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Hi everyone and welcome back to my Channel if today is your first day of Coming across my video You are highly welcome to this channel My name is Sa unik in today's video I will be showing you a simple method On how you can increase blood flow into Your joy Stick so this Is just the simplest and best way to Boost or Increase blood flow into your joystick This is going to make your joystick Bigger and stronger or even Bolder so if you are interested in all Of this All of this recipe amazing recipe which I'm going to be showing you Continue washing make sure you wash to The end Okay you're going to see this effective Best way i'm going to be showing you Okay with just three ingredients So first of all Just going to be grabbing my blender And my cooking bag You don't need too much bl a cooking bag You only need a little amount of feet [Music] So the next thing i'm going to be adding Is four pieces of date This is fresh dried that you can see This this has been washed properly so

I'm just going to cut it open And remove this this the seed You can see the seed this is not good if Your blender crush this it will spoil The The blade okay So guys this is it what i'm going to be Doing is to add a little amount of water In order to blend this properly because Already Cucumber is a water content So it has a lot of water inside i'm not Going to be adding too much water So this is it i'm just going to blend This So guys here is it after blending but You are not going to be drinking this Like this You are not going to be taking it with The shaft we only need The concubine water So what you're going to be doing is just To get your strainer And a little bowl make sure you extract The Shaft out of the juice Guys like if you try this you are coming Back to say thank you to me hundred Times I'm assuring you you're coming back to Say thank you This is very very good You're going to get a strainer like i Have here

Just make sure you straighten out the Juice That is what you need After straightening out the shaft Removing everything this is the liquid So the major key of this recipe is this Which is pure organic oni On diluted honey like a lot of people Used to ask me What is organic honey what is organic Honey Essay unique this is organic honey On diluted honey honey that is not mixed Only that is not add they don't add Anything to it Just a pure honey so what you're going To be doing is to add A tablespoon of pure honey Into this liquid mix Everything properly together Make sure they are properly mixed Together this is going to help you to Get your youthful Strength again okay you are going to Love this recipe guys you are going to Love it You are going to love it you are coming Back to say thank you So all you just need to do is to grab Your cup after mixing everything Together Pour this mixture into your cup You can see this is one cup So what you're going to be doing is to

Drink this In the morning 30 minutes before your Breakfast Or 30 minutes after your breakfast You're going to be drinking this please Don't drink this at night because it is Going to make you too bloat Or through the night you are going to be Finding it difficult to sleep In order to sleep well you are going to Be taking this in the morning And in the morning before your breakfast Or 30 minutes after your breakfast take This for one month Maximum one month minimal take it for Two weeks okay when you take this it is Going to make your joystick buddha Stronger and bigger it is going to Increase blood flow into your Joystick it is going to make it work Well Functional where it is going to make it So strong To work where like you want it to be Okay Like this is just the simplest And the best way to boost or increase Blood flow Into your joystick this is just The best way guys if you try this like i Have said You are coming back to say thank you This method

Is going to increase blood flow to that Place it is going to make it Work wet it's going to make it to be Very hard strong the way You want it to be okay if you do this You are coming back to say thank you Because i know that this is going to Help you It is going to work well i just want to Quickly have a taste of this Guys this is so yummy This is so yummy this is so nice you Should go And try this out i'll come back i don't Want to talk much Go and try this out and come back to say Thank you essay unique for this okay If you have been watching my video and You have not subscribed Kindly subscribe and also turn on the Post notification And if you enjoyed this video share this Video with your friends Your loved ones people you think that This video will benefit And also give this video a huge thumbs Up See you all in my next one bye

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