Pickled Watermelons

By | May 2, 2014

READ DESCRIPTION Today my mom is going to show you how to make Pickled Watermelons. If you enjoyed seeing this please leave a like, rate, comment, subscribe, share, and favorite. Thank You

Hi everyone for today I know you guys Gonna be surprised that I am going to Make watermelon pickled watermelon That's not the whole line watermelon Like they're I cannot just catch some of The the part that you eat and why and That between the skin the cream skin and Don't throw it away you know what this Is the very very delicious even more Better than cucumber pickle you should Try it pressed so good the very crispy And very tasty very delicious then how I Do it I cannot cut some skin the outside In the cream like their staff throw it Away Only this about they're not the whole Thing and you leave it some part that You eat because it's gonna bring Sweetener and even more test very very Delicious and have it about by side like Then I'll do like like a pic turn like This after you how you like it That's and the channeler this of slide Like this is after you and after the Slide Here are they in a make right like that And then live in a refrigerator for Overnight so it had to dry a little bit Because I don't like to dry outside It's my apply or some do it something Like that I'd rather play dry in a Refrigerator just overnight that's good Enough to go so now let's start to do it Here I think so

– all need much including Shasta If you never eat this kind of pickle Before to try it and you will you will Never gonna throw it away after you try One time You saw And Nick and combines all four is so Good do now Yeah I got a transfer to the jaw Precious doll Howie Feeny And cover and let it fit 2 to 3 D 2 days You can serve it and 2 to 3 danger map Easier and then this one the one that – E this one I said it's in a today yeah Let it sit today and then the piece Itself is for most our world is today And after that put in a refrigerator and A Y can be too sour and you don't have To worry about them See you see the borer it it produced by It it fell You Now is ready this one ready to serve in Two or three days and the test is so so Good very crispy sweetener Salim a Little bit salty you can serve it like a Fried fish or meat kebab pop and you Meet that you lie and let me try one First a very testy non throw away you After you eat the red meat safety for Pickle so then that's skin the Y skin For Playgirl underwear well to me it Tastes even a lot a lot more better than

Cucumber pickle cucumber it's and cannot Impaired well this one is what much more Better now it's that's it for the Pickled watermelon I hope you like the Recipe and give it a try soon thank you For watching bye bye

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