She’s Not Ready For A Relationship? Do THIS & She’ll WANT You!

By | February 2, 2021

I know if she’s not ready for a relationship it can be extremely overwhelming with emotions. That’s why I created this video for you! Click below…

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So she's not ready for a relationship Now is she That really sucks but here in this video I'm going to tell you exactly what you Need to do when a woman is really not Ready for a relationship and maybe you Are sinking one or possibly you're on The fence Of seeking one and you're half foot in Half foot out But this woman has come to terms and Telling you that she's not ready for a Relationship Or she's showing you by her actions that She's not ready for a relationship I'm going to tell you exactly what to do Hi guys my name is apolonia puente i'm a Dating Relationship coach for men and i help You guys master your attraction skills And really understand women and get Results in your dating and relationship Lives Now a lot of times when women in general When we tell you That we are not ready for a relationship It can be one of the two things I'm going to be very honest with you Here in this video now let's start with Number one which is probably the most Um i would say the most Defining one but the most um the most One that we see A lot as well um and i would really

Encourage you guys to Stay around so you know number two Because number two is actually something That is very popular Depending on how you act with a woman so Number one is She's really not ready because she's Trying to find herself She's coming out of a relationship Possibly or maybe she's out of a divorce Or something is happening in her life And she's really trying to find herself And she's half foot in half foot out you Might even got this like cold Hot and cold type of environment or type Of Initiation from her where she went all In which we call kind of like Love bombing in the beginning where she Showed you so much in the beginning and She really wanted it And a lot of men that i work with han Sometimes get confused with this because I know It feels great because you feel superior In some way because this woman wants you She sees you and so in the beginning you Get addicted to that adrenaline Because she's showing you something that She wants and typically you have to be Really careful when this happens in the Beginning of Relationships because this can also be Something that

You can notice that somebody else if They're going Full into this relationship or they are Just All the time on top of you loving you Kissing you wanting to see you all the Time and basically Making known that she really wants to be With you or like you Like this that is a red flag and the Reason why it's a red flag is because of The fact that There is something that this person can Be running away from A lot of times when we have things that Are not healed within Us what happens is we try to find Outside Sources or outside resources that will Take away that pain but Taking away that pain is only Momentarily just like that sick of a sip Of alcohol just like that drug But also there's something and to say in This so that probably would have helped Happened as well in turn it's really Important too that a woman tells you She's not ready And then you push for it because you're Like oh i'm a great guy i'm going to Make her ready i'm just going to show Her just by showing up And she's going to become ready wrong Mindset and the reason being is because

Then we get into a mentality that i'm Going to give this woman In order to get something from her so we Give to get so we're seeking acceptance And we're also Seeking positive type of reinforcement As well For your behaviors when you don't go Into a relationship like this So if a woman is telling you she's not Ready then what i would ask you to ask You to do is gauge your enthusiasm about This woman Take a step back and tell yourself like Okay What do i need to do check in with my Emotions because Men you're allowed to have emotions let Me check In with my emotions and see how i feel About this woman And if i like her too much then maybe i Need to Kind of limit my conversations with her Limit my Um what i'm doing with her as well and Take Try to pull back and say i need to kind Of grasp where i'm at because A lot of times what i've seen is men try To stick around When you really know your gut is telling You that this is not the person that you Need to be

With so i ask you does this person make You feel better about yourself do they Are they an engine or an anchor which i Talk about a lot Do they bring you up do they make you Feel alive not in the source of i have To chase and just adrenal alive But just like they see you they want the Same things it's you And her and if not then that's your Biggest answer right there So pull back and start you know possibly Dating other women Getting back out there but don't let one Women take away your mojo that can Deliver To a woman that is actually ready and a Woman that wants you So many times i've seen men not get that One woman Or that one woman that they want for two Reasons one Because the one that they always have Their eye on they never get because they They think about it so much more or two They don't have A choice of a lot of women so they don't Go out much so they Are at fault for minimizing their Choices in women So when they find someone that gives Them attention they go all in So number two okay so number one was a Woman just flat out telling you

