Low DHEA High Testosterone

By | March 18, 2023

Dave Lee explains what to do if you have high testosterone but low DHEA. What are the benefits of taking a DHEA supplement for men? How to find the best DHEA dose for males? What are the symptoms of low DHEA?
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I think when it comes to this whole Upstream Downstream hormone thing people Have taken this illustrative diagram far Too seriously Um there is a diagram which shows that You know pregnant alone starts with Cholesterol pregnant alone and then it Goes across to Progesterone in the Corticoids and then down to the sex Hormones It's a diagram for explanation it's not Actually like a river that flows liquid Down these these streams so to speak Uh does it make sense for me to have Upper range testosterone 808 nanograms Per deciliter and estranial 52 While my DHEA is in the gutter 53 Micrograms per deciliter I'm 39 not on Trt and have a history of chronic Fatigue also low libido erectile Dysfunction penile and sensitivity Stress and no muscle mass to speak of I'm also deficient in vitamin D and my Bilirubin and ALT are slightly elevated Okay so Um again can't give personalized medical Advice but I can give you some things to Look at anyone who's got elevation in Billy Rubin uh needs to get a liver Ultrasound unless they previously had a Liver ultrasound that has shown it to be Benign so if you have elevated uh Billy Rubin and you don't have fatty liver Disease you have something called

Gilbert Syndrome shout out to Gill in The trt group Um so that means that you it looks like You have fatty liver but you don't but In the event that you also have elevated Liver enzymes as well I would bet a Conservative amount of money that there Is some fatty liver there so I would be Getting a liver ultrasound firstly to Check for fatty liver disease if you Have fatty liver disease I recommend Watching my liver master class on YouTube which is a free video which I Think in the description of that there's Also a download which has a fatty liver Protocol in there choline and acetyl is A good treatment for that together Um so I'd be looking at that first Um the vitamin D deficiency go outside And get some sunlight and if you can't Do that um look at taking supplemental Vitamin D I've got a vitamin D lecture On this channel Jeffrey rudibush just Did a great video on vitamin D on this Channel both of them Echo a very similar Thing around dosing Um so get your levels up for your Vitamin D that is going to help you in In more ways than one I would argue that Those two are likely not directly Related they could be indirectly related Depending on how far back this goes but Again I don't know Um but does it make sense for you to

Have low DHEA like bottomed out and Pretty damn good testosterone levels Absolutely I think when it comes to this Whole Upstream Downstream hormone thing People have taken this illustrative Diagram far too seriously there is a Diagram which shows that you know Pregnenolone social cholesterol pregnant Alone and then it goes across to Progesterone and the corticoids and then Down to the sexual words It's a diagram for explanation it's not Actually like a river that flows liquid Down these these streams so to speak Um and I think that that's been taken Out of context toward a bit of you know Parroting gross science has happened in That in that field we don't know how Many pregnant alone are needed to make a DHEA to make a testosterone for example So Um that's led to all kind of myths Around pregnenolone steel adrenal Fatigue so forth but DHEA while it is a precursor for your Body to make testosterone primarily in The testicles it's actually primarily Produced in the adrenal glands not in The testicles so I think of DHEA if I Have to slap a label on it for the sake Of labeling things Um I would label it an adrenal hormone So the things that you mentioned around The libido and particularly the penile

Insensitivity thing again for like I Think the third time in this video Already if you go and watch that Symptoms of low DHEA and pregnenolone Video I specifically say like low penile Sensitivity inability to finish but Basically feeling like a lack of Sensitivity particularly in the glands Of the penis Um that is a Hallmark symptom of low DHEA so yes you absolutely may have low DHEA and this is this is why it's so Important when guys are having symptoms Of you know low testosterone that they Go and get a comprehensive panel because You know low hold like your low ghea is Causing many of the symptoms potentially That could be caused by low testosterone So DHEA may not be as marketable or Desirable as testosterone from a Marketing standpoint but it sounds like It's what your body needs it doesn't Cause suppression it doesn't have a Negative feedback loop it's oral like It's very easy to use Um but the thing that I would really Strongly recommend for you listening is Although if you're in the States you can Just buy DHEA at like Walmart or you can Buy it on Amazon or whatever Still treat it like testosterone or Thyroid so see a practitioner who works With it introduce a dose get your Bloods Tested titrate up based on your blood

Work and symptoms don't just blindly Experiment with things and dosing that You get off the internet do it in a Supervised fashion work with a Practitioner because although these look Like vitamin supplements and might come In the same bottle they are very Powerful hormones with very strong Systemic effects so get your vitamin D Levels up ideally from the Sun if that's Not possible take a supplement check for Fatty liver disease and clear that up And then look at treating the DHEA Deficiency Foreign [Music]

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