The “500 Rep” Bodyweight Workout!

By | May 21, 2015

Helping you master your bodyweight since 2009
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Sergio (@super_sergio24) walks you through his intense workout. He calls it the “500 Workout”
You do 100 squats, 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 dips, and 100 knee raises. You break the sets down however you like as long as you are consisting working out with short rests. You don’t move from a exercise until you reach 100 reps.

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Helping you master your bodyweight since 2009
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What's up everybody my name is Sergio And about a year ago I was in the worst Shape of my life and I've started to do Calisthenics taking care of my health Eating properly and I found that this is A best lifestyle ever to live and to me It's like I said it's a lifestyle now There's a workout that I'm gonna share With you guys something that I felt like Really works for me I call it the 500 Workout it's something and easy to do Routine you know it doesn't take much Time I usually do it under 30 minutes 20 Minutes that'll be my record also now And I call it the 500 workout or you Want to do is a hundred squats 100 Pull-ups 100 pushups 100 dips and 100 ABS hanging from the bar that way you Make sure that you can get your whole Body and you get a good pump on top While you can practice all the tricks And everything you want to do out to but You're making sure that you're working Every single muscle so let's get started With the 500 So do that four sets of 25 that's a Squat next we move to pull-ups All right you don't with your squats What you want to do is jump right into Pullo's the sooner you get that Sasaram Boost from your legs jump right into Pull-ups you could do the squat either 25 how I just did or 400 sometimes I go A full hundred without jumping so do it

However feels comfortable for you I Remember always pushes up and now we're Gonna go to the pull-ups I like to do a 25 and switch grapes corset 225 you got To do them ten by ten nah come on However you get it but make sure you hit A hundred let's go And now we're going to move on to the Push-ups right out to the pull-ups as Soon as you hit the hundred get down and Hit 100 pushes however you get it if you Do a 10 by 10 do it Me personally I like to do 100 non-stop And 25 switching grips I'll show you how To like the start close 25 you jump right here regular grid You Than too wide I'm finding I like to enter right here Umber the group Whoo That's 100 all right guys that's how you Done with your push-ups next thing we're Going to do get that money on the dip Bars again 100 you could do it ten ten Ten or like I do it for sets of 25 let's Go You can throw some explosiveness in There too All right in the last thing we're gonna Do get that a pack let's work on that Core 100 abs how I like to do it all From the bar give you the deep bar I'll Show you the pull-up bar in a little bit

If you so hard for you do butterfly Situps Make sure you slap the floor in front of You get that moment enough build those Core muscles let's go so again I like to Do it four sets of 25 For the last set if you're going to do It in the bars try to keep your arms Like this so you get engaged with your Shoulders and your arms while you are There alright and from the bars I like To do nice well both right here And that's a 500 Alright guys so that was a workout the 500 workout try it out thanks for Watching I hope you liked it please Comment down below any questions Anything we can help you with that's What we're here for Make sure to follow bar search for more Fitness motivation let's go

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