Only 2 Things Cause Erectile Dysfunction… Prove Me Wrong

By | January 14, 2020

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Only 2 Things Cause Erectile Dysfunction:

Blood flow/circulation issues AND Hormonal imbalance

And they’re intricately tied to one another.

What causes blood flow issues?

-Aldosterone and melatonin are too high (also indicates excessive serotonin)
-Sodium/salt deficiency
-Blood Pressure increases, organs don’t get the blood volume they need, start to lack nutrients.
-May manifest as a side effect of medications, inactivity (ie. prediabetic symptoms),

Action Steps:

-Spend more time out in bright light
-Eat more salt. Don’t restrict it. A sodium deficient diet causes your cells to take up sodium inappropriately, which is correlated with swelling and blood vessel constriction. The sodium deficiency stimulates more serotonin production, then aldosterone which causes dysfunctional contraction of blood vessels.
-Eat in a way to promote thyroid function (Thermo). Healthy thyroid hormone levels protect against this water retention, excess aldosterone, serotonin, and melatonin, as well as sodium/magnesium loss.
-If you have vasoconstriction issues, you can use certain compounds to open circulation back up naturally.
-Pine Bark Extract – (stimulates healthy NO levels, which keeps arteries relaxed)

Vasodrive-AP –
Garlic + Vit C –
They saw the following improvements;
Endothelial nitric oxide output increased by a staggering 200%.
On average systolic blood pressure dropped from 142 to 115.
On average diastolic blood pressure dropped from 92 to 77.

Hormonal Imbalance: What causes it?

A lot of things. Optimization pyramid stuff. Pharmaceuticals, etc. A lot of people point to symptoms, like diseases etc, being “causes” however this isn’t true. Those symptoms are all caused by the same handful of things over and over, manifesting in specific ways.
In the case of ED, the biggest levers to pull are around T levels and thyroid function. If these are addressed properly, everything else takes care of itself (serotonin, estrogen, cortisol, aldosterone, melatonin)

Action Steps:

Follow Master Your T, and Thermo, It works. (show examples of people talking about increasing their T levels on Thermo)
Can use combo of Redwood and Testro-X (popular stack)

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It’s up guys Chris here back again today We got a really interesting video I’m Gonna be talking about erectile Dysfunction in the actual true causes of Erectile dysfunction and I believe Really there are only two real causes if You look at like the principle based Actual root of the issue now if you Google around you’ll see everywhere I Mean people are like saying all these Different things are causing erectile Dysfunction but a lot of what they talk About it these are you know certain Diseases or whatever using certain drugs Pharmaceuticals certain habits but Really when it comes down to it those Things that they’re talking about are Habits that are influencing your body in The way that is messing up the system in One of two key ways so ultimately it all Comes down to these two things and truly When you really look down at it comes Down to one thing so the two things I’m Going to be talking about today that Really influencing cause at the core Cause erectile dysfunction are first off Poor circulation and second off hormonal Imbalance so to look at what really Causes blood flow issues or circulation Issues in general the first thing if you Look at like indicators is that actually And most rarely have ever heard anyone Talk about this is just aldosterone and Melatonin too high and typically that

Happens because of excessive serotonin Production in the body and the the Interplay between the serotonin and the Estrogen as well so when your body is Producing too much serotonin which we’ll Get into some more detail here and I’m Also going to do another video about it Here on the channel just for information About it when your body’s over producing Serotonin when it’s out of a balance With the other neurotransmitters that Your body needs what happens is the Aldosterone levels get too high and you Have this imbalance with aldosterone and Melatonin that that is also completely Caused mostly by a salt efficiency it’s Really interesting so a lot of people Are pursuing and they think that low Salt diet SAR healthy for them but Really what happens is when you don’t Consume enough salt you and your body Needs salt it really does When you’re not consuming enough of it You have these compensatory effects that Happen inside the body and one of which Is that you have a constriction in the Kidneys and it starts the your body Starts to swell in certain areas and Most people notice the areas of swelling Being in extremities first you know Hands and feet and lower legs lower legs Is a very common one as well so these These swelling extremities are really Just the preservation of water basically

Your your blood pressure is increasing Your organs are not getting the blood Volume that they need in order to Function properly and then because of This they start to lack the nutrients That they that they need and this Deficiency is or it’s gonna cause like a Bunch of different types of deficiencies And imbalances but really on the root Cause of it does come back to a low salt Intake which is really interesting it Sounds so simple but I mean ultimately Most of what our problems are in terms Of our health come down to like the Choices that we make in terms of what we Eat or what we expose our body to Because that is actually how you’re Getting you know nutrients from your Environment so that essentially is is The core cause of a blood a blood flow Issue in and of itself is is the low Salt intake and with the melatonin issue That’s like it’s basically an excessive Melatonin production so you need to Counteract it by producing more vitamin D in your body and so I put together Some action steps for the blood flow Element that can help you to overcome This and I’ll run through them here First off so the easiest one with Melatonin in regulating the interplay Between vitamin D and melatonin is Actually just to spend more time out in Direct sunlight or bright light direct

