Semaglutide (Ozempic) For Anti Aging and Longevity

By | February 28, 2023

Justin Groce reviews the peptide Semaglutide or Ozempic (Rybelsus – Wegovy) for anti aging and longevity.
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Today I'm going to talk about some Maglotide for longevity slash anti-aging Purposes Newer Studies have shown that Samaglatide can be used to delay death So to speak it can be used to reduce the Incidence of heart attack reduce the Incidence of stroke it can reduce you Ever having end-stage kidney disease Heck there's even some new preliminary Stuff showing that somaglotide by itself Could possibly even prevent Alzheimer's By now you've got to have heard of Cementide or its name brand counterparts Rebelsis Ozempic or wegovi those are all drugs Made by the company Nova Nordisk and This this drug belongs to a family Called the gops smag Latin first started Off as the Branded drug ozympic and Historically somaglitide was used to Treat type 2 diabetes Well fast forward a little bit and Nova Nordisk rebranded that as wegovi and we Go is primarily used for weight loss Currently there's investigation going Showing that cementide can reduce the Incidence of what's called a mace or M-a-c-e and that's an acronym for major Burst cardiovascular event and these Include things like for instance heart Attack or stroke now from a statistical Standpoint 50 of diabetics will have Some degree some variation some form of

Cardiovascular disease furthermore 30 Percent of those diabetics will die Secondary to some kind of mace or some Cardiovascular related implication The neural studies are shown that merely Being on some magnetide can reduce the Incidence of experience one of these Maces in regard to cognitive decline or Cognitive impairment new investigations Are showing that synagoglotype possibly Could reduce the risk of those as well Since being a diabetic does increase Your risk of developing Dementia by one And a half times it's speculated that Smaggletide could possibly reduce the Risk of you ever developing some Something such as like a vascular Dementia or something secondary to a Major adverse cardiovascular event as I Just previously mentioned a moment ago That's a mace for short Furthermore there's a second mechanism Of action in play Smack attack also has been shown to Reduce the beta amyloid plaque burden That could possibly also contribute to Developing something like Alzheimer's in Terms of Life Extension slash anti-aging Properties it appears there's multiple Mechanisms at play that we've speculated The first is the most obvious one which Is weight loss besides terms appetite Somagotides the best commercially Available medication that's efficacious

At Weight Loss furthermore it's been Shown to reduce postprandial glucose Postprandial lipoproteins that reduces Your A1C may seem more sensitive to Insulin reduces your insulin load also It's been shown to reduce Pro-inflammatory cytokines and reduce The oxidative stress on your endothelium Therefore projecting the endothelial Lining of your blood vessels in terms of Dosing for anti-edging slash longevity Purposes what's the best dose well we Don't quite know yet maybe it's the dose That's the best A1C reaction or maybe It's the dose as the best weight Reduction we don't quite know yet and The reason we don't know is because Despite all these different clinical Outcomes whether the clinical outcome is Reducing incidence of heart failure or Reducing incidence of end-stage kidney Disease multiple various doses have been Used and yet we're still seeing lots of Positive clinical outcomes despite the Fact there's multiple different doses Being used So it may be safe to speculate that you Could still micro dose it even if you're Not losing weight not really having A1C Reduction and you could still possibly Be benefiting from it because it does Have all these pleiotropic positive Effects Foreign


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