The Laws Of Making and Manifesting Money! -By Stuart Wilde (Powerful!)

By | February 22, 2018

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We (YouAreCreators) created this channel to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the “Law Of Attraction”, or the law of “Reaping and Sowing”. This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is returned to us. Whether the return is negative, or positive, failure or success, is all up to what you give out. Many authors and celebrities such as, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Rhonda Byrne, and many others have testified to this amazing Law Of Attraction. It’s time you learn this wonderful secret…

I mean we do every night pinky try to Take over the world the law of abundance Is natural and god-given since the Beginning of time philosophers Visionaries and great spiritual leaders Have talked about the natural abundance Of our planet the difference between Being aware of our natural abundance and Owning a hefty portion of it is one of The main spiritual lessons we come to The earth plane to learn it is the art Of controlling energy and manifesting Your thoughts and ideas we live in a 3d World that reflects back to us the Energy words feelings and thoughts we Put out we're not all well-versed in the Manifestation technique and it takes us Time to learn it but that of itself is a Great blessing imagine a world where Everything you thought felt or said Suddenly appeared in front of you sure You could materialize a million dollars On the kitchen table in 30 seconds flat But each time you had a disquiet or a Fear you would also have a monster Standing up against the refrigerator Trying to eat your lunch we come into This sluggish 3d world with the blessing Of a special protection we can have Thoughts and feelings that don't Instantly materialize in front of our Eyes as they do in some of the spiritual Dimensions so the fact that you can't Just materialize money may seem a

Hindrance but it's also a part of a Greater protection which allows you to Learn the art of manifestation without Getting hurt in the process it isn't Hard to see the abundance of our planet You only have to look at the fruit trees In the fall the lushness of life we know That money is not rare and that Abundance is natural Buckminster Fuller Calculated that if all the wealth of the World were divided equally among its Citizens each and every one of us would Be a millionaire It's natural there Or for everybody to be abundant our Natural state is rich the thing that Gets in our way are the feelings of lack Despair confusion and the inability to Master the marketplace of life more Often than not we get in our own way by Placing in our thinking obstacles Detrimental ideas and strange Resentments that we have to clamber over To get to the honey pot I'm sure by the End of this book we will have sorted That out and you'll remember what you Already know namely that life is energy Money is energy and there's plenty of Both start by reminding yourself that There's loads and loads of money around Perhaps it sounds a bit silly but you Ought to begin every day but telling Yourself there is no shortage of money In fact there are untold trillions of

Dollars yen pounds D marks and so on Swishing about more than you could ever Spend it's vital to understand that and To remember that there are millions of Meanness lovely rich people to whom you Can sell ideas products energy and so Become a millionaire yourself we've been Programmed by the system to believe that There are shortages and lack and that Uncertainty is normal it is not the idea Is a psychological racket designed to Control people and keep them in line by Making them fearful don't buy it Most people suffering from a limited Mindset have no comprehension of just How much money there actually is Available to anyone with the will to Step up and collect look at the ancient Holy books you will see they're full of Hope and positive expectancy and Abundant affirmations in the Bible for Example the words of Jesus are abundant He lived in abundant times there's no Place in the Bible which says that Jesus Wasn't making ends meet even though Joseph and Mary were supposedly poor at The time of his birth However because we're taught a fear of Power it is naturally assumed that Somehow money is evil that rich people Are dishonest and crooked and that they Feed upon little people while the Economic forces of our planet are Certainly stacked in favor of the big

Institutions and governments there's Nothing stopping each one of us from Gathering our fair share it's hard to Align to money if you think it's evil And nasty but once you come to Understand that money is neutral that Abundance is natural and spiritual it's Easy to see that having money does not Necessarily deprive someone else many of The greatest teachers have given Credence to this idea that abundance is Spiritual and that it is your feelings And your thoughts that create the Abundance for you in fact if you're Wealthy more often than not you will be Disposing of your money commercially and Charitably supporting people around you And adding to the overall velocity and Flow of wealth there are trillions of Dollars zipping about electronically on Any given day those electronic signals Are literally passing through your body Right now as are all the TV and radio Signals that are in your local area if You stop and think about the millions Flowing through your hands right now Imagine making a slight flick of the Wrist in order to halt some of that loot In transit so it sticks in the palm of Your hand a flick of the mind is faster Than a flick of the wrist money is good Greed is not good however there's no Reason why you can't be very rich Stinking rich in fact and still be

