Let your Food be your Medicine

By | July 14, 2012

Superior Lifestyle Personal Chef T joins The Remix Family ~ Chef T is the newest rising star in the culinary industry. He has worked in some of Atlanta’s top restaurants and under some of the best chefs in the industry. He is a graduate of LeCordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Atlanta. Chef T has studied, trained and has been certified by his mentor world renowned raw food master Dr. Aris Latham.Chef T has received his living food certification from Sunfire Culinary Institute in Jamaica. A certified nutritionist, certified living/raw food chef, and living/raw food advocate. Chef T is very passionate about his work, the planet, clients and the present state of people’s health.

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And welcome welcome welcome to everyone In the chatroom here we go all right Chef T are you with us yes yes please Greetings how are you you're coming in Very low oh you don't have a hit do you Have an earpiece or something on no I Don't okay okay all right So let's see I can hear you I can hear You so it looks like everybody else can Hear you I want to say welcome and thank You so much for coming on the remix Thank you for having me you're welcome You're welcome now let's start out Because I know you've done a lot of Things and you've done some some major Major work with a lot of great chefs Around the world as well as restaurants Talk to us a little bit about the work You do and and how you came to be sort Of chef teah oh okay well the type of Work that I do I do person is shifting I'm a vegan vegetarian and raw food chef And how I came into this lifestyle is Because I was like most people nowadays Had I was borderline hypertensive and I Didn't want to go to taking those Pharmaceutical drugs so what I did was I Decided to change my diet so I changed My diet and it changed my life so I Never had to get on those pharmaceutical Drugs and I also love to cook ever since I was a young well since I was young so I decided to go to culinary school I Went to culinary school and it was the

Cordon bleu so you know if you know Anything about the cordon bleu and the French cuisine and yeah everything is Fatty and everything is a heavy cream And everything and I was a vegetarian at That time so I was like well this is not The type of food that I want to be sick Of serving people you know Especially when I just went through what I went through with my health so I Decided to go ahead and step out and Just go ahead and do the vegetarian side Of food and the vegan type of food so And then I stumbled into raw foods and That's when I met brother Aries for the Tongue and yes like you mentioned that's My mentor my good friend and right now He's going through some things what I Want him to hold his head up high right Now because we go get through whether it Was the little allegations or whatever But yes yes I came into being over raw Foods and vegetarian food all right all Right well beautiful beautiful sounds Like a lot so let's get into it because As I started out the show by letting Everybody know that there are some People who do like their food hot and I'm talking about the healthy hot Because there are some foods that we can Eat that are still sort of kind of warm And some who like it very cold You know nice and smooth and cold and Then those who like it sort of raw like

Yourself now I guess we can talk about It from that particular category of that And because I know you deal with all of Those you don't just do vegan cooking is That correct no I Mm-hmm okay okay so talk to us about Your menu and what you do in your Company and the business that you have Where you're offering your perfect Personal chef services at superior Lifestyle okay you want to know that can You repeat that question again yeah talk To us about what you do the food you Cook what would you do i do first i do The person is chef thing I do for being Vegetarian and raw foods it's the reason Why I promote that is because it's more Of a it's a health care if a healthier Lifestyle and I don't look at it as a Diet like most people because it's not a Diet it has to be a lifestyle and so That's the reason why I go And do the vegetarian and I do the vegan And I do the robber I promote raw foods Or living foods because but I also give Them their bridge to cross like most People are not going to jump into the Raw lifestyle you know because they're So used to eating cooked foods you know For so long but what I do is I want them To get off the animal because animal Which we call it meat but I call it Animal It's very dangerous nowadays especially

