Natural Viagras to Beat Erectile Dysfunction

By | September 9, 2016

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[Music] Erectile dysfunction is no laughing Matter It can hit any man of any age but of Course is much more prevalent among Older men once you hit 40 you're Increasingly likely to suffer from edy It is estimated that 50% of men ages 40 To 70 experienced edy at one time or Another there are actually a staggering Number of things that can cause edy some Of these are physical for example poor Diet sedentary lifestyle and some Medications but others are mental such As stress and depression unless you Tackle the real causes the performance Problem will probably never leave put Aside the mental issues lack of blood Flow could also lead to erectile Dysfunction so by improving the blood Circulation you could stop the Performance problem most men will opt For viagra to help them save their Manhood of course Viagra can help but it is no more than a Quick fix and it also comes with Unpleasant side effects viagra works by Increasing the blood flow to the penis To sustain the erection fortunately There are certain foods act like viagra Consuming those foods have the direct Effects to the quality of your erections Here are five foods could help to keep Your heart on and stay at the top of

Your game number one nitrates rich foods Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels Enlarges arteries and increases the Blood flow nitric oxide is needed for a Healthy cardiovascular system and Remember what makes your cardiovascular System happy will fuel your penile Performance even better some of the top Nitrates rich foods are arugula lettuce Iceberg lettuce Polk leaf lettuce Spinach beet celery Swiss chard basil Spring greens cilantro Number two zinc rich foods people with Low levels of testosterone are found With low zinc levels zinc is essential For testosterone making process so make Sure you feed your body enough zinc for Better performance zinc can be found in Oysters clams and many other shellfish Beef pork chicken lamb and liver also Contain a great amount of zinc zinc is Also found in wheat germs spinach –is Beans mushrooms cashews and pumpkin Seeds However zinc from plant is less absorbed By the body number three flavonoids rich Foods flavonoids are a group of Antioxidants which can help improve the Circulation the foundation for good Erectile performance they also help Protect cells from oxidative damage Lower blood pressure and cholesterol Levels all of which appear as factors Contribute to erectile dysfunction foods

Rich in flavonoids include dark Chocolate parsley celery bell peppers Berries bananas apples tomatoes onions Dark leafy greens Number four l-citrulline rich foods your Kidneys change l-citrulline into L-arginine and nitric oxide both of Important compounds for your heart and Blood vessels health as well as your Love life the more l-citrulline you feed Your body the more nitric oxide and L-arginine you get and the longer sexual Stamina you can perform l-citrulline is Found in watermelon the name citrulline Is actually derived from the latin word For watermelon citrus because it was First isolated from the fruit in 1930 L-citrulline is also found in cucumber And cantaloupe at a very low level Number five lycopene rich foods like Open helps the blood vessel relax Enhances the circulation which benefit Your erections and sexual health it is Reported to help men get rid of Infertility and prevent prostate cancer Lycopene is among the most potent Antioxidants found in foods with red Color like tomatoes carrots guavas Watermelons papaya pink grapefruit red Bell pepper and asparagus lycopene is Better absorbed when consuming with oily Foods such as olive oil or avocado try Mixing tomatoes carrots with olive oil To make yourself a needy beating salad

Erectile dysfunction is a serious Condition that without proper approach It can wreak havoc on your marriage and Relationship now you know foods have the Power to help you fight erectile Dysfunction and get back to the bed game Hope you like the list and thank you for Watching Subscribe and like for more videos like This

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