Extremely spiritual and a wonderfully Generous person aligned to the God force With a huge heart and compassion for Everyone you meet one of the inner Concert We have to grasp early on is that the Whole of our reality exists in a wave Particle duality what the wave particle Duality means at a quantum level is that Our supposedly solid reality is not Actually solid at all that everything Exists in an oscillation or a hazy wave It is ill-defined this hazy wave Condition remains the same until a Particle is observed whereupon it Changes from being somewhere in a hazy State to being solid and existing in a Defined place the metaphysics of money And our ideas around money in abundance Follow much the same path as the laws of Quantum physics in order for money to Become part of your life it has to go From a hazy wave state of ideas dreaming Wishing yearning and vague maybes into a Solid state a dollar bill credit in your Bank account a coin in your pocket if You can convince yourself at the very Deepest level of your being that there Is no lack no unfairness no Discrimination that making money isn't Hard you suddenly open yourself to Greater wealth this is because you've Collapsed your self-denial your versions And resentments and you flip from the

Insecure hazy wave state that says Where's the rent coming from to the Solid particle state suddenly you know It's coming cuz the checks in your hand In collapsing your hazy wave money Dysfunction you open yourself to endless Points of abundance this simple click of The mind opens the door metaphysically Remember all points of abundance points In our 3d reality where money is Actually delivered where transactions Take place our solid particle States not Hazy waves So to make the manifestation process Work for us we have to put aside all our Hazy wave ideas of lack we have to Become centered and align to the solid Symbols of abundance we have to know we Can do it when thinking about your money Flow say to yourself this there is a way And I will definitely find it this Affirmation works well for most all of Life's little problems take a little Time over the next few days to stop and Concentrate on things that you consider To be manifestations of abundance go to Places where wealthy people hang out Look at the symbols of their wealth and Affirm the abundance of this earthly Dimension is holy and good yes money can Be used for evil purposes but in itself It has no energy to make your feelings Right you've got to agree that abundance Is natural you can't look at abundance

With anger or envy you can't become Abundant if you exclude yourself so when You see a person in a limousine wearing Fine clothes if you say consciously or Subconsciously what I rat that life Stars not for me Poverty is holy and good you deny your Potential it isn't easy for most Ordinary people to look at extreme Manifestations of wealth and join in the Idea the ego is too racked with jealousy Or inadequacy and judgment will look at It Palace and will say that's not my Kind of house we'll see expensive things And say that's far too much for me to be Abundant as simple but first you have to Be able to join with your feelings it's Not vital that you can instantly Visualize yourself in the Presidential Suite of a five-star hotel providing you Don't deny yourself the possibility in Other words you may say I don't have to Stay at the Grand Hotel but it's Certainly something I could take in my Stride it's certainly something that I'm Pleased exists moreover I'm thrilled for The people checking in to the Presidential Suite right now In this way you switch from the negative Affirmation that money is bad and Poverty wholly to the idea that money is Neutral that abundance is natural and God-given so acknowledging abundance as A daily affirmation is a part of your

Disciplined action plan everyone can get Their head around the idea that Abundance flows we watch it daily Flowing and not flowing here's the Subtle trick to being in the flow but First let me remind you that a positive Attitude goes almost without saying the More you moan and affirm you don't have Enough money the more it slips from your Grasp Maddening really for when it slips away That of itself becomes a negative Affirmation of how unfair the system Seems to be of course it isn't unfair It's just energy in motion responding to Feelings to those that have more shall Be added and to those who don't have a Chunk will be taken away so the first Rule of flow is to constantly tell your Mind you are rich There are many manifestations and wealth That aren't necessarily cash love Friendship nature sweet sensations Pleasing emotions etc etc rich is a way Of viewing life so tell yourself I want To view the world with a kindly eye I Want to view it richly remember your Unconscious mind the powerhouse of your Soul doesn't know if you're which or not If you tell it you're rich it will Accept that as gospel you have to Believe in luck and flow and goodness Even when cash wise things might be Bloody awful perhaps it goes against the