That she's not ready as well number two Is a woman Um and you not paying attention to those Signs number two is A reason why a woman will push away and Tell you she's not ready for a Relationship Is she notices that she is in control Okay Let me break this down now i don't want To tell you That there's a there like i'm not gonna Be sugar coating stuff here you guys Know that Control is a balance in humanity Basically And i don't mean this in a manipulate Form at all hear me out What i mean is controls the level of Respect as well so If you think about it your mutual Friendships you guys have a level of Mutual respect I'm sure you've had friendships or Relationships with people Where you notice that other person had More control over you maybe they are More dominant towards you and they told You sometimes what to do they put you Down at times And you allowed it right so the balance Of control starts to shift where this Person's power is a little bit higher Okay now let's bring it into

Relationships right When we start to look at this woman And say oh my god i have to get her we Start fantasizing we start obsessing So what happens naturally even if we're Not a guy to normally do this We're humans as humans if we're telling The mind Something is so thrilling and something Is so amazing The mind and our emotions and our body Is only going to react from that because Our mind is trained to react from what We basically feed it or To go into survival mode or to protect Us So with that said in order to do so it Has to listen to your thoughts desires Needs and wants so if you're telling Yourself About an illusion of i need to get this Girl because she's the best girl that i Can ever get And we become so overwhelmed In this fantasy that we're all in all About her We're pushing her to be with you where We're not even giving her the Opportunity to come to You okay we're not even giving her the Opportunity to show up for you so Basically what we're telling This woman is that i don't have Standards for myself

And i am just going to go all in because It's You're just you and this is i'm talking About in the first second third month Stages when you're trying to figure out Who this person is there's something so Powerful about a man that sticks back And actually looks at this woman is like Okay great you have a cute face pretty Waist whatever you want to say But that's not all that i want what's up In here What do you think how do you feel about Life how can you how do you contribute To life How do you feel about relationships Where are you in your life Right there's something so much more Powerful so if you're a man that's Looking for a relationship This is one last thing that i got to Tell you as well because this is what i See a lot out of all my years of Coaching and coaching thousands of men Is this there's two people There's two different people and let's Just say you the camera that's watching Dylan Joe bob brandon whatever your name is There's two brandons Okay same different people but the same Person Okay one shows up for himself and one Doesn't

The one that shows up for himself is Probably going to attract the same women That the brandon number two attracts but Doesn't show up for himself But the difference is brandon number one Does Not stick around and tolerate the bs So he is more closer to finding his life Partner and brandon number two is not Overcoming his lessons Do you understand why there's so much Value and not wasting your time and Showing up for your lessons when dating And relationships are going on So if you find yourself here and this Woman is telling you she's not ready for A relationship Here's what i want you to do i want you To Peel back number one and number two i Want you to gauge your enthusiasm about Her Write down why are you so overwhelmed In an experience with this woman what is She offering you to make you a better Person and same for you what are you Offering her to make her a better person And see if those things measure how much Effort are you putting into it and how Much effort is she Putting into it and then lastly i want To ask you what were those red flags That you Probably didn't pay attention to in the

First place write those down And then i really want you to remind Yourself of everything That you've written down so we don't Create that fantasy reaction And we don't get overwhelmed with Emotions and we don't reach out Just because we miss her of the illusion Of what we're thinking And we really stay in reality if you Need more help with this i have a dozens Of tools for you One of the tools i do have is coaching We do offer private coaching To our clients you can find that in the Link below Myself and other coaches that have been Trained for years with me are down below As well So we have it for everyone depending on Your budget you can click this link Below On the description box and book a Private coaching session with one of us Next is something i would really Encourage you to invest In and take a look at and i'll put it Below as well it's called the how to Control your emotions And this is a product and a video Seminar that we've put together for you Guys and really to create That abundance in your emotions so the Emotions exude

Outside of your relationships and with Women so you can ideally get That life you want so if you feel that You are overly emotional in Relationships If you probably can't control your Emotions sadness anger whatever the case May be I would really encourage you to click This link below as my head coach natalie Put this Amazing product together and you really Cannot go wrong As always i love hearing from you guys Please comment below share this video With a friend that can possibly use it As well And i'll see you in the next one and Remember you are always loved bye for [Music] Now Bye

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