LIVE: 5 Top Foods To Eat For Erectile Dysfunction

By | November 6, 2020

In our world filled with highly processed foods that have less and less nutritional value, knowing the Top Foods To Quickly Destroy Erectile Dysfunction is more important for men than ever.

Oatmeal • Green Tea
Garlic • Cinnamon
Spinach • Avocado
Kale • Broccoli • Celery
Asparagus • Cauliflower
Strawberries • Blueberries
Watermelon • Pomegranate

TIPS for your Journey
• Try to maintain your ideal weight
• Keep your cholesterol and blood pressure under control
• Be careful of what you eat
• Stop smoking (yes, even marijuana)
• Exercise regularly

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All right look at that look at that look At that we’re going live we’re going Live right now Ladies and gentlemen it is nine o’clock And we are about to have ourselves a Good time we’re going to talking About some good information that Everybody needs to know about that’s What we do here And uh for those who those of you who Are new my name is brian aka uncle b and For the last 20 years i’ve been a Men’s performance coach with african fly And Got to talk about the foods that we eat We had to talk about erect how to Function dysfunction we got to get As many guys taken care of not having Issues As possible so um just to make sure that You can hear me if you’re live go ahead Hop into the chat room Uh just say where you’re from give me a Shout out let me know what’s going on Let me know that you’re live Out there we are going to have ourselves A good time as we always do Shout out to that nephew nation shout Out to the uptown uncles Today we are going to get into it as Always if you got questions go Ahead pop those into the chat section And go through uh Give the information out and make sure

That you’re uh Uh you’re getting all the information That you can and then i’m gonna hop into The questions because you guys always Come with some Some straight up fire questions shout Out to Saeed ali from pakistan what’s going on Ah curtis i’m eating a lot of Pomegranate Yeah that’s good that’s good arizona in The house How’s that election going woof tight Over there Good evening phillip what’s going on With you what’s going on otis Uh queens new york queens and house All right loving it love it uh cedar Hill texas Representing maple grove minnesota i Love it what’s going on with you allen Ah south africa in the house south Carolina from south Africa to south carolina that’s how we Do it hey i’m glad to have every one of You on here We are going to go ahead and hop into it First of all As always uh to say uh thanks to my Staff the people who are Behind the scenes who are helping out Making sure that this goes Well that we get all the information to You in uh

A straightforward manner um and One thing i want to ask us to do we’re Gonna do something just a little bit Different you know we ask you questions Guys If you could you know if you feel Comfortable if you can put your age in There the reason why i’m asking that is Because It gives me a little bit more Information uh to help out with And giving you the correct answers Because age does have obviously A huge difference uh in different People’s sex lives So uh we’re going to get all of that Taken care of so What we’re talking about today are the Top foods to eat for erectile Dysfunction It’s very important um that we get all That what’s going on with your roots Um hey what’s going on mike alvin Phillip Ah 44 45 we 40’s in the house I’m 49 i’m 49 i feel you what’s going on 10 41 All right dc in the house all right Right around the corner from here uh 58 All right what’s going on Alfazo so yeah we’re talking about the Foods to eat to help you prevent Erectile dysfunction um i’ve talked About this before

But i’m going to go a little bit deeper Than i did in the video because we had Less time um not going to take go Overboard with it damon 49 all right i failed otis 56 38 in the house what’s going on with you Both silk They both y’all ah i can’t say your name Sir as The way i would like to i know you got An accent going down uh i wish i could Uh what’s going on carlos what’s up What’s up all right so You know uh when we’re talking about you Know the What i’m going to talk about today is Basically breaking down the foods that You should eat And i’m going to go a little bit deeper In terms of what happens when the food Goes inside of you So that way you have a better Understanding of why these foods Work and give you a couple of things you Can do to help improve the absorption Into your body Um as always shout out to the to the Nephew nation and my uptown uncle’s Nephew nation the people my brothers out There who got their their mind is open To get this information and to execute And my uptown uncles the guys who got That experience who gonna Share that experience whether it’s good

Or is bad that’s the way that we learn So uh let’s get into it so Uh and as always uh if you haven’t done So please go and hit that like button Uh subscribe if you haven’t subscribed Uh check out that’s where You know uh we have african fly but Right now we’re gonna get into some Fire information for you and that’s Talking about How food turns into you a lot of times We don’t uh Go through that thought process a lot of People haven’t learned this way they’re Just like oh you just Eat and boom that’s it but Obviously there’s a a process that that Happens and Basically the way it works your your Body inside of your body from rooted to The tutti That whole tube the stomach and large Intestine small intestines all the way Till it comes out It’s basically a two it’s like a garden Hose you could just take something and Roll it all the way through like you do With a penny you know your kid if it or You knew somebody who ate a penny you Know you just wait till it comes out That’s what happens so um when it comes To how your body Absorbs it once it goes in your you know Of course you chew it got saliva that

Helps break it down your tongue helps Move it down your throat And it starts to process do all the way Down through there there are Basically you know is parts of your body Is trying to get the bot Trying to get you know uh it going Through the tube You have this long tube is going through Into the rest of your body so It’s important to understand that Because once the food hits your stomach You get the stomach acid in there it’s Burning off the stuff that’s not good For you But what gets left what goes into your Large intestines and small intestines Is where the food gets broken down Inside your large small intestines there Are hundreds of trillions of fungi Um gut bacteria Uh viruses basically hundreds of Trillions actually Uh and basically what they’re doing They’re breaking down the food and Turning it into you And they ferment the food and they’re Making it into waste So what happens with that waste 86 Percent of you every Your win bag 80 86 of it is coming out In the form of breath so yeah a lot of People think you lose weight by sweating Or taking a dump or pissing nope

It’s mainly coming out through your Breath you’re breathing all day every Day And that’s how your body works um and so What’s left over is You and so that’s how it works so when It comes to The reason why we’re talking about these Particular foods is because your body Optimally works off of plant bacteria You put enough plant bacteria inside of There your body already knows what to do For Thousands of years we exist basically You know Our ancestor existed mostly on Plant-based You keep on hearing hunter-gatherer is More gathering than hunting because it’s Easier to pick a fruit Than it is to kill an animal it’s just That simple So um and if you have a whole bunch of Fiberless food which is Meat which is doritos Which is a lot of the dead food then You’re going to get Bad gut bacteria you get you eat the The plant you’re going to get good Bacteria eat the the meat and things Like that the cheetos Bad gut bacteria and it’s turning you Into you That’s what’s happening that’s what the

Process is so you need to have A healthy diversity in your gut bacteria This is all a lot of new science Probably didn’t hear about any of this In school we’re talking About within the last 10 years this has Really taken off So now let’s get into what is happening With your body When it starts breaking down why these Foods are specific that i’m going to Talk about to ed Um eating whole plants regardless helps And this i want to make sure i’m clear With this because We uh released a video uh earlier today We always do that thursdays 10 a.m Eastern standard time release a video And so there’s some Guys who left some comments and um You know and one of those questions Really came back to Hey the seasons are changing you know Watermelon is not going to be around What are the foods that you can eat And it still comes back down to the same Thing as plant based Food the more plant-based food that you Get it has all the amino acids it’s Going to turn into you it’s going to be Healthy for you Uh and also i’m talking to guys all over The world shout out once again

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