Grain but if you see your affirmations Is just that affirmations you can affirm Your abundance in good forth tune even When things look a bit dodgy the poorest Person has things to be thankful for so Affirming your abundance is an act of Gratitude and humility as well as a way Of keeping yourself in the flow People get into trouble understanding Flow because they can't tell the Difference between effort and struggle So they'll get an idea and everything Tells them it's not working and yet they Plug away doggedly going through the Agony of it all because someplace back There somewhere someone told them that Whack in their head against the wall was An honourable way of conducting Themselves not quite so struggle causes A lot of pain because it involves a lot Of negative emotion struggle is also Very hard work all ideas that are holy And good and honest ideas that serve Humanity in yourself Will have a positive energy of their own When you head out to materialize a Money-making plan it will gather Momentum it's as if the universe at Large leads you step-by-step showing you The way that's flow you meet the right People you sit in the right seat on the Plane and next to you is the very person You need to connect with it's a Wonderful thing watching flow in motion

We all know what it looks like when it's Working the trick is to be able to pull Back when things aren't flowing as I Said in my little book life was never Meant to be a struggle struggle is Effort laced with emotion as humans we Are required to exert effort to get Things done so if you're cycling up a Hill delivering loaves of bread you will Expend calories peddling effort is Natural when one's energy expenditure Gets wrapped in loads of negative Emotion that's when you flip to the Unnatural from effort to struggle at That point you should pull back and ask Yourself loads of simple questions Questions that highlight silliness of Course you need perseverance when times Are tough but perseverance mustn't trip You into negative emotion that will Destroy your dream real quick so if Things aren't flowing watch the signs Very carefully what little adjustments Can you make to get things moving is Your plan realistic do you have the Wherewithal to pull Are you missing some component if you're Missing a piece of the jigsaw what does That piece look like is the piece inside You or where will you get the bit you Need it's okay to go up the path a Little way only to discover it's not Right for you as long as you realize When things aren't working and pull back

The trick is to evaluate and ask Yourself is this a stupid idea or not Am I going about it our spec words or What do I need this suffering was my Suffering voluntary remember it's not a Defeat to pull back when things aren't Right you can always wait for things to Change the fool plugs away regardless of The signs if you are aware you'll pull Back or perhaps continue slowly forward Watching carefully making adjustments as You go remember don't be impatient Things always take longer to materialize Than you think they will that's because Our minds can move faster than the 3d Reality in which we all exist also it's Okay to make mistakes it's okay to fail Sometimes see these as many seminars you Attend to teach you the tricks of life Of course the main trick is to be Flexible and easygoing and light-hearted And to learn learn learn life's a Seminar we learn by stuffing it up so be Kind to yourself Although flow often seems a form of Magic it actually stems initially from Order and planning it's much easier to Experience a great good fortune when You're organized and ready and able to Receive the abundance due to you so ask Yourself am I ready if someone shows up Right now with my special opportunity Can I respond am i flexible can I move And go in an instant flow is energy in

Motion so you have to become the Embodiment of energy in motion i Eve Flexible Fluid and fast on your feet in passing Let's look at risk and reward to make Money you will have to take risks even If it's just your time on the line The key to risk-taking is knowledge for Example gambling is betting on an Unknown outcome investing is betting on Known possibilities The difference is knowledge and the Quality of your information so when the Amateur blackjack player is pitting his Money on the run of the cards he's Gambling but the professional card Player has knowledge and additional Information he can count cards as they Come past and make informed decisions About what is to happen next he's not Gambling he's investing his money in a Planned and reasonable way on what might Seem to others a random outcome his Knowledge and ability changed the random Nature of the game into one of near Certainty he is not struggling he's Working just as the croupier and Cocktail waitress are working so Struggle can be avoided by collecting Information lots of it learning and Watching and topping up on your game of Life moving through life with ability And knowledge you go from gambling on Life to investing in life we all have to

