The Best Treatment for ED Symptoms

By | June 28, 2016

In this video I’ll show you the 4 researched-backed compounds that are the best treatment for ED symptoms.

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ED is not a problem in and of itself, but rather, it’s a symptom of something else. With that being said, ED has been a problematic issue for many men.

The solution most opt for to solve this problem are pharmaceuticals drugs. The problem is this approach is just a band-aid that doesn’t really eliminate the underlying cause. So I put together this video explaining 4 Compounds that are the best treatment for ed symptoms. They are as follows:

Garlic 4:1 Extract
Horse Chestnut Extract
Pine Bark Extract
Vitamin C

I’ve combined this list into my new supplement called Redwood. It’s the most awesome solution out there for ED issues.

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Hey what's up everyone Chris here from anabolic or we Give you the best 100% research backed Information for improving your hormonal Health now today we're going to be Talking about four really powerful Research backed compounds that will help Cure your erectile disfunction symptoms And what I mean by that is erectile Dysfunction is a product it's a symptom Of something else so we have four Compounds here today that we're going to Discuss that will help address the core Issue which I'm going to talk about here In a minute what the core issue is now Erectile dysfunction as anyone who's Ever experienced it knows that it can be Extremely embarrassing you can really You know hurt your conference confidence And hurt your morale but also it's it's Emasculating Because for men sexual function is at The core of our masculinity to the core Of reproduction so enable to solve this Now most most guys will go the Pharmaceutical route because they don't Really know the core issue why they have Erectile dysfunction issues so they go The pharmaceutical route which is really Just a band-aid putting a band-aid on The on the situation now the problem With that is that something like viagra Which is all it's known as sildenafil is The generic name what it is sildenafil

Citrate it can cause a lot of unwanted Side effects and that's that's really Common with with almost all Pharmaceuticals but you can have you Know headache upset upset stomach there Actually are many reports of sudden Vision loss diarrhea any kind of sensory Loss there's hearing loss as well Associated with Viagra so these these Issues become basically when you take a Band-aid you're not really helping the Situation at all so what do we have here We have some natural things that you Could be taking they're very simple too A lot of people don't really realize how Simple it is sometimes to naturally fix A problem so we have some natural things We're going to talk about right now that Will help eliminate the symptoms of a Reptile dysfunction and get you back in The right situation so why do you have Easy symptoms in the first place it's Usually a result of a poorly functioning Vascular system so these calm Nouns are going to help improve your Vascular functioning and the first one That we're going to talk about today is Garlic four-two-one extract for helping These erectile disfunction symptoms so Garlic really is is extremely high in to Things that help with NO production Nitric oxide production in your body Which is going to send a lot of blood Flow into your penis and you know other

Other areas but also but this is going To help you have a very high functioning Vascular system and so garlic basically Has has nitrates in it it has Kirsten in It both of which are increased or linked To increased NO production now nitrates Turn into nitro teens via bacteria on Your tongue which goes on to produce Enno and Kirsten also produces an O so Basically what happens is it'll it'll Relax the smooth muscles on in your Penis and help improve the blood flow Into the penis you know it's actually Been a claimed by by the medical Publication nature and reported in the Journal of impotence research there were There were multiple studies I'll show This one study right here on the screen That showed that garlic is actually more Effective at dropping high blood Pressure than most drugs on the market So there well a lot of people see Pharmaceuticals as more powerful things Than nutraceuticals or natural compounds There is actually in a highly respected Journal Nature reported that again and I'll put this up on the screen garlic is More effective at dropping high blood Pressure and basically it does so Because of the the nitrates and the cur Certain at dropping this this high blood Pressure and improving the vascular Function then more than most drugs on The market that are that are marketed

Toward guys to actually achieve that Level so nitric oxide really plays a Critical role in a wrecked i'll function And it does so by increasing the blood Flow blood flow through the blood Vessels so you really want to be Producing high levels of this stuff Naturally the recommended dosage for Garlic extract is about 600 milligrams a Day And that that is usually split up into Two doses and we've seen in studies that Split up between two doses at about 12 Hour increments seems to be the best for Long term you know vascular health now The next the next thing that I want to Talk about is called horse chestnut Extract and it's it's a really Weird-looking thing we'll put a little Picture up on the screen it's it's Really odd looking plant but horse Chestnut extract is is really cool Because it actually has a it's one of The most effective things for healing Varicose veins because of its ability to Improve the vascular function through Those veins now varicose veins basically Swell up and are very unsightly veins And they are indicative of poor vascular Functioning but this horse chestnut Extract basically will is one of the Only things that's known to get rid of Them and in a lot of guys and this Causes erectile dysfunction and low

