Salsa Dancing Beginner Basics Tutorial Video

By | September 19, 2020

Beginner Salsa Steps (No Partner Needed)
In this video, we will be going over all of the Basic Steps and Turns for Salsa to get your started dancing! 🙂

Instructors: Demetrio Rosario & Nicole Thompson

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[Music] Hey what's up guys dimitri rosario here And nicole thompson In today's video we're going to be going Over some basic steps for salsa So whether it's your first time learning How to dance salsa you're barely doing Your basic steps or you're about to take Your first class This is a perfect video to start off With you won't need a partner we're just Going to go over the basics For now let us begin let me jump over on This Side so the first thing we're gonna do We're gonna do a basic Uh in place we're not gonna go forward And back just yet Starting with the left foot everybody on The same foot for now We're gonna go left right left Right left right again left Right left right left Right one more left right left Right left right so as you're doing this Make sure you're actually shifting your Weight each time I'm shifting it to my left shifting it To my right shifting it to my left There's a little pause here before we Continue Shift to the right shift to the left Shift to the right we're just getting Used to that motion of transferring our

Weight On this step that we're doing now i'm Gonna say Some counts right now i'm gonna say one Two three Five six seven you're gonna be hearing That a lot as we're teaching Um because that's the counts of for Salsa that we're gonna be working with Right now So the steps go on each count i'm going Left Right left right left with the counts we Go One two three five six Seven hands above the waist one two Three Five six seven last time one two Three five six seven so you might be Wondering why is he not saying four and Eight Again that's what we're doing that Little bit of a hold we're not stepping On four and we're not stepping on Eight um there's in a dancer's count we Always count one through eight but for Now we're just taking those six steps on One two three And five six seven yeah so once you have That If you need to pause and practice that Before we continue feel free to do so But we're gonna move on we're going to Go

Forward and back now starting with the Left i'm going to go Forward left i'm going to step with my Right I'm going to step with my left now i'm Going to step with my Right i step with my left and back Together Yeah so i'm still doing that left right Left right left right but now we're Moving forward And then back let's do it again slowly We go Left right left right Left right again left right left Right left keep going i'm gonna flip so She can go forward and back and i'm just Gonna give you side view Again left right left Right left one more left right Left right left right right now the Purpose of this video is just to get you Comfortable with your basic step do not Worry about the details that a lot of People teach in different ways Right now you might be seeing me Sometimes i come together Again if you want to just come together Just to get the basic step down It's fine yeah sometimes you're going to See me Pass the leg later boom boom and i pass The leg Don't worry about those little details

For now don't worry about so much about Body movement or flavor anything crazy Right now especially if it's your first Time we don't want to do this to you Just focus on the steps the further you Get along in In the in these videos um after this Basic steps video It's going to get a lot more complicated We'll show you everything step by step Yeah so nice and easy again let's do Let's go back Retrace a little bit in place twice and Then we're going to go forward and back Twice Here we go slowly we go left right left Right left right one two Three now we go forward basic One two three five six Seven one two three 5 6 freeze awesome so we got our basic in Place Just to get used to the weight shift Then we have our normal traditional Basic going forward and back Now we're going to go side to side yeah So from here i'm just going to go out With the left same left right left right Left right We're gonna go left right left Right left right left right Left right left right keep going Left right left right left right last Time

Left right left right left right Is yes are we doing so far we're going To do Every time we do a little recap we're Always going to do Something twice we'll do a basic Something twice so on and so forth Um just so we can practice so let's do It again last time the left right left We're here we go left right left slowly Right left right we go left Right left right left right Yeah make sure you're looking up again If you're looking down right now i'm not Going to say anything you're barely Learning your basic steps if you have to Look at your steps first To get used to it where you're going Then slowly once you start getting Comfortable then you can Look right up remember if you're feeling Robotic right now like this Again it's okay for now just get the Steps down With practice we're going to fix that Stuff later Let's take it from the top slowly We're gonna go let's just go straight Into the basic Forget the basic in place and then we'll Go to the side to side Slowly so we go forward and back one two Three five six seven One two three freeze right here we go

Straight into the left right left we go Left right left right left right Left right left right left freeze we go Back into our basic one Two three and five six seven yes yes Hope we're doing So far so good moving on to our next Basic step Slowly i'm gonna go let's go we're gonna Do what they call an open break we're Gonna start with their back first or our Left foot going back I'm gonna go left foot right foot Left foot right foot left foot Right foot we go one two three Five six seven one Two three five six Seven again it's three steps left foot Right foot left foot Right foot left foot right foot last Time left foot right foot left foot Right foot left foot freeze same thing We're gonna go forward instead of going Back now Let me bring you this way i think we're Not in the middle slowly we go Left right left right left Right left right left Right left right two more left right Left right left right and Left right left right left right Let's recap everything from the very Basic Slowly tapping left again remember if

