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By | March 12, 2023

My TRT Experience: dr Angela Servis from the Eden Clinic for men in the UK talks with a patient on Testosterone Replacement Therapy about his TRT results.
TRT can be life changing for some men experiencing testosterone deficiency. I often hear things like “I feel like I woke up again” or “I knew things were bad but didn’t realise how bad I was until I got back to being myself”.
The other thing I hear about is how although TRT can help men increase their ability to cope with what life throws at them. Dave didn’t take the decision to share his story here lightly. He wasn’t sure how it would be perceived by future business contacts, friends and relatives but he felt strongly that he wanted to share it incase his story could help someone…Isn’t that crazy?! That a guy sharing information about a medical condition has to really think twice about the ramifications for his future.
Treating testosterone deficiency is a life long commitment and at times it can be tricky. It can be expensive starting up with all the blood tests and getting the right dose, and some men find it frustrating listening to other people’s stories when their journey seems to be taking a little longer, but TRT in men with deficiency reduces all cause mortality and improves quality of life.

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*Disclaimer: This video and comments are meant purely informational! This is not medical advice! If you are looking for medical advice always contact your own doctor.

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Hi I'm Dr Angela service from Eden Clinic and I'm going to be talking this Evening with Dave who is going to be Kind enough to share a little bit about His experience of his journey on trt So Dave can you talk to me about uh just Tell us a little bit about what got you To considering your testosterone levels And how this journey really started for You Um so with the experience in uh Everything I've had to date and where we Currently are with the trt journey Um it kind of started out As I think most males do in the gym Probably 17 18. Training really hard at least I believed I was training really hard at the time And I was watching other people gain A lot quicker than I was in in at the Time completely innocent had no idea What it was going to be what they were Doing I assumed it was Diet it was Training it wasn't Um Eventually got talking to the right People in the gym I know a lot of people Have been there and started a journey Taking testosterone probably the wrong Way At the wrong age doing the wrong things With it um Luckily for me I didn't go mentor on it But it was enough I think to cause some

Damage right to the body I I would call It receptors yeah But it has damaged the body somehow Um Through my 20s it wasn't really a Problem I I never picked up on anything Or I was strong fit healthy and well Um I did bits on and off now and again Um but nothing Extensive just kind of dabbled with it Enough to sort of just keep me Recovering and training hype that's all I wanted Um but it turns out that it did have Quite a negative impact I obviously know That now Um but it wasn't actually until I lost My dad last year we had a brief in the Family and my mood Was very low Um to the point I had to go to a doctor To speak to them Um end up being prescribed on his Presence at the time Luckily it's when I met you and we had The conversation around them yeah and we Discussed going on to trt and Yeah the the kind of the rest from there Was history but the biggest Change for me going into the trt world Was ultimately the mood and how I felt At the time uh very very low point in my Life Um felt very down and depressed

And I'm pretty sure within two weeks I Think I came back to you and was really Surprised at the the mood lifting the Results it was phenomenal I felt so much Better yeah why this class is normal I Think it had been such a period of time Right not felt normal to then start the Course and then get and feel normal Again was great yeah I remember you Saying that the The impact of Um And when he had passed away had just Sort of reduced Your Capacity to cope And manage all of that Um and I remember sort of obviously Going through the process of doing the Testing with you and we found out that You did have quite a significant test of Certain deficiency Um and then your you know you responded Quite Early in the journey for some people It's months and it can be very different According to different people their Experience of it Um and you talk us through some of the Changes that you noticed early on early On Um it did granted that that I have seen And read a few a few areas that it does Take four to perhaps six weeks to start To feel things genuinely for me Placebo Or not two weeks in I did start to feel

A lot I felt a lot better Um I didn't need to take any other Medication Um I didn't I I think I noticed it first my capacity To deal with my business with my Responsibilities my accountabilities in Life Um and also be able to still train Recover just to keep on top of that this Was an absolute Game Changer and I think The biggest impact that it's had on me Personally is that um cognitive ability To be able to just deal and process for The day-to-day a lot yeah easy things Just become more clear and it's much Much easier to sort of deal with yeah um Whereas I was getting very burnt out Very quick yeah Um to the point I think it's probably Fair to say every few months I was Coming home from work on a Friday and Being physically sick where I just felt So run down yeah that's never happened Since and where we're sort of six to 12 Months into this journey now you talked A lot about mental Clarity Um with me and I think it was you know You were saying that you had the more Capacity to be able to deal with more And I think I think that you know from Your explanation of it initially was That you know that life-changing event As your Dad's passing and really sort of

