Pickled Watermelon Rind in a Jar – ICFAC ep.119

By | October 12, 2013

In this Episode we try pickled watermelon rind in a jar. We’ve had this guy sitting around for probably well past its expiration date.

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Came from a jar Uh yeah so i'm doing old south sweet Pickled watermelon rinds Finally Yeah we have actually had this thing for Like A year and a half i think that's pretty Old yeah there's not actually an Expiration date so i'm hoping it's Okay pickled watermelon ryan lasts Forever everybody knows that get duh [ __ ] All right so let's do this man It smells a bit corky Get those cannons Yeah no i don't know it's kind of [ __ ] Up all right it smells like pickledy Things It's got a gelatinous ooze Oh wow what is this oh Wow i was not expecting this This is oh this is new this is kind of Like uh what the hell was it the the uh Coconut Yeah yeah Those were called yeah forget what they Were but like they were actually like Things that had pits in them The color To me reminds me of like century eggs The outside part Kind of it's not quite that bad but yeah It looks a little gelatinous like that So this is watermelon it's

Pickled all right We are Not textured Um I just hope i don't get botulism from This because that would really suck but Actually not too bad This one was like a branch and pickle Oh i see What do you think you would use it for Branson and pickle It's a garnish condiment Oh That is sweet And pickly And like it wasn't that sweet until After i swallowed it oh god that is Weird Yeah okay branson pickle that's what This thing is don't eat it the way it is Smoosh it up Make it into a relish Oh wow It's not bad though I just hope i don't die from it because I don't know how long it lasts It smells kind of like a relish yeah That's not like it's like branson Pickles i don't expect these to be so Squishy yeah that was kind of my Like do you think that's like they must Have skinned it at least a little bit Well yeah there's like no Outer thing but it's still like that

Pulp between the red and the green Oh that's a terrible texture It's got a strong pickley taste yeah but It but it's sweet like relishes Like pickle sweet pickle relish so it's Very similar except the texture is so Bad it's like This squishy Gross vegetable style of product Like to me it reminds me if you were to Eat like the Hot dog relish out of the jar like the French's and then just Like shotgun some sugar and yellow Mustard yeah Yeah except it doesn't have like the Good Texture of relish It's like eating like a rotten apple That has that flavor to me it actually Reminded me like eating a pear Like a rotten pear maybe it's a little Bit more squishy than a pear i think Yeah uh you could use that as a relish i Don't know why you would because there's Way better relish So What Old south Since 1947 somebody's been using this For some [ __ ] Kind of gross No This has been it came from a jar

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