Most Cost Efficient Fertility Protocol On TRT

By | March 21, 2023

Gil T shares some money saving tips in his most cost efficient fertility protocol on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for men trying to conceive. What’s the best HCG dose with TRT and when to take HCG injections for fertility?
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In great money saving tips there Is my fertility protocol Goods I want to Make my wife pregnant I do trt 160 Milligrams a week and inject 1500 Milligrams HCG every other day and 75 International units FSH every other day Okay so I I assume when you see says Milligrams and HCG is talking about uh I Use as well 1500 IUS every other day is A crazy amount of HCG you don't need That that amount yes 75 three times a Week of FSH will certainly help I could you could knock that HCG down to You know 400 units every other day and And just save save yourself some money There because it does get pricey to do That kind of a dose but I will also say That the FSH remember women generally From the first day of their cycle where They get their period that is day one of Their next 28 day cycle presuming that She's she's regular uh her ovulation Comes around day 14 give or take right a Few before a few after so if you go out To a local pharmacy and you buy an Ovulation kit it looks like a pregnancy Test but rather than checking for HCG in Her morning urine it's going to check For luteinizing hormone she'll start Using those sticks roughly on day 11 10 Or 11 after the first day of her last Period And as they start to get darker You want to know that the ovulation date With that egg is is ready to uh to

Ovulate you want to make sure that you Get the full lines you want to be having Sex at least at least once a day two to Three days prior to ovulation so that When that when she ovulates you there's Already sperm present in the Fallopian Tubes or or in the uterus you don't want To miss the ovulation period and then Continue using FSH for two weeks when Ovulation is done and over with because You're again you're wasting away money So so use the FSH specifically it's far More costly than HCG use the FSH from The day she gets her period all the way For two weeks up until ovulation and if You miss the window for that cycle come Off for about 10 days and then reset and Get back on your FSH guys produce sperm On a more regular basis you don't have To you know have it um Have it in your system for all 30 days There's a couple of money saving tips Because I know FSH can get expensive but Using an ovulation kit will really save You time because people don't realize You know they're having sex every single Day and that's great if you if you want To but I know it could be stressful to Try to conceive and make sure you're You're in the right time right I mean if I got if I got a Target like this and I'm shooting darts all around the wall I Mean I'm just I'm wasting energy so make Sure you know when that Target is and

That 10 ovulation kit will really make Your life a lot easier Great money saving tips there Gil never Heard at the Shared here on the channel Thank you [Music]

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