You Have to rewind or pause it do anything To practice before you Want it's okay to do so yes yes here we Go starting with the left foot We go one two three Five six seven one two three Side to side and left right Left right left right last time And back to regular basic and one Two three five six seven One two three here we go going back One two three five six seven One two three now we go forward on both One two forward five six seven One two three five six freeze From here we're gonna go into our cumbia Steps There's gonna be a lot of steps that we Use the forward brake the back break And these different types of cumbia sets That we're going to show you going back And forward don't worry about when They're going to be implemented for now Just focus on the steps when we get into Combinations later You're going to see these steps come Into play Yeah the first thing we're gonna do We're gonna do again same thing left Right left right left right Left foot's gonna go back i'm gonna go Left foot Right foot left foot right foot left

Foot right foot Left foot right foot left foot right Foot left foot right And one two three five Six seven one two three Five six seven so right now we're just Doing background because again There's a lot of different terminology People call these different steps but For now Easy cumbia steps same thing we're going To go forward On the left we go one two Three five six seven One two three five six seven Again one two three five six Seven two more one two three five Six last time one two three Five six freeze awesome let's take over The top before we continue Very beginning tapping left anything Miss nicole you're good Yes so there are a few little details That i do want to go over before we Continue I know we don't want to add too much and Overwhelm you but this is one that you Really want to pay attention to so that You develop good habits from the Beginning And you don't practice bad habits so When you do any basic but in particular I'm going to show you a side basic You want to make sure that you move your

Body with your foot And then come back to center and then if You go to the Left side or my left side then you Actually move your body and then you Move it back to the center so we're Moving with our foot We're actually having our body do the Motion we're not Making our foot just go and keeping our Body in the center So it's kind of like you don't want to Dance with your legs it's very common in A class where people show like you don't Want to Do this or sometimes you see when people Dancing like they're taking like really Big steps Yeah versus taking just take small steps For now And focus more like it's leading you're Leading it from the core you're going Forward keep the legs under the body the Whole time and we're actually Try it's a traveling movement so we're If you're going forward and back you Need to travel it forward and back Don't again don't worry about taking big Steps and if it's side to side actually Travel it side to side And if it's this way we twist in order To do that We don't want to just move our foot Again

Um so that's one just making sure you're Actually moving And then the last one trying not to Overwhelm you but it is really important Is to make sure you don't move and keep This foot in place so For instance some people think because This is in place you don't need to move It so they just kind of go like this And keep uh each one is a step that's Why we did that first thing in place the Left right left You have to make sure you step so um When you're doing your forward and back I'm doing an angle so you can see We don't want to go forward and then Keep this one in place And back right you actually need to lift The foot so when we go back Lift the foot it still is in place but You actually need to make sure that's A step so that's a little bit tricky to Show on camera but We don't want to keep it like this and You're just going like this Let's make it three because three is an Awesome number we're gonna overwhelm and I'm just kidding The other one is just simple um whether You're dancing salsa bachata we always Tell our students do not pick your foot Off the floor so high yeah it's gonna Make your knee pop There's also a chance you can step on

Your ladies uh beautiful pedicure that They got going on So you when you're doing your basic step Even when you're not when you're here Like this You don't wanna pick up the foot so high Don't Do this you're gonna pop the knees so Make sure you just take small steps just Barely raise it off the floor for now One two three Five six seven you don't to do this Yeah so you're picking it up but you're Not like there's not a big gap just Think you're Lifting and putting it right back in Place yeah so Three things to remember it stands with Your body not with your legs That's number one keep the legs under The body the second thing was Actually steps not just kind of Tapping out or something like that so You're stepping each thing left foot Right foot left foot Right foot left foot right foot and the Last thing was do not pick your foot off The floor so high avoid this neat pop Yeah Again the knees will pop when you raise It up just a little bit but Imagine this you don't want to um go Super super high so Little three tips that are important to

Know when you're doing your basics Even if you don't get those perfectly Just because we said them right now you Can't instantly apply them just keep Them in the back of your mind So as you're practicing your basics Every time you do a warm-up or every Time you're doing it You try to make those settle in a little Bit more Um but don't overwhelm yourself with all Those right away and get like oh my god I can't do it it's okay if you do it Wrong at first Just know that those are something you Need to practice and try to correct as You practice So let's do a little refresher since we Just said a lot of tips right now let's Go from the basic steps side to side The back brakes forward brake and the Cumbia steps Slowly i hope you're ready Here we go basic we go left foot right Foot left foot Right foot left foot right foot one two Three we go side to side we go One two three five six seven One two three back to regular basic One two three five six seven One two three going back with both Feet left right left right left right Left right left now we're going forward Both