Testosterone issues they have what's Known as a varicocele So varicocele is a varicose vein that Basically is wrapped around the Testicles and this can be extremely Painful very embarrassing as well and a Lot of guys think that the only solution For it is surgery when in fact you can Use this horse chestnut extract to get Rid of the problem it's actually been Reported right here we'll put this up on The screen it's been reported that 50 to 70 percent of of men have these edie Problems as it as a result of a vascular Disease a lot in up to 20% of the guys Western men have varicose eels that they Either don't they either don't know About it they do know about but they Don't know how to solve the problem so Not only the horse chestnut extract have The potential to improve your blood flow But it can also work to eliminate and Help prevent any kind of varicose veins Or any kind of poor vascular functioning In your body altogether so the Recommended dosage for for horse Chestnut extract is you know 400 Milligrams a day with with a standard What's known as Aysen so you need to Look for a nascent standardization of About 100 milligrams per day And it's also recommended that you split This dose daily so the next compound That were going to talk about that's

That's got a lot of good research We're curing or eliminating erectile Dysfunction issues is pine bark extract And it's also known as pycnogenol do the Same thing so pine bark extract has has A lot of research behind and really what It does as well is it will increase the Levels of nitric oxide production and It's going to also have really good Cardio protective effects on your body That will help not only eliminate the Symptom of wrecked-tile dysfunction Issues it's going to from the inside out Help you protect the improvements that You make on your vascular functioning as Well so that in the future if something Is going wrong something is threatening Your vascular functioning pine bark Extract regularly supplemented with pine Bark extract you're going to have a Cardio protective effect there are Several studies on on this pine bark Extract showing that it has an ability To increase nitric oxide right here We'll put this up on the screen improved Blood flow and then also reduce symptoms Of venous leakage so that's another Another issue that the recommended Dosage for for pine bark extract is is Between 100 and 200 milligrams per day Now the last one is is a vitamin C now If item ins C most people don't really Give it enough credit they think of it As only an immune boosting vitamin but

It has tons and tons of other great Great uses and that's because it's such A powerful antioxidant but there's a lot Of good research and it's a well-known Medical fact that vitamin C increases Nitric oxide production in the body and It also protects the antioxidant effects Of it and the qualities of it also Protect the molecules that are Associated with NO production and we'll Put that we'll put a study up on the Screen that corroborates that now this Is really interesting because who would Have ever thought but but a couple Researchers actually did a study where They combined vitamin C with garlic Extract which we talked about earlier And they saw an insane result because of The combination of those two I don't I Don't know why I think they were trying To just basically see what they could do In terms of nitric oxide production with The natural compound But they combined the two together and Then all in the in the subjects not only They see drastic improvements in blood Pressure in the subjects but they also Saw an increased nitric oxide output of 200% which is insane So when you combine vitamin C and garlic Extract in the right dosages what you're Going to see is a huge uptick in nitric Oxide production much more than you Would ever see with the two separated so

They have a synergistic effect and the Recommended dosage to get that effect is Between one and two grams per day and This can be split up daily as well now Since all these all of these four and These are very simple ingredients but These four ingredients have been showed In many peer review studies to help Improve vascular functioning to help With increased nitric oxide production So here's what happened we set out we Sat down Ali and I we said what can we Do to make something that that will get You all of this together and what what Could be the best daily use supplement That people could take that will not Only help with their vascular Functioning but also just help them Really get rid of erectile dysfunction Symptoms all together and be able to Protect their progress ie the pine bark Extract – to be able to protect the Progress and have a cardio protective Effect on their vascular system and then Basically have this thing this this There's progress that they can have into The future where they they don't ever Have easy symptoms again so you take Somebody who who is suffering from e d And then you give them something that Will not only help eliminate that Symptom so that they can once again you Know have a well-functioning a reptile You know system but and then eliminate

All the problems that are associated With that you know psychological and Physical but then protect their progress And help them so that they don't ever Have to have et issues again because e D Is a very painful and annoying Embarrassing emasculating problem to Have So here's what we came up with we sat Down and we said we're not going we're Going to we're going to formulate us Something then we sat down about a year Ago to do this we're going to formulate A supplement that has only ingredients That have all the the peer-reviewed Human studies to back up the claims Right so with this in mind we wanted Only a hundred percent natural Ingredients the ingredients themselves To be backed up by all the science and Human research and peer-reviewed studies And then these ingredients had to be at The exact right dosage so here's what we Came up with redwood now I've never been More excited to bring you know Recommendations you know the anabolic Men community and the test shock Community because redwood is incredible This it fits the bill It really does they're all the research Behind it it just kit you know it's it's Awesome I don't even know what else to Say really it has the four ingredients That we just talked about at the exact

