My Personal TRT / HRT Protocol and Blood Test Results

By | April 16, 2023

In this video I share my personal TRT / HRT Protocol and Blood Work Test Lab Results or report (Testosterone Replacement Therapy / Hormone Replacement Therapy), next to my supplement stack / regimen and resistance training workouts.
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In this video I'll share with you my Complete HRT trt protocol my supplements My workout and also my most recent blood Work keep watching First the trt probably you already know That I've been using this since July 2017. the compounded 20 testosterone Cream for scrotal application you have To use this twice a day one two or three Clicks that's twice 50 100 or 150 Milligrams of micronized testosterone That's no Ester per day I personally use Twice three clicks of this topic click System twice a day I ordered it with NP Labs in Greece Link in the description Of this video but in theory every Compounding pharmacy can produce this Advantages of using transcriptal Compounded 20 testosterone cream the Advantages are less cream better Absorption Hi twice a day study levels no needles No side effects in theory more DHT Conversion and the two downsides are Higher cost per month than injections And more work since you have to think About it twice a day so I'm always Talking about five hormones that are Optimized first testosterone next Thyroid I've been suffering from Subclinical hypothyroidism since I was 25 years old and I've been taking Thyroid hormone ever since for the Moment I'm on Armored thyroid that's T3

And T4 combined 90 micrograms that's one And a half grains and I add to that 50 Micrograms of levoderoxine I'll show you My thyroid lab results in a moment so Testosterone thyroid next vitamin D I Take vitamin D3 in the morning together With vitamin K2 the D3 is 5000 International units a day the K2 I take 200 micrograms a day then I also take Pregnenolome twice 15 milligrams a day So that's 50 milligram AM and PM and Also in the morning I take 50 milligrams DHEA I take the pregnant alone because I Feel better on it I feel that it Improves my brain function and memory I Take the DHEA because it gives me a Better libido than the trt alone and It's also important for the immune System since it's a very strong Antioxidant so this way the testosterone Is optimized the thyroid vitamin D3 Bring it alone and DHEA and the sixth Hormone that I also optimize is Melatonin I take 20 milligrams pre-bed I Take melatonin not really for the sleep Because I've always slept very well but I take it for the antioxidants and from 20 milligrams of anti-cancer effects so This is my trt HRT protocol next up the Supplements next to vitamin D3 5000 International units and vitamin K2 200 Micrograms I also take Vitamin C twice 1 Gram a day coenzyme Q10 200 milligrams Zinc 30 milligrams Boron 3 milligrams

Quercetin 500 milligrams for the Immunity vitamin E 400 international Units for longevity and in the evening I Take magnesium 600 milligrams selenium 200 micrograms and also take Knack and Acetylcysteine twice 500 milligrams a Day oh I also take Metformin twice 850 Milligrams AM and PM that's quite a lot And I forgot the omega-3 fish oil Capsules I take a total of EPA DHA two To three grams a day over to the Workouts I consistently have three to Four one hour to one hour 15 resistance Training sessions a week I alternate Periods of reverse pyramid training with Some very intense five to six rep sets I Alternate those with periods of lighter Training 10 to 15 rep sets those are Better for the joints and let the Ligaments and tendons recover you can Learn more about my resistance training And sessions and workouts and so on on My other YouTube channel the listing Dermatologist next up my most recent Blood work so let's go over these things One by one red blood cells 5.8 million Hematocrits 51 percent Iron 85 micrograms per 100 milliliters 13 69 CRP C reactive protein that is less than One Cholesterol total 175 HDL 44 LDL 110 Triglycerides 106 then over to deliver Enzymes that are all quite normal ASAT

43 Al8044 alcalic phosphatase 50 then Kidney function creatinine 1.07 vitamin B12 580 vitamin d 83 so Between 40 and 100 is in the lab ranges Of my lab but other experts on this Channel have already talked about having At least an 80 to 120 something like That then hemoglobin A1c 5.1 percent and C peptide 1485. we have a video on what that is Made by Justin grocery on this very Channel next up is thyroid function TSH 2.28 Free T3 4.12 3d4 11.0 TPO antibodies 13 Then the most interesting thing Testosterone total 1009.4 nanograms per deciliter per Stradial E2 is 51 out of range but as I Always have to repeat myself no high E2 Symptoms at all I'll be mean 45.4 shpg 12.7 and the calculated free Testosterone is 33.1 next up Progesterone 0.8 micrograms per liter DHEA sulfate 701 micrograms per 100 Milliliter it's rather high and I've Already mentioned taking 50 milligrams Each morning that my previous blood work Results then I had a DHEA sulfate of 400 With the same amount of Supplements that I took in the morning So I guess it goes up and down I don't Worry about it I feel good prostate Specific antigen

0.56 prolactin 7.56 then the ions Nutrium is sodium 134 chloride 98 and Column that is potassium for you guys is 4.4 millimoles per liter so I hope this Video answers a lot of questions you Always have about what's your supplement Regimen what things are you taking What's your trt HRT protocol and you Must be very high in total testosterone You must be out of range and so on I Hope this video answered all of these Words you have if you have any more Questions leave them in the comment Section under this video thank you and See you next time Foreign

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