Right now in this day and time with the Health problems that we are we've been Faced with nowadays so what I do I want More people to go into the raw lifestyle Even if they go to the raw foods like 80% of raw foods that's much much more Healthier lifestyle but we also have to Start off with least eliminating the Refined foods the animal the dairy we Need to get rid of that and so talk to Me about the different levels if Somebody who maybe you're going to Someone who is who's not used to a raw Diet what are some of the things that You would recommend or where would you Start with them I would start with Someone who's not I tell them all so Let's just start off with the smallest Let's start off small this may be Incorporate what I do with my clients What I do I incorporate maybe two raw Dishes a week into their lifestyle and You know it's it's about flavor all you Want is flavor because I think the Burgers I do the pizzas I do the arm Thanks a lot as I do the tacos and it's All about flavor people just love flavor So that's my thing of working in to roll Into people's lifestyle mm-hmm and for Those who may not know what raw is tell Us a little bit about what rious ruffles Are fools not prepared over a certain Degree so you will prepare them like in A dehydrator

And if the temperature just between its Very because people say different Different people say different Temperatures but you really don't want To allow your phone to get heated over 125 degrees because what it does is Start losing the vitamins minerals and Nutrients the enzymes and the oxygen Other things that we need for to sustain In a healthy life and raw foods that's Them today that that's the lifestyle That I live it's it's a nuts seeds Grains vegetables and fruits deficits Overall lifestyle okay and so for those People who may not be ready just to kind Of have it raw like that what is the Next step above that oh we wouldn't even Jump into the raw first because the raw Is more extreme because the people are So used to eating cooked food for so Many years for you to I wouldn't Recommend no one to just jump into a raw Lifestyle you know you need to take it Day-by-day and take it at a time because It could be kind of toxic it could it Could hurt it could be kind of dangerous You know because your body is so toxic Already from eating the cooked food and Eating an animal and eating all these Refined foods and all this processed Foods and things like that just Basically you need to take it slow start Off with a vegetarian lifestyle first You know and you know vegetarian it's

Basically just eating vegetables you Know you want eat your fruit and you Know you can still eat the starches you Know foot leave the animal alone then Let's move on them till vegan which is You know that's there's different types Of vegetarian I mean vegans and Vegetarians dare say that there's what Three types I think the vegetarians Would over like so Alecto and uh over Leg toe lacto and uh and then a vegan And then some people call a pescetarian Which are the ones who say they still Eat fish but i don't relate to you know With that one but Let's move from vegetarian to reading And then let's move from being into raw Foods and so from there so if you're Gonna start out and talk to me I know Your company superior lifestyle what are Some of the services you offer I serve the services I offer or like I Do classes I do small catering groups he Do I do small catering groups I also do Small classes and then I do the personal Chef and what does the class consists of If somebody was interested in getting a Class what are some of the things that The class consists of the classes it all Depends on what they want if you want a Vegetarian if we want to go to Vegetarian recipes we can go to Vegetarian recipes and we do like Desserts we do entrees we do appetizers

We do long with a smoothie we you know It's just basically whatever the client Wants if you want to do raw foods we can Do raw foods if you want to do just Vegan food we can do vegan it all Depends on what level that you're ready To jump into okay okay all right well a Lot of people are asking about recipes As well so you got some recipes or Something you want to share yeah I mean Like what what recipes do they want what They want like do they want some raw Foods you didn't want some vegan they Want some smoothies they want some Desserts they want some appetizer from Entree well you're the you're the chef This is this is you're the chef you're Sharing with us so give us some things That you think would be really really Good for everyone I like to I like I'm a big fan and kill because and kill Is very beneficial to us because it is One of those healthy vegetables that Everything that our body needs a cell B12 it has so I like to use a lot of Kids I eat a lot and then you also want To eat a lot of green vegetables so what I do is I can give you like a quick kill Salad recipe real quick you could take Like a bunch one bunch of kale one red Bell pepper one gold bell pepper some Onions from garlic clove of garlic some Olive oil Oh and some lime juice or some lemon