Right dosages and it's got so it's got Vitamin C garlic bulb extract horse Chestnut fruit extract and Mason pine Bark extract you can see right here and It's really affordable too because here Was here's another problem when people Go in and go down the pharmaceutical Route they end up being they end up Paying you know massive amount of money For the pharmaceuticals and they get Dependent on them and then they have a Lot of other side effects and then they Are given more pharmaceuticals to Eliminate those side effects and so on And so forth so we wanted to have Something that not only had all the Right ingredients at the exact right Dosages but we wanted to make it Affordable and bring it to the mass mass People that really need the solution so We came up with redwood we named it Redwood because it illustrates what it Is I mean it's a redwood tree is a big Strong tree and it's also got you know Pine bark extract so it makes sense to Have a tree metaphor yeah we're just We're super pumped to bring redwood to You it is now available for sale it's Very affordable and as I said earlier One recommendation I want to make Is there there are two types of people That there are two ways to take redwood So the first way is if you really have a Needy issue and and I remember I used to

Have a needy issue when I had really low Testosterone I actually didn't have any Kind of sexual desire anything for for Almost two years when I was a teenager And that was what really brought me into The doctor to get my testosterone tested Because I thought there was a problem And the clearly was so I remember I Remember how it feels and if you're in That if you're in that same situation I Know there are a lot of guys out there Who are in a situation like that where They want to address the problem they Really want to eliminate the issue Altogether according to the studies when You are taking the vitamin C and the Garlic together to see that massive Increase based on that study and we'll Put that study back up on the screen Where they saw the the 200% increase in Nitric oxide production I recommend you Take redwood one dose of Redwood every 12 hours for for a period of at least a Few weeks so that you can get through Eliminating the issue so once you get Through that then you can go into an Optimization phase but first you need to Eliminate the issue and correct the Issue so I recommend like in the study Taking this proper dosage at 12 hour Increments so what does that look like Well it could be you know when you wake Up in the morning so it could be at 8 A.m. and 8 p.m. every night 7:00 a.m.

7:00 p.m. that sort of thing it's really Easy but that is definitely what's Recommended because that'll get the Exact right dosage for really ramping up Your nitric oxide production into your Body so yeah do that 12 hour increments All right so if you're on the other end Of the spectrum kind of where I am right Now I definitely don't have a needy Issue but I'm more what what I would Refer to as an optimizer so right now I Want to protect what I have I want to Get a good amount of these these Nutrients daily and I want to just Improve and optimize my sexual function My erectile function so what I'm what I Would recommend for optimizers like Myself is just to take one dose once a Day and at that rate that One dose once a day each bottle will Last you about a month and then again if You're if you're using it to increase or To eliminate and correct the issue Altogether the bottle should last you a Couple weeks because you want to be Taken at 12 hour increments and Basically you should do that for one or Two cycles until you eliminate the Problem and then move to into the Optimization phase where you just take It once a day and I would recommend Taking it when you're in the Optimization date optimization phase Taking it at night before you go to bed

That way you can give give it some time To really assimilate and you wake up and You'll find yourself waking up with Morning wood strong morning wood you Know feeling really good and so yeah Are you an optimizer or are you trying To correct the symptoms altogether when You answer that question that's going to Tell you how much you should take and Then in what sequence again if you're Really trying to correct the issue and Eliminate the issue altogether say you Have you've had ad issues for a few Months now maybe a couple years then I Recommend taking the every 12-hour Increment dose until you eliminate those Issues when you become an optimizer like Myself or like a lot of other guys who Are just trying to really optimize their Erectile and sexual function then I Recommend taking it once a day so yeah Those are the four research back Compounds that we recommend here at Anabolic men for improving your erectile Function we put them all together into a Very convenient and very affordable Solution at the exact right dosages all The research behind it it's called Redwood buy truth nutraceuticals you Don't have to get redwood though you can Also just go and buy these things all Separately however if you buy them all Separately it ends up being more Expensive than just getting red woods so

Highly recommend redwood and I'm really Excited to hear all the success stories And the progress that people make with Eliminating erectile dysfunction issues In the very near future so check out Redwood over at the anabolic men Marketplace and if you like this video Give it a thumbs up and if you like this Channel go ahead and subscribe and I Will see you on the next video You

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