Highlighted it and everything but Actually seeing the Improvements in that sort of very early On was was really good to hear about Um what say you sort of mentioned about The brain frog sort of lifting and the Mental Clarity were there other changes And things that you saw sort of later on Down the time you don't necessarily need To say part-time friends because one Thing I will say is that from my Experience the time frames are really Different and very specific to the Individuals so sometimes people pinning Down a time frame might actually almost Make them feel like they're not Achieving uh the goals and things like That and they can be really specific to The individuals so I mean your Experience what was it apart from the Mental Clarity and things Um obviously there's a there was a big Um Step change in in physique if you Want to call it that yeah Um I noticed my strength was in in Genuinely the best way I could compare It was it was almost as if I was so I'm 35 yeah it was almost as if I was 20 Again Um so I genuinely felt changes in libido Um recovery strength It was quite a big step change almost to The point where I was using testosterone Wrongly in the past yeah it reminded me

Of almost that that feeling but in a Positive way it was it just didn't have The negative side effects to it yeah Um It's hard one to talk about because what I never wanted to do was bang on about The actual physical gains from this There's such a stigma around trt to the Point I obviously wasn't even going to Do this and have my face exposed yeah But I think it's important to get the Message out there but this is no Different yeah to say a female taking Hit we are optimizing my testosterone Levels within the body yeah to to make Them optimal so I can perform as I Should and I think that's that's a Really interesting word that you use so Um when you look at the Americans versus The UK doctors and and sort of practice Trt practitioners they'll talk about the Difference between optimization versus Replacement Um and in the UK we can be a little bit More nervous about talking about Optimization because we should only be Replacing what was already there and and To a degree you know what we're trying To do is create a healthy person who's Got a you know who's got a healthy Testosterone level to manage with the Challenges that like throwing at them And I think it's really interesting Because um I think I have quite a lot of

Patients who kind of are a little bit Embarrassed when I say you know how's Training going they're like yeah really Good and they kind of feel like they Need to hide that as if it's something To be ashamed about because I I think First of you you asked me that question And I I'm being honest I didn't want to Say too much on it yeah because I didn't Want you to think this is why you're Here this is why I'm here Um to put it into perspective I was genuinely I felt suicidal like During dealing with that it it's it Sounds extreme I don't think I've ever Acted on that but I just felt there was Days where I'd wake up and I'd be like Oh what's the point in this yeah I've Got two young kids a family I got like Responsibilities in to wake up feeling That way For weeks and weeks to the point that Became normal yeah isn't good and I know For a fact if I'm going through that There's a lot of men out there that are Going through that yeah so I'm hoping That this will kind of break some Stigmatism around it I hope so too I Think I think this is so important and I Do think men's mental health is is A really challenging subject I think That actually testosterone probably Plays a really big part in men's mental Health and it isn't discussed enough and

Actually often guys who don't Necessarily seek out medical help very Much will go to the GP they might get Offered an antidepressant when actually They need something much broader and and I know you had even slightly nervous About coming on because you weren't sure About how it would be judged and how it Would be perceived Um and that in itself is really sad Because again you know I think in a lot Of other circumstances if we were Looking at something that impacted Women's Health and so Um so much then actually They would have a really big platform They would be encouraged to shout about It and and we're not quite there I don't Believe Um in across the board with Men's Health But I do think that individuals taking The time to come out and share their Experiences to also be so candidly open About you know how bad things were Um and about the journey that you've Been on Um I think I think it's really important So hopefully like you say there are Other guys out there who might be Sitting on the edge of things they're Not quite sure about whether or not to Take the tests and whether or not to Find out more information So thank you I think one of the biggest

Like one of the nicest things I'd seen Um it happened the past few months to be Fair through training and gym and just Mix them with different people who have Potentially been through this or going Through this as well it's really nice to Have that engaging conversation with Them see how are you getting on they're Doing this and it's nice when people Almost like come out and they're like oh No I'm doing this I've done this two Years now and look it yeah I think this Is brilliant that's what it should be And it is I think men are for this it's just the Stigma around it is the challenge with It and it's it's normalizing the Discussion it's normalizing making sure That guys feel that you know how many Guys are out there out there who have Been so low and that haven't made the Decision that you made and been able to Get the help you did Um and it's you know it's a really it's A really scary thought rather but Actually you know there are so many Places now that you can go out you can Get your levels checked there's so much Cool information out there as well on The internet and YouTube is a wealth of Information and misinformation in places But you know there's a lot of Information out there and even just Having that conversation

Um with your friends and sharing that Information is fantastic so thank you so Much for that I really appreciate Everything you shared today no no Problem no if it helps someone on their Journey as well it's uh that's that's The main thing for me personally Um no wait Dad Um for any more information please check Out the links below you'll see my Website in the link below Um and it via that you can get a book in For a review or I do remote Consultations in the UK or input Foreign

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