PINE TEA Cures Erectile Dysfunction / Also It’s Super Healthy For you

By | February 7, 2015

In winter time its hard to find a harvest, but if your looking for tea look no further than a pine tree. its amazing for so many things its unreal.

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This is a tea that saved a famous Explorer and gives people erections so This is pine tea I basically just put Bark inside of a percolator and let it Sit on the hot plate and it turns a nice Amber color This drink is very high in vitamin C and I'd like to share with you a little bit Of its history so our story picks up in The 11th of October 1535 where's your Cart she is traveling in the new world Down the st. Lawrence near present-day Quebec City we've reached that okona Today the men are tired and the weather Is getting very cold now so we decide to Spend the winter here starting from next Week we will start gathering everything Necessary for our survival the 14th of November 1535 I must note in this diary The weather is getting worse now is Getting extremely cold I found the locals intriguing from the First day I met them but now they appear Even stronger to me as I cannot Understand how they can bear this frost Only with a few clothes covering their Bodies and this is going to play a huge Role in what's going to save shark Artie And his men on the 23rd of December 1535 Apparently we will spend this Christmas Weeping over our dear sailors who are Taken away from us this strange illness Is spreading among us It first started between the locals and

Now even we are getting it it already Killed over 50 locals and more than half Of us are weak and close to the edge the 1st of January 1536 today we had a visit From one of the chief Dona Kona Suns His name is DiMaggio he brought with us The local cure and they had that that is Supposed to make this mysterious illness Vanish in these times I am happy to Receive any gift of help anything that Will improve my men's situation will Work the 15th of January 1535 the Situation has improved Is it true God sent the local cure Seemed to have work out of 110 men that Were not 10 then were well enough to Help the others a pitiful sight to see The Evergreen of Dana is a true Miracle in 1951 dr. Jacques mask' had Heard these accounts of Jacques Tati and Went on a fever research to find out What ingredients were in this tea he was Able to extract a compound from the bark Of the European coastal pine tree and he Patent the process and named the Compound pison jaw out by senegal seemed To be a wonderful miracle drug it cured Menopausal symptoms It cured menstrual cycle symptoms it Cured ADHD and it cured erectile Dysfunction all while slowing the aging Process maintaining beautiful skin Improving athletic endurance and Fertility

Now all parts of this street could be Used to make this tea you can use the Needles you can use the pinecone you can Use the pollen sacks or you could use The bark and I would recommend that in The winter time you should want to use The bark approach to treat and check to See which part of the bark will just Flake off easily collect a few strips And pour some boiling water over it and You'll be surprised how good this tea Actually is

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