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FREE EBOOKLET Some people seem to think that we should be eating the skin of fruits to maximize our nutrient intake and not waste anything. Let’s talk about that for a little bit.

First of all, why do we need “more” nutrients? Isn’t “enough” enough? How do we know what’s enough? The tasty part of the fruit is tasty for a reason!! It’s tasty because it matches our nutritional needs! It makes no sense that we need to eat foods that are not appealing to our senses just because we think we need more nutrients.

Whole, fresh, ripe, raw foods in their natural state that appeals to our senses are the best foods to eat. Most fruit skins do not taste good, but the flesh inside does! Eat the tasty part and throw away the rest to decompose and go back to nature!

Watermelon rinds are disgusting and I imagine very difficult to digest! The flesh inside however is one of the best foods I know!

If it ain’t delicious – it ain’t nutritious!

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Another glorious watermelon meal so good And it makes me think you know I was Sitting here and as us done eating and Then I thought about how some people They say that you should eat the rind You know they say oh we don't to waste Anything and we want to maximize our Nutrition and there's lots of good Nutrients in the English in this rind so They say we should eat the right well I'd say that's nonsensical why would Nature why would there be why would we Think part of it it's delicious and the Other part is disgusting If it wasn't the delicious part that we Should eat I mean if you know if you Know what I mean like the inner part of The fruit is delicious the outer part is Difficult to eat and not really tasty at All I mean It this it's like eating a cucumber just Way way WAY worse it's like it's like a Terrible unripe cucumber and of course The cucumber is a melon so it's no Coincidence that they are similar and You know I don't think anyone actually Sits down and eats the rind they juice It usually which is another sign that This isn't really a good food for humans The fact that we have to juice it to be Able to consume it this should be like a Warning sign you know if you have to do Something to the food in order to be Able to eat it it's not really human

Food is it all but there's important Nutrients in this in the skin well do You think animals other animals eat the Part of the food that's disgusting and Inedible just because there's important Nutrients there you know there's Nutrients in everything there's new Signatures in grass there nutrients in Toxic herbs there's nutrients in deadly Poisonous mushrooms but just because There's nutrients in there doesn't mean That we should be getting those Nutrients from that food you know there Might be calcium for example in the skin Here but there's also tells human flesh So I'll just eat the flesh and get my Calcium from there rather than trying to Sort of maximize my nutrition by eating Everything now nature design the perfect Package for us where the edible the Delicious part of the fruit is what we Should be eating and the skin and the Rind unless it's very delicious on its Own I think we should just leave it Alone and you also got to think about Why we find certain things delicious and Other things not in my book delicious Equals nutritious if something is Delicious to us it because we need it It's because we have a physiology Adapted to enjoying that because we need It if something is disgusting it means To leave it alone Don't eat that if something is delicious

It mean do eat it but of course only in Its natural Only in his raw natural stead as it Appears in nature without any processing So there you have it if it's not Delicious on its own leave it alone and If it ain't delicious that ain't Nutritious oh yeah

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