Take Just One Spoon, And You’ll Fall Asleep In a Minute

By | December 10, 2018

How to fall asleep fast? You spend hours upon hours tossing in your bed but still fail to fall asleep. Yeah, we’ve all been there. Thankfully, there are lots of effective methods that can easily make you snooze as soon as your head hits the pillow!

Did you know, for example, that physical contact with someone you love can make you fall asleep within minutes? The thing is, when we’re close to someone we deeply care about, our system produces a significant amount of endorphins that can quickly comfort you and help you relax. Well, yeah, some of these methods are, let’s say, a little unconventional, but they do work!

#1: Imagine the next morning 1:15
#2: Wash your face with cold water 1:59
#3: Do the lying butterfly pose 2:47
#4: Listen to binaural beats 3:49
#5: Add more tryptophan and magnesium to your diet 4:30
#6: Try diaphragmatic breathing 5:57
#7: Remember your day in reverse 6:49
#8: Tidy up your room 7:25
#9: Use relaxation techniques 7:59
#10: Close your right nostril 9:16
#11: Make a “sleeping potion” 10:09
#12: Hug someone you love 10:48

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– If, no matter what you do, you still can’t get to sleep, imagine your following morning in the tiniest details. With a little time and a good imagination, you’ll feel so drowsy that your system will drift into sleep mode.
– You can help reset it within seconds simply by putting your face in a bowl of ice-cold water! Doing this triggers a necessary phenomenon called the Mammalian Dive Reflex. It lowers your blood pressure and heart rate.
– There’s no problem yoga can’t solve, and sleep issues are no exception. All you have to do is perform the lying butterfly pose, and you’ll start to doze off in no time!
– Binaural beats are often used for meditation, calming your brain, and making you feel relaxed. The secret behind their magic is pretty simple: they simultaneously send a different sound frequency to each one of your ears.
– According to a study conducted by Australian researchers, an amino acid called tryptophan is extremely beneficial for your system, especially when it comes to sleep.
– Just 5 minutes of diaphragmatic breathing every day before bed will ensure you a good night’s sleep and a clear well-rested mind!
– Instead of trying to empty your mind and fight constant thoughts, go through your day from the end to the beginning. Since you have to think of your day in reverse, this exercise increases your brain activity and tires it out.
– When your bedroom is full of unnecessary clutter, your brain starts to associate it with anything else but relaxation and rest. And that’s exactly why you can’t fall asleep
– To fall asleep quickly, you have to fully relax both physically and mentally. Here’s where progressive muscle relaxation comes in handy.
– And the reason behind it is purely biological! When you close your right nostril while lying on your left side, your blood pressure naturally decreases. With low blood pressure comes yawning and a strong desire to fall asleep.
– All you have to do is mix 1/4 of a tablespoon of delicious honey, 1/8 of a tablespoon of exotic sea salt, and 1 full tablespoon of extremely healthy coconut oil.

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[Music] Aha 12 weird ways to fall asleep in a Minute you spend hours upon hours Tossing in your bed but still fail to Fall asleep yeah we've all been there Counting sheep changing positions Nothing seems to work Thankfully there are lots of effective Methods that can easily make you snooze As soon as your head hits the pillow Some of them are let's say a little Unconventional but they do work before You find out all the details be sure to Click that subscribe button and ring the Notification bell to join us right here On the bright side number 1 imagine the Next morning This is more of a psychological trick That confuses your brain and allows you To doze off almost immediately if no Matter what you do you still can't get To sleep Imagine you're following morning in the Tiniest details go through it step by Step the Sun comes up you get out of bed Grab a shower eat breakfast brush your Teeth and leave for work or school with A little time and a good imagination You'll feel so drowsy that your system Will drift into sleep mode number two Wash your face with cold water one of The main contributors to sleep problems Is the nervous system with all the Stress that we experience every single

Day it can be hard for your brain to let Loose and calm down but don't worry you Can help reset it within seconds simply By putting your face in a bowl of ice Cold water seems paradoxical right I Mean that would wake me right up but Doing this triggers a necessary Phenomenon called the mammal Yin dive Reflex it lowers your blood pressure and Heart rate all these internal processes Only benefit your nervous system and Therefore send you into a long and Peaceful sleep number three do the lying Butterfly pose hey there's no way I came Out of that cocoon uh-uh Didn't happen I'm telling the truth man No not that kind of lying there's no Problem Yoga can't solve and sleep Issues are no exception all you have to Do is perform the lying butterfly pose And you'll start to doze off in no time As you lie on your back bend your knees Outward bringing the soles of your feet Together you can use your hands to pull Your feet up a bit closer to your groin As well then put your hands on your Abdomen and breathe calmly and deep The key is to let your body relax and Your mind rest if you're doing Everything correctly you'll feel all That physical and emotional tension Leaving your body the lying butterfly Pose also lowers your blood pressure and Provides relief for menstrual cramps