Left right left right left right Left right left back to basic Basic and five six seven one more basic And then we'll start with the back Columbias We go one two three five Six seven one two three now forward Straight into it One two three five six seven One two three very nice So now we're gonna go into the most Important part the turns First we're gonna do a left turn yeah So starting with the left i'm gonna step One i'm gonna step in place as i almost Kind of start turning my body On three i'm gonna face uh you guys yeah Let's do it again slowly three steps at A time let's go a little bit more Forward So we go left foot right foot Left foot yeah that's our first left Right left let's do it again And we go to our left so left turn make Sure you're going to your left so It can be weird because you're stepping Forward but as you rotate As you come back you're rotating to your Left before it happens when you go Forward left do not Let this foot come follow yeah keep that Foot in place i'm going forward In place boom so my foot is in the back Right now

Now we're going to finish the turn i'm Going to step forward right here i'm Going to step with my right Boom yeah as i continue going to the Left this one's in place Boom and then i come together yeah So the two and the six you understand What i mean by that when i say it with Counts now Are in place you don't move those steps Left forward right back Anything sometimes this turn is a little Easier once we speed it up so Sometimes the breakdown can be like what Is happening and then the more you do it Fast the more it makes sense so Don't worry too much so let's try it Again watch what i meant by the two and The six One goes forward two stays in place as i Start rotating my body Three is here yeah now i go five right Five is here six is in place again six And then we come back seven and we go Back to our basic One two three five Six one more basic and let's try it all Together two Three here we go left turn One two three five six Seven one two three Here we go again and one two Three five six seven basic One two three one more time because it's

Fun We go one two three Five six seven and one that's going to Be Your left turn now after the left turn Comes the Right turn right turn so it's a little Bit different than the left turn It's easier yeah so i'm gonna step Forward with my left One i'm gonna step face the back On two again the two is in place three I'm gonna go All the way around to face the front for Three my feet come together And then i'm gonna finish the basic five Six seven Yeah so what's the difference between a Left chin and a right turn the left turn We're taking the whole count So you get all the way around on the Right turn we're there by that third Step We go one two we're here and then we Finish the basic five Six seven so that's a good way to Remember so you don't go like One two was i supposed to be here by Three on the left turn yeah So left turn one two three Five six seven right turn one Two three five six seven so let's do the Right turn slowly again just in case if We need that breakdown one more time

Before we do it with the basic Again we're here we step one And place two all the way around three We step back Five six seven one more time straight Into it just slowly so you can practice One two three sorry a little faster than Five six she's ready for the speed oh Yeah yeah so let's do it full out now It's just a straight basic step Straight into it slowly one basic first One two three here we go Right turn we go one two three Five six seven basic here we go Turning to the right we go and one Two three if you dance before don't Worry about Spotting or that crazy stuff just focus On the steps one two three right turn we Go One two three five six Seven one more time because i'm having Fun here we Go one two three and Yes yes these are the main basic steps That we will be focusing on Especially like in our course um and the First beginning portion yeah so Beginners make sure you always study These steps Anytime you're about to practice any Time before you're going to start a Video Practice these basic steps because

They're never going to disappear Yeah you want to memorize this like it's Like the back of your hand Because when you start learning Combinations you don't want to be Thinking about The feet and the hands at the same time It's going to feel like this So the more this feels a little bit more Natural it's going to be easier to focus On What's going on with the hand movements Or any type of combinations Yeah and same thing with the ladies um Even though we don't have to think about Leading it we do have to concentrate on The followers Kind of commands what he's asking us to Do and if we're so busy worrying about Our feet We won't be able to take that attention And pay like pay attention to him What he's asking us to do so the more That you can take the feet out of the Equation and Make them kind of they'll do what it's Natural so if you make it Muscle memory they'll just go and then You can follow and your feet will just Do it it's pretty amazing but if you Don't have that Time that you practice and that muscle Memory then it's going to be hard your Attention is going to be split

So we give you three tips in the Beginning or like towards the middle We're going to give you two more tips That are very important we're just going To Tiptoe into that toss it in there yeah Because Again we can make a whole video on these Two things timing timing is very crucial In any Like form of dance like land dance like Salsa bachata whatever you want to make Sure you're dancing on time If you're doing street dance you're Chilling in your backyard family Whatever and you want to just like dance Whatever off time whatever on 367 it's Okay Yeah but in our course in our lessons You're going to be seeing us Dance on time a lot we're really big on Timing you want to make sure that you're Always dancing on the one Yeah so right now our one is going four On the left One two three five six seven Yeah the second thing is the other tip Before i actually Come back to this there's many versions Or ways you can dance salsa The main two is you're gonna hear people Saying that they dance on one or they Dance on two Yeah so for our classes we teach on one

