nail Biting
⏰ 05:34 – How To Strengthen Your Nails
⏰ 07:37 – Supplements For Nails (Vertical Ridges)


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The real causes of vertical ridges on Your nails your fingernails and toenails Consist of a hard material called Keratin which is made out of dead Hardened skin cells normally your nails Should have a smooth texture they should Be shiny and they should have an even Pink tone beneath them however when There's something wrong in your body the Nails will often begin to change in Appearance as the skin cells and the Keratin stops forming properly for Example you may develop white spots or Specks in the nail if you're deficient In zinc your nails could become brittle And split easily when your stomach isn't Absorbing enough minerals like iron or Calcium or you may develop vertical Ridges when your body isn't using Vitamin B12 or iron properly causing Poor oxygen flow to the nail Matrix now Please be aware it's very normal to have Small fine lines that run from the top Of the nail to the base however if these Lines begin to develop into larger Deeper ridges then this usually Indicates that there is a deeper problem Going on inside your body your nails Carry nerve centers beneath them which Are amongst some of the first to get Affected when there's something wrong in The body in this video we're going to Explore the six main causes of deeper Vertical ridges on the nails and also

How to fix this using nutrition and Natural remedies just my usual reminder This video is for educational purposes Only so do speak to your doctor if you Have any medical concerns First and most common trigger for deep Vertical ridges is a deficiency in iron Or B12 the human body needs lots of heme Iron and vitamin B12 in order to produce Healthy red blood cells that will Nourish the nails and other parts of the Body B12 in particular is very important For protecting the nerves connected to The nail Matrix so that they function Properly and help to grow healthy Keratin nail cells when you're deficient In either of these nutrients you will Become anemic and vertical ridges will Begin to appear in some people the nails Can also start to develop a spoon-like Shape because their digestive system is Not absorbing enough iron which leads me On to the second cause following a Plant-based diet unfortunately vegans And vegetarians often find that they're Deficient in B12 and heme iron as these Nutrients are found mostly in animal Based foods this can be overcome by Using nutritional supplements and eating Lots of microalgae to supply B12 and Other important proteins for the nails For a vegan it may be impossible to Obtain heme iron so you will need to Focus on improving Elemental iron

Absorption which I'll talk more about Later in the video third cause which is Probably the most common is digestive Problems in order to absorb the vitamins And the minerals that support healthy Nails like iron calcium folate and b12 You need to have a strong and healthy Digestive system if you find that you Often have bloating gas indigestion acid Reflux heartburn or inflammation in your Colon you may not be absorbing enough of These nutrients to overcome this you can Use products like apple cider vinegar Betin hydrochloride digestive enzymes And bile salts to strengthen your Digestive juices so that you may absorb More of these nail strengthening Nutrients if you're finding this Information helpful at all please hit The like button subscribe and turn all Notifications on to stay updated with my Latest health and nutrition tips Fourth cause of nail ridges is thyroid Problems deep vertical ridges is also a Medical condition that's linked with Having an underactive thyroid Thyroid is basically a gland in your Neck which controls many different parts Of your metabolism including the growth Of your nails people with an underactive Thyroid gland often find that they Develop ridges brittleness and even Breakages of the nails because their Bodies are unable to utilize B12 and

Iron properly triggering a form of Anemia the fifth cause of deep vertical Ridges is high cortisol many people live In a state of emotional stress for Months or even years which can elevate a Hormone called cortisol which is the Stress hormone this is the body's way of Preserving energy for fight or flight However over time this high level Depletes your biotin another nutrient That you need to grow smooth and healthy Nails in addition high levels of stress Will weaken the nervous system and this May be preventing the proper flow of Oxygen and nutrients to your nail Matrix And finally this leads me on to number Six nail biting some people bite down on Their nails too hard when they're Feeling stressed or anxious which can Lead to nerve damage and blood flow Problems to The Nail itself if this is a Consistent problem you may need to try And break the Habit by wearing gloves More often and learning how to reduce Your stress you can find more Information about lowering stress in my Video called a powerful ways to lower Cortisol naturally how to strengthen Your nails now that you have an Understanding on what's causing the Ridges on your nails let's take a look At six natural ways that you can reverse These ridges so that the nails can grow Back healthily 1. eat foods rich in heme

Iron and vitamin B12 on a regular basis Including grass-fed red meat shellfish Oysters pasteurized eggs and wild salmon If you live on a plant-based diet Consider consuming chlorella this is the Best of vegan source of B12 you can also Get non-heme iron from lentils chia Seeds hemp seeds pumpkin seeds but you May also need to supplement with Methylcobalamin 2. strengthen your Stomach and your ability to absorb these Nutrients by drinking one tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar in a glass of water Before each meal this helps your stomach To absorb more minerals and B vitamins In order to replenish the radial and Ulnar nerves beneath the nail bed three Eat two to three tablespoons of Nutritional yeast daily on your salad in Your soup stir fries in yogurt or over Eggs this is a Powerhouse food loaded With B vitamins and trace minerals that Support nail growth and keratinization If you often feel uptight or you're Stressed out this is definitely the food For you as it can relax you almost Immediately after eating it 4. request a Blood test from your doctor to check Your thyroid levels this can help to Identify if there is a deeper problem With your thyroid and if so watch my Video called five vitamins for Hypothyroidism and five on the Cosmetic Level you can apply coconut oil

Regularly with a Q-tip into the cracks And Ridges of your nails this will help To strengthen them and moisturize the Cells underneath this can help to Prevent ridges from deepening but it's Vital to get to the root cause of the Problem by using the other steps that I've talked about today Finally let's take a look at some Nutritional supplements that have been Shown to improve nail quality and help To eliminate vertical ridges if you wish To use them firstly we have evening Primrose oil taking a daily supplement Of evening primrose oil helps to balance Out hormones particularly in women but Also in men this is a great source of Biotin vitamin B7 which improves nail Strength and health also you've got cod Liver oil which is an all-around Health Booster that's loaded with DHA and EPA These are two omega-3 fatty acids that Are needed to build and protect the Membranes around your nerves and also Lower inflammation caused by high stress Or iron or B12 deficiencies and another Supplement is called digestive enzymes If you have any digestive problems there Are digestive enzyme Blends available Which also have added Ox bile and Betaine hydrochloride these supplements Are used to improve the quality of your Digestive juices helping to ease Bloating gas and indigestion whilst also

Helping the small intestine to absorb Nail strengthening nutrients like B12 Iron B7 calcium Etc in my previous video I talked about the most common symptoms Of nail problems and how they're linked To deficiencies in certain nutrients if You'd like to learn more about bees go Ahead and tap on this video on the Screen now thank you so much for Watching my video today and as always I Wish you great health wealth and Happiness

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