The ultimate helper number 4 listen to Been oral beats be Norrell beats are Often used for meditation calming your Brain and making you feel relaxed the Secret behind their magic is pretty Simple they simultaneously send a Different sound frequency to each one of Your ears this allows the brain to Identify the third tone and start Producing brainwaves at the same rate of Hertz this relaxing process helps Prepare your body and mind for rest just Beware that sound therapy like been Aural beats isn't recommended for small Children and those who suffer from Seizures number 5 add more tryptophan And magnesium to your diet according to A study conducted by Australian Researchers an amino acid called Tryptophan is extremely beneficial for Your system especially when it comes to Sleep this acid quickly turns into Serotonin a hormone which not only makes You feel better but also helps you relax So if you want to get important Nutrients that will help you fall asleep At night add cheese nuts beans white Meat fish and dairy to your everyday Menu another important element for a Good night's rest is magnesium in their Study researchers at Germany's Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry confirmed That magnesium helps your system Maintain healthy GABA levels which

Promote deep and restorative sleep you Can find magnesium in spinach parsley Beets almonds hazelnuts peanuts and Seafood Even though your diet is crucial for the Quality of your sleep Never eat right before going to bed this Often results in poor sleep and Gastrointestinal issues on the other Hand going to bed completely starved Isn't a good idea either try to have Your last meal about three hours before Bedtime and your system will certainly Thank you for it number six tried Diaphragmatic breathing the Diaphragmatic breathing technique which Is often used in meditation as well Isn't that difficult but it does take Practice to master begin by sitting down Comfortably and slowly breathing in and Out as you usually do after about five Breaths change it up and breathe through Your diaphragm to do this allow your Ribs to expand to the sides a bit and Keep your shoulders and upper chest Still your job is to breathe smoothly And evenly this will give your autonomic Nervous system a chance to properly De-stress and prepare it for deep sleep Just five minutes of diaphragmatic Breathing every day before bed will Ensure you a good night's sleep and a Clear well-rested mind number seven Remember your day in Reverse if you've

Been tossing in your bed for a while With no signs of sleepiness whatsoever Here's another brain trick instead of Trying to empty your mind and fight Constant thoughts go through your day From the end to the beginning since you Have to think of your day in Reverse This exercise increases your brain Activity and tires it out plus it's a Great way to analyze your day and make Certain notes to yourself on what parts Of your life you can and should improve Number eight tidy up your room When your bedroom is full of unnecessary Clutter your brain starts to associate It with anything else but relaxation and Rest and that's exactly why you can't Fall asleep your brain subconsciously Blocks it because you're in the wrong Environment so if you'll want to sleep Like a baby make regular cleaning your Best friend Once you remove all chaos and Distractions from your resting place You'll notice your sleeping pattern Improved dramatically Number 9 use relaxation techniques to Fall asleep quickly you have to fully Relax both physically and mentally Here's where progressive muscle Relaxation comes in handy according to The Mayo Clinic this technique reduces Stress symptoms that often interrupt our Sleeping pattern so next time you feel

Like you're one step away from total Insomnia get comfy in your bed and start Tensing and relaxing your toe muscles do That for about five seconds take a 30-second break and then do the same Thing for your other muscles slowly but Steadily working your way up to your Head after you've tensed and relaxed Your whole body it's time to pay Attention to your mind for this part You'll need autogenic relaxation it Involves visual images that you have to Picture in your head it can be anything You want peaceful scenery beautiful Landscapes happy memories the only rule Is that it has to make you feel happy And relaxed don't forget to accompany This process with slow and deep Breathing and you'll be off to Dreamland Before you even finish the exercise Number 10 close your right nostril I know it sounds kind of ridiculous but This technique is actually a miracle for Putting you to bed and the reason behind It is purely biological when you close Your right nostril while lying on your Left side your blood pressure naturally Decreases with low blood pressure comes Yawning and a strong desire to fall Asleep of course if you suffer from Hypotension a condition where your blood Pressure is almost always low this Method is definitely not for you but if You don't have any medical precautions

Just lie on your left side close your Right nostril and breathe slowly and Deeply one minute in and you'll already Be asleep number 11 make a sleeping Potion What sleeping potions aren't real right Well after you try this one you'll start Believing in magic all you have to do is Mix one quarter of a tablespoon of Delicious honey 1/8 of a tablespoon of Exotic sea salt and one full tablespoon Of extremely healthy coconut oil when The mixture is ready swallow it as is or Add it to a glass of warm water and Immediately go to bed the ingredients Will instantly reduce cortisol spikes That disrupt sleep this will ensure that You sleep tight through the night number 12 hug someone you love believe it or Not physical contact with someone you Love can make you fall asleep within Minutes the thing is when we're close to Someone we deeply care about our system Produces a significant amount of Endorphins that can quickly comfort you And help you relax Not to mention physical interaction with The people who are closest to you Reduces cortisol levels that your body Accumulates during the day Thanks to stress and with these two Obstacles out of the way your mind and Body will be ready for proper rest and a Deep night's sleep and here's a bonus

One old wives tale that just might work Involves getting your hands On a Transylvanian lamb not just any Lamb but a lamb from Transylvania who Lives in a castle so then you'll have Yes that's right count sheep okay that's Not a real solution but hey it's weird So do you know any other weird but Effective ways to fall asleep faster Tell us in the comments below don't Forget to give this video a like share It with your insomniac friends and click Subscribe to stay on the bright side of Life side of lie

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