Testosterone in the Battle against Feminization of our Society – Toxic Masculinity

By | March 24, 2023

Gil T discusses the demasculinization of society, toxic masculinity, and testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in the battle against the feminization of our society.
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Can trt help in the battle against the Feminization of our society And a second question relating to this Why is testosterone given more easily to Women that want to transition into man Than trt for men experiencing of this Sentence so now we're getting into a Political conversation Why because this is the world we live in Today this is just the nature of the World masculinity the word toxic Masculinity okay it's it's This is crazy to think about I've never Thought in my life that I would hear the Word toxic and masculinity As a compound word they don't belong in The same sense what is so toxic about Being a man The first human ever created if you if You believe in in the Bible Adam was a Man what makes him toxic what makes me Toxic what makes any of us toxic for Being men should we become more feminine There's nothing wrong with having a Feminine side if you want to call it That being sensitive being emotional Expressing your feelings Um that doesn't make you less of a man It just makes you human but what is so Wrong about being masculine there are Specific things that make a man a man And this is in our DNA this is biology This isn't up to us this isn't up to our Determination you know I have an X

Chromosome and I have a y chromosome I Was born that way there's nothing I Could do there's nothing I could inject To change it I can give myself Androgen Deprivation therapy I can take all the Estrogens in the world and I could do Whatever I want I could get breast Implants and grow my hair and I still Have an X and A Y chromosome so no Matter how many body parts I cut off I'm Always going to be a man and that's just A fact of the matter biologically Speaking and this isn't a political Debate this isn't about opinion this is Just scientific fact so why is it so bad For a man to be masculine but it's so Accepted for a man to be feminine why Isn't everything accepted it's Individual freedoms and you can't claim On one hand that you want a freedom and Then restrict someone else's freedom Because that by definition is not Freedom anymore so it's either freedom For everyone or freedom for no one and If we're going to preach any sort of a Freedom you have to respect everyone Else as long as they're not harming you And I frankly don't care what you do in Your own living room or who are you with And I don't care what kind of drugs you Do as long as you're not out there on a Rampage hurting people or or coming into My circle with it it doesn't impact me So at the end of the day

There's a big political push worldwide Now of acceptance which I'm all for but Acceptance does not mean that you accept One and not the other you can't have it Both ways because you can't oppress in The same sentence as you accept so if You're going to say masculinity is toxic You got to self-assess and figure out What the heck is bothering you so much About men Yeah I'm 100 there with you Foreign Thank you

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