Superfoot Wallace training for high kicks with a chair

By | May 5, 2013

Now we're going to strengthen those legs But see we're not going to really Strengthen a leg the leg is basically The quadricep this large muscle right Here is designed primarily for Straightening the leg out It doesn't lift the leg the muscles that Lift the leg are the external and the Internal obliques the rectus femoris it Comes up around here your gluteus Maximus and the minimus and your fasciae Muscles here on the side of your hips Right around here that's what we're Going to strengthen now basically you're Watching this tape at home right so You're not going to have your wife do to Your girlfriend hold you up or something Like so all you need is a chair a nice Simple little chair this is what I'm Going to use this is going to be my Partner I don't want you to have to Think or worry at all about balance what I want you to think by now is strength Okay there's no movement just a lot of Agonizing muscle work okay but there's No way getting around it now if you're Brand new and you're having trouble Getting your leg up take your shoes off Because every little ounce helps believe Me if you are done this for a while if You are fairly strong that you think You're fairly strong go ahead leave your Shoes on because now it gives a little More resistance a little more strength

Involved may not go as high but you Still have that resistance you'll still Be building that strength already work The flexibility right now watch three Commands knee up out and the one that You won't hear very often is back we're Going to hold each of these four very Simply ten seconds but we're only going To do three of them because we have some More stuff to go with it okay now watch From here Knees up don't worry about where your Leg go where your back goes keep the Knee up point your toes okay out two Three four five six seven eight nine ten Back keep the knee up the knee stays Very high Always keep them between you and the bad Guy out one two three four five six Seven eight nine ten back relax that leg Keep the bottom leg relaxed but keep That knee up one more now out one two Three four five six seven eight nine and Ten back and finally down now what You'll do we don't want to take the time To run through all kinds of different Sets I usually do that for three sets Really isolate the obliques you'll find Out you have muscles where you didn't Know you had places second exercise now That was a very simple roundhouse kick But held up there this time we're going To do very simply three combinations the First combination is a high roundhouse

Kick five slowly five quickly second Combination low roundhouse kick high Roundhouse kick five slowly five quickly Third combination hook kick roundhouse Kick five slowly five quickly okay Doesn't have to be real fast doesn't Have to be real high remember we're Building strength hold on to your Partner never try to get that knee as High as you can because when you're Sparring if you get the knee real high Between you and your opponent makes him Have to defend more it makes it very Difficult for him to block it makes it Very difficult for him to push you away Or defend against it because there's so Much in front of him plus it protects You keys from getting hit knees up high Roundhouse kick one two three B45 Facinelli 1 2 3 4 5 Oh by the way you never put your foot Down low roundhouse kick high roundhouse Kick low high low high low high low one More and high fast 1 2 3 4 5 see where The foot is now see where the knee is Hook round hook round hook round hook Round one more hook round faster 1 2 3 4 5 knees up and then down Feels very good when you put it down Doesn't it Circle it hold on your Partner Circle the hips whoo when you Get to be old guess what guess What Now we put all three of them together

Low roundhouse kick high roundhouse kick Middle roundhouse kick hook kick Roundhouse kick very simple just like You'd be sparring watch hold onto the Chair Low high middle hook round low high Middle Round that's too low high middle hook Round three low high middle hook round Four low high middle hook round pretty Good huh Faster now low high middle hook round Low high middle hook round low high Middle hook round low high middle hook Round and low high middle hook round Knees up and down hey I'm a little bit Tired how about yourself You're really building up those muscles Plus you're building up the Cardiovascular endurance the heart rate The lungs one more exercise we're going To do now but this works strengthening Exercises but also movement and if you Do it right A little bit of speed now let's say You've done karate for a while or you've Done some kind of a martial art so you Don't take Wando or kung fu or something To where you know what the kicks look Like what I would want you to do now What I do want you to do now is on the First command knee up okay now you're Going to throw any combination you want To throw any combination as many

Different combinations as you want to do In 30 seconds so you've got to throw Double round hook grab of all kinds of Weird combinations combinations you Might never throw in competition or in a Self-defense situation but remember what We're doing is we're building agility Within the movement that movement and Strength and when you put all those Together what do we have speed if he Can't see it he can't block it if it's Too quick for him you're creating Openings okay here's my partner again First command is knee up now don't go Real fast right off the bat just build Up that rhythm from the rhythm comes the Agility from Jillee comes a speed in the movement Okay knees up and go Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom pam pam pam pam pam Pam pam see the movement now build up That rhythm the hook kick is coming just As fast as the side kick as the hook Kick as the roundhouse kick just keep That low but just keep that looming keep It going keep it going and down very Good now again when you're building up That movement think maybe doing sets of Those three sets of three three sets of A four get that movement get that Agility build that strength that leg is My third hand

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