Testosterone for Headache and Migraine: Friend or Enemy?

By | March 23, 2023

Can Testosterone Replacement Therapy TRT help with your headache or migraine?
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Foreign [Music] Get migraines so I can comment on this Um is there any evidence no Um it's helped me immensely Um my migraines are are postural Um so mine come from an impingement in C5 C6 so it has helped me a lot with Muscle muscle wastage around the area Um but also strengthening up the um the Muscles that support the posterior chain Which has allowed me to resolve a lot of The migraine issues so depending on what Actually like if I guess wine would be Technically classified as tension Headaches but it depends on what the Root cause of your migraines are if They're neurological or if they are like Postural headaches so Testosterone will have a lot of Mechanisms that will support your Migraines Um it won't take them away because it's Not going to act like an opioid or Anything like that but testosterone will Antagonize a lot of the effects of Stress so it's going to help with not Only the stress hormone Cascade of being In pain potentially chronically if you Get them a lot but it's also going to Help support a body that is in pain a Lot because when we're looking at Chronic inflammation chronic Inflammation has a lot of negative

Deleterious effects on the body and if We're looking at something like a Migraine which is a very strong Inflammatory excitotoxic experience Um this is something that is going to Negatively Impact the production synthesis as well As accelerate the reuptake of dopamine Which is a three-pronged combination to Lead you to feel like so Testosterone is going to help support Someone who is in pain a lot and Depending on the root cause of the pain It may also help with with that but it Depends on where it's coming from the Things that I have found that have Helped me the most with my migraines Um outside of working on the actual Movement based things Um antioxidant supplements so we're Looking at things going okay when we're In a migraine pain storm while taking Painkillers helps I try not to take Painkillers personally Um but the things that have helped me is CBD oil which again it won't take the Migraine away but it helps but using Something like I didn't prepare this before by the way It was just here Um something like this just an Antioxidant complex so this is like a NOW Foods super antioxidant it's just a It's cheap it's effective

Um and what that's going to do is when Your brain has elevated exciting Toxicity from The Chronic pain and a Potentially uh increased levels of Glutamate again it's not going to Completely take the migraine away but if You find that you can do maybe some Exercises some CBD oil some antioxidants Even things like injectable glutathione As well those things in combination Might be able to bring the pain down by 20 30 40 percent that allows you to cope Or manage with it to the point that you Don't need to take strong painkillers or You can get through the day Foreign

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