Low Testosterone with No Symptoms: Should You Start TRT Testosterone?

By | March 17, 2023

Should you start Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) if you have low T but no symptoms or signs? Gil T explains.
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If you have low or lowish testosterone On a blood exam but you don't experience Any typical OT symptoms do you still Advise to get on trt We will treat a guy depending on age for Several reasons and one of them is Objectively low if you are deficient Look if you have osteoporosis but you Haven't fallen down and broken a bone Yet should you address your osteoporosis If you have hypertension but you're not Getting headaches and you're not in in Renal failure should you treat your Hypertension we don't wait for the motor To blow up before we change the oil this Is called preventative maintenance it's Called prophylactic approach to to Health care and if you are deficient Somewhere and you had an opportunity to Assess and diagnose that correctly fix It now are you want are you wanting to Wait for things to break are you wanting To wait to become symptomatic and then There's no guarantee you'll go back to Where you were because the damage has Been done while you're waiting for wear And tear to occur you have a rust spot On your car sand it down painted don't Wait for it to spread fix your low Testosterone now and be thankful that You had an opportunity to catch this 10 years before you're symptomatic and Not 10 years after you've lived in a State of low T consider becoming a

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