Something like direct sunlight is best Because it’s going to naturally trigger That but you can still have like a Bright light stimulation of vitamin D in The body so that’s a pretty easy one Eating more salt is the obvious you know One if you’re if you’re eating a low Amount of salt or a lows Diet putting salt on your food is a very Good way to get more salt and it’s very Inexpensive and you know you might wanna You’re gonna want to basically focus on The quality of salt like anything else That I talked about like quality of food Source is extremely extremely important For your success with pursuing your Health goals because a lot of things are Tainted so what you want to do is look For like a good sea salt or you know Himalayan saw that sort of thing one of The one of my favorite types of salt Actually there’s a few types salt that I Use one of them’s is like a Mexican Lagoon salt which is really cool and it Tastes absolutely delicious and then I Got another big jar of salt from my Buddy who’s a he’s a master chef and he Learned in France about this French salt Very very fine grained salt It’s a French sea salt that he uses to Season everything and that’s what they Were teaching in the French culinary Training so he gave me a big jar of it And I’ve been using actually for a

Couple years and it’s it brings the Flavor out in the food it’s quite Delicious it’s amazing because you know To basically sum up the the salt Argument again it’s you don’t want to Really restrict it because most people Are already low in sodium and then They’re like they believe all that the Hype over the years about sodium to fit Or having too much salt in their diet And it’s not really true at all the Sodium deficient diet basis basically Causes yourselves to take up sodium Inappropriately because it’s Compensating for the lack of the dietary Intake of the sodium and that’s what’s Correlated really with the the swelling And the constriction of the blood Vessels throughout the body which causes Of the circulation issues especially in Your extremities this sodium deficiency Eventually starts to stimulate excessive Serotonin production and then the Downstream effect of the excess of Serotonin is that your aldosterone Becomes too high and starts to really Constrict the blood vessels so luckily These are some pretty easy action steps For you to take I mean they’re very Fundamental good health action Steps and then I also wanted to Highlight that you want to eat in a way That’s going to promote a proper thyroid Function which is the thermo diet which

You can find more information over at Thermo Diamonds are going to protect Against the the excess water potential Retention in general and it’s also going To help to protect against excess Aldosterone and serotonin and melatonin As well as well as as any sort of sodium And magnesium loss in the body so you Want to make sure that your your thyroid Gland is producing thyroid hormone in The right level and the thermode is the Proper way most accurate way to keep Your thyroid really healthy the also I So I made a list of some supplements That people can use some compounds Natural compounds that people can use Because a lot of people when they have Blood flow issues that you know Naturally it’s the common Conventionalism like go to your doctor And ask them about it or you have a Blood pressure problem or something like That so they’re going to give people all These different medication options and People end up taking those they have More side effects than they want so some Natural compounds that you can take on Top of eating more salt and getting Direct sunlight are called vaso dr AP And basil dr AP it’s also known as a Meal peptide and it’s made from the it’s A it’s a peptide in the casein protein That is basil dr AP and a male peptide They’re basically taken from New Zealand

Grass-fed cattle and like the because in New Zealand cattle is a huge industry They extract that peptide specifically From the casein and it’s been shown in 30 clinical trials like human clinical Trials to have all sorts of effects Helping erectile dysfunction blood Pressure circulation etcetera all these Different parameters it’s very very Effective and then another one that I’ve Talked about here on the channel before Is garlic and vitamin C and essentially When people in the study basically Taking the combination of the right dose Of garlic and vitamin C they saw the Following improvements the subjects did First off they had a endothelial nitric Oxide output of an increase of 200% Naturally which that that is Facilitating better blood flow through Through the veins also in terms of blood Pressure systolic blood pressure dropped On average from 142 to 115 back down Into a normal range and then diastolic Blood pressure dropped from 90 to 277 so It was very very effective just this Combination of garlic extract and Vitamin C yet at lowering their blood Pressure back to a healthy level so the Cool thing is that we put and I mean I’ve been where we’re of this research For a really long time this is how I Formulated our umezu supplement redwood So redwood is our circulation support

Supplement and it actually contains all These ingredients I just talked about as Well as a couple other ones that have Great research in terms of improving Your circulation and helping you Overcome Edie issues that are related to Circulation now the other cause though Of VD that it’s probably really at the Root of everything because we just Talked about a couple of these things is The hormonal imbalance and the body is Just this big closed system that that Every everything that takes place in Your body has a reaction and certain Things can cascade and do cascade quite Far-reaching throughout the body when You have any sort of imbalance and Hormonal imbalance is extremely common Especially in the modern world with so Many endocrine disrupting chemicals and Habits that we do that can throw our Hormones out of whack And like I just mentioned with the Circulation issues with melatonin and Aldosterone both both of which are Hormones if there’s something slightly Out of balance as a small seemingly Small as not eating enough salt in your Diet it can really have a or not get Enough sunlight it can have a Wide-reaching effect throughout the body So with hormonal imbalance I mean Obviously I have this is kind of my my