So you're going to be seeing our the Beginning step of ours like for the guys That's going to be on their left going Forward Ladies are going to be going back yeah My one Is back on my right yes one is forward On his left What do we mean by that right now when We do basic steps everybody's Going four on their left just so Everybody's going in the same direction For the purpose of the class yeah Or else everyone like if you had this in A big class everyone would be kind of Going like this and it gets really Confusing so for Like for everyone to be consistent yeah So Ladies just always make a note when you Start on your one You're gonna be with a partner we can't Both go the same direction So ladies your one will always start Going back when you're with a partner as The guys are going forward so we don't Step on each other one Two three five six seven so just take a Little mental note of that Ladies when you're with a partner your One is just gonna start back Guys are still going to be going forward Yeah so the two last tips that we just Mentioned

Remember you're always going to be Counting one through eight it's very Important Timing is super important when you're Dancing um and we're always going to be Starting guys the second tip On our one ladies you're going back with The right foot yeah this is just so Weird coordinated So you know there's um good Communication between the two of us and We know This person's going forward then we're Not gonna like smashing into each other And with that second tip remember There's on one and on two there's other Forms of salsa as well but focusing Mainly on those but we're gonna be Teaching on One and our other also in our other Videos or other also Here we go we're gonna do everything one More time We're going to do it with counts and Then we're going to do it with Music here we go so we're going to do Everything twice while We'll actually do the basic in place as Well yeah and even though we just said Ladies go back on one we're still Since this is a warm up we're going to Be on the gentleman's one so going Forward with our left Here we go good luck we'll meet you on

The other side Slowly we go basic in place first we go One two three five six Seven again one two three Five six forward and one two three Five six seven hands above the waist Now side to side we go one two Three five six seven one Two three back to basic One two three five six seven One two three going back And one two back with the right five six Seven One two three five six forward both One two three five six seven One two three five six basic One two three one more basic Then we have our goombas going back here We go One two three five six seven again One two three now going forward One two three five six seven One two three back to basic One two three five six one more basic Then a left turn Here we go left turn one two three Five six basic one two three Again here we go one two three Five six basic one two three To the right we go now one two three Five six seven one two three Turning to the right one two three Back to basic one two three Five six nice if you need to slow that

Down as we're doing it with time Usually if you're watching this on Youtube or our course there's a little Button that you can actually slow this Down or speed it up if you want to Challenge yourself Or you can just do it this normal speed Pause it rewind it if you have to before Moving on We're going to try it with some music [Music] Do [Music] Do [Music] So we hope you guys enjoyed that video Of the salsa basics again these are just The fundamentals of salsa that you're Going to be using when you first start Learning how to dance So again make sure to always practice This before going to a class Whether it's your first time or your Second time just so you don't have to Think of both things of partner work and Your feet Get this down before you step into a Classroom before you practice Any videos like with combinations yes so Put on this video practice as many times As you need Once you feel good about it put on your Favorite song and practice Without the video to make sure you get

The hang of these and The things that you feel like you're a Little weak on maybe practice those a Little bit more until you feel solid So when you go to your partner work You'll feel like your feet Are just on fire moving on their own and You'll just focus on the partner work Yeah so if you're watching this on Youtube make sure to hit the like button Please subscribe to us and also make Sure to share this with your friends Make sure to comment below If you guys like the video just so if You know anybody that's going to benefit From this video Make sure to tag them or share this post With them just so everybody can learn How to dance Salsa yes and if you really like this Video and we get a lot of comments We'll post our next video on here for You guys Also guys just a little thing we're Going to be releasing a salsa course Very soon make sure to check it out i'm Going to have the info below Depending where you're watching this i'm Going to have it in the description and A link If you guys want to sign up just uh put In your email Um and your name and we'll send you all The info when we do this

Launch again it's going to be every time We launch something we do it at a Discount price so make sure to Sign up and take advantage of that Because we're only going to give that to The people that Actually sign up early signed up early And enrolled early for that And then as soon as the course is Released you'll get access first before Everybody else and you also get That discount so if you guys are Interested in learning salsa With us it's gonna be an amazing course It's all in one So you don't have to buy two separate Courses beginner and intermediate One thing will take you from absolute Beginner to intermediate Intermediate combinations beginner Combinations technique Fundamentals private style classes and a Breakdown of every single possible move That you're probably going to be Learning and want to learn in salsa so Again Make sure to subscribe make sure to Check that description below For that link where you put your name in Your email if you guys are interested in The salsa course when it's released [Music] You

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