Accept risk crossing the street is a Risk just one we're used to the trick is To have enough information so that You're betting on outcomes that are Almost certain when the outcome isn't Certain You ought to design your involvement to Ensure there's an easy and inexpensive Escape route remember as I've said Before elsewhere Never go into anything without figuring Out where the exit is Never commit until you have to and not Until you have enough information try to Make sure there's a back door to Whatever commitment you make your Feelings are enormous ly powerful they Are your extrasensory perception the Mind can deduce What it already knows and guests at an Outcome and millions are lost every day Using this intellectual guessing method But your feelings are more accurate for Everything is energy so any deal or Investment or any involvement with Others has an energy of its own that is Its thumbprint if you like use your Feelings to stay in the flow and keep Away from trouble remember if an idea Feels wrong it is wrong that's not to Say that you should trash a deal Whenever you have a moment of disquiet It's just to say if suddenly there's an Energy shift you're in tune with your

Feelings that shift will alert your Feelings when something feels odd stop And notice and take stock your feelings Guide you away from trouble half the Trick to making money and being in flow Is staying away from deals that don't Work It's the deals you walk away from that Make you rich as much as the successful Deals so put your feelings into Everything meditate and become a Satellite for your subtle feelings the Way to build up your sensitivity is to Ask ask ask constantly refer back to Your feelings to confirm your direction If you're in a meeting Mentally reach out to the other people There and imagine your arm extending to Touch them in the heart then mentally Pull your arm back quickly while Centering your mind blanking it and ask How does this person feel edgy arrogant Angry excited crooked safe loving kind And so on your first impression will be The correct one the litmus test to refer To your feelings to be used many times a Day energy shifts constantly so you'll Want to be aware especially when dealing With other people how does this Situation or person feel right now how Is it different from the way it felt Last time I checked in Is this deal I'm considering for real There was something changed what's the

Upside what's the downside is the Downside far greater than the upside is The risk worth taking then ask yourself How you feel Are you happy comfortable flowing along Was there something bothering you Staying in the flow is only really amout Of staying close to your feelings Struggle comes from a lack of awareness Of self and from poor quality Information if it's also compounded by The inability to turn back when the Energy on a particular path Peters out Stay in the pocket be aware shift and Change and never get into anything you Can't walk away from keep these rules And you will always be in the flow the Action of flow is one of being alive and Aware ready to step forward fearlessly You have to move towards your target so Do something each and every day that Improves your situation and takes you Closer to your dream sometimes that Action may just be a simple thing that Grants you more stability or more order Like perhaps you take a day out to tidy Up your paperwork order of itself it's a Positive thing is it not really do Opportunities find you usually you have To be moving towards them so hiding your Ability to stay in the flow by heading Out talking to people making contacts Stepping out from where it's safe and Cozy pushing against your comfort zones

Reaching out that's how the force of the Flow is turned on by generating energy Each day so that the universe at large Can engage it's magnificent laws and Deliver to you even more energy try this As well as moving towards your goals Physically through actions say Simultaneously clear a path on an inner Level by blowing love and light out Ahead of you for example if there's a Person in your way your boss say Start every morning by sitting quietly And seeing her or him in your mind's eye Bring them up close to you say you're Almost eyeball to eyeball then breathe a Long breath in and expel that breath out Into their heart no matter how Antagonistic you may feel send them Light and love do that ceremoniously Eleven times they will change you'll see If you need them out of your way don't Wish them harm or evil just do this After you've finished the 11 breaths Visualize them very small in the palm of Your hand look down on them from above Look at them standing there in your hand An inch high say then hold your hand up To your mouth and expel a sword sharp Breath at them literally blow them away Saying I release you with love and light Go and peace to your highest good but go Using this method I got rid of a bothersome IRS tax agent Who'd been harassing me for 18 months a

Few days of this metaphysical hurricane And he quit the service the next bloke Assigned to my case was so overworked And confused and stressed out that he Closed my file with no more objections If say you're often important meeting Today breathe in the location if you Know it see it in your mind's eye if You've been there before Or visualize the people or at worst Just imagine the meeting breathe in Eleven times and see love and light to That location remember to tell your mind Approximately what time the meeting will Be so say I'm projecting this love and Light to such in such a location for use Between the hours of noon and 2:00 O'clock or whatever use your inner power Equally with your outer strength that Inner power places good energy ahead of You it gets rid of dodgy people and Helps close the gap between you and Money

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