Been my focus for 10 years now in terms Of researching and teaching and I really think it is the crux of human Health so the erectile dysfunction is Caused by some sort of imbalance in your Hormones and usually you know you could Focus on all sorts of different hormones Because so many of them and even Neurotransmitters acting as hormones Like serotonin but the the crux of it For men especially if you’re gonna focus On a I believe in high leverage Scenarios in terms of like focusing your Effort I think correcting your testosterone Levels and your testosterone production Naturally as well as your thyroid Hormone functioning your thyroid gland Functioning to produce enough thyroid Hormones those are the the high leverage Things because really what it comes down To is like people are gonna point to These causes and be like this disease is Causing my IDI or this you know drug is Causing my IDI but really what it is Those are either a habit that you’re Doing that’s causing a hormonal Imbalance or the disease is really just A manifestation of symptoms of the Hormonal imbalance and it might take Decades before you end up with the Disease like that but ultimately it was Because there was an imbalance that that Occurred chronically and your body is

Trying to compensate it’s trying to find Nutrients at certain areas it starts to Strip them from other areas and then Eventually that that imbalance becomes Pathological but ultimately it Ultimately it all comes down to the Imbalance of your just your hormones in General and the interactions of them in Your brain being able to signal properly To certain glands to produce those Hormones and then the feedback loop back Up through your spinal cord to your Brain it’s just this constantly going Feedback loop throughout your life and You want to make sure that you can Balance your hormones properly so those Are the two main things and if you’re Looking to balance your stressful or Your testosterone levels and increase Them naturally I mean I have probably Hundreds of videos on this channel by This point this YouTube channel my Youtube channel or you can read my book Master your tea which is very very Detailed a comprehensive look at Everything you could ever think of to Naturally optimize your testosterone Levels and bring that bring your your Hormonal balance back restore it Naturally The framework for thinking that I like To think about and teach is called the Masculine optimization pyramid and Basically it’s a very simple way of

Visualizing the priority of what you Should be focused on the first the base Of the pyramid being micronutrients so You don’t have any vitamin and mineral Deficiencies and then the the next level Being the nutrition and how a nutrition Can play a huge role and does play a Huge role in those deficiencies and this Would also encompass encompass things Like making sure your gut health is There because that’s how your body is Going to assimilate nutrients from your Food and then moving up you know looking At lifestyle factors exposures that you Have habits that you have that are Potentially causing these imbalances as Well as moving up to training and Activity we need to be active the human Body needs activity there’s actually a Study showing that in as little as 2 Days of complete inactivity not moving Healthy human subjects started to Display pre-diabetic symptoms so you Need to be moving you need to be even if It’s just walking but I talk a lot about For testosterone how to train your body In the way that’s going to naturally Produce enough testosterone to keep you Balanced and then on the top supplements Which are the that’s you know the fun Stuff that I like to talk about and Think about and I know a lot of people Love supplements and they like to focus On supplements there are a lot of cool

Natural compounds you can use as well But again that’s kind of the the top of The pyramid where you want to address All the other stuff as well and that Stuff’s you know more vitally Foundationally important than trying to You know use just one supplement but if You use supplements along with Everything else it can be massively Effective then with you know proper Thyroid function and testosterone in General I firmly believe through an Evolution of my own thinking and Research over the over the last ten Years has been the culmination is the Thermo diet is the proper way to do that That’s the proper way to eat its proper Way to think and live and think about What you eat and what you expose your Body to which again you can find out More information about thermo diet at Thermo diet calm and master your tea Is available on Amazon it’s available on Zoo comm um zoo comm if you want to read That book so basically the action steps There are to you know follow thermo Followed be be thermal like you home Only imbalanced and you’re curious about Exploring a new way of eating in terms Of restoring that hormonal balance just Go thermal I mean people are droppin Especially in our Facebook group which You can join if you want it’s free the People are dropping their blood tests in

There after ninety ninety days six Months a year of just like massive Hormonal improvements so you can go in There and join the group and go check Them all out I mean they’re the proofs In the pudding it’s a pretty damn cool So you can also use in terms of Supplementation like one of the most Common things that people love to use is The combination of Redwood and test Relax So redwood is our circulation supplement That I talked about with you know a lot Of clinically trialed ingredients really Great we put the exact right dosages in There that’s gonna work and then test Row X is our testosterone focus Supplement so the combo is really good I Have I’ll show you a couple reviews on The screen I mean it’s very very common It’s the most common stack that people Are using right now guys at least you Know check it out like especially with Relation to erectile dysfunction and Improving a lot of the the term I guess Everyone saying like they’re waking back Up with their morning would again right So that’s a good indicator though I mean It’s it’s something that shows you Demonstrably in the morning that your Body is starting to become healthier Again is if you don’t have a morning Would but then you start getting morning Would again it can be very motivating

And it’s a it’s a very real indicator of Restoring the health back into your body Hormonal II and circulatory wise so Hopefully you learned some stuff from This video subscribe to my channel if You want to see more helpful information Videos on how to restore your body and The health to your body naturally and I Will see you on the next video

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