Juice and then you can just put them all Together you know clean your kale first Washing and clean and make sure it's Organic clean it and wash it and make Sure it's clean and you take it you chop It up you're going to shipping out it Which is you're going to just kind of Like cut it into the ribbon so you take It you put it into your bowl you mix Them Bowl you add your bell peppers You're gonna julienne them i'm julián Your bell peppers julienne your onions Put those in there and this has some Avocado today too because I'm a big Avocado fan I love avocado but nerdy Babble you are – yeah so you take your Pick a whole Nava kado and just put it Inside put it in there as your lemon Juice and maybe I say maybe four Tablespoons of lemon juice olive oil It's a Celtic sea salt mix it all Together because you want to put that Love into it you want to add that love And I love in their vibration into your Food so you just mix it in and then you Take it put it in the refrigerator it Either right in now it's just a little Quick avocado and kale salad that I Enjoy and I know that people will enjoy Because a lot of people that I love to Taste it and enjoy it as well beautiful Beautiful beautiful Alright alright so we're moving right Along so I'm sure that the remix family

Have questions for you They call in they're going to call in We'll start to take some calls in just a Moment so six four six six five two two Seven one one is the call-in number if Anyone has a question for chef T here in The forum tonight we're going to be Covering that we're also going to be Giving away a very very special gift Gift from chef T to someone who is in The Atlanta area in the Atlanta area and In surrounding area so for those of you Out there if you're listening and you Want to go over to the website I would Encourage you to do that lots of Wonderful food there wonderful looking Food superior lifestyle dot-org is that The URL for you to go to so you can see Chef T there and you can see everything That he's preparing there as well so if You're in Atlanta I definitely want you To stay close because this is something That you are going to win and what did We say chef that a family between four And six that you're going to take care Of three and four three and four thank You I'll take care of okay three and Four okay so a family between three and Four that you guys will be able to take Advantage of so definitely you want to Definitely stick around if you're in the Atlanta area and you're part of the Remix family because that definitely Needs to be a classification as well

Then you definitely can take advantage As well too so let's go to the phone Lines let's see let's see what questions If anyone has questions out there six Four six six five two two seven one one Is the number to call if you have a Question for chef T all right we're Going to go to the caller calling in it Looks like from area code eight one Eight you are live in the remix please Tell us who you are where you're calling From and how you like it what category Are you in how do you like your food Area code eight one eight okay I guess They're just listening going to the Caller calling in from a private number Tell us who you are and where you're Calling from Greetings goddess blue I'm calling from Heaven and I am Queen goddess okis raw And greetings to you chef teah reading I Just want to share something with you All I probably will have some questions As well when I was when I got the vibe From you that you were having this show I was simultaneously on a website Checking out raw foods I had a the Opportunity of meeting a raw food chef I've met some along the way a while ago And had traded for a class that I missed The class and I tried to call the Brother and this didn't happen and about Two weeks ago my spirit said go find This brother so it's not like he was

Hiding or anything but I made the effort To go where I knew he would be and I Connected with him and he it was Interesting because it was like going Through an initiation to get through the Different chambers to get to him for the Doors to open and to even the questions And responses if I didn't get to give The right responses because he wasn't Teaching at this time and I reminded him That I had said I would be his sous chef And ultimately I'm able to go into his Kitchen and I had to go past his Here's general it's been interesting to Either get to touch the food to be able To to learn to prepare it because that Is the way that I will learn best is Hands-on and I just find it very Interesting that this energy is just I'm Being saturated with this energy and the Foods and the and the things that I'm Seeing I mean it is such a the raw food Vibration if such a it's beautiful to Look at It's healing it's nourishing and it's Easy to prepare and I just wanted to you Know share that with you and your Audience that I'm just right right on Time and I'm not too far from Atlanta I Pass to Atlanta from time to time okay Okay well beautiful thank you definitely For calling in and sharing that welcome And I would like to ask him there's Someone around me that has a has

Operated what type of a meal would be Good for for that what type of lifestyle For arthritis know what type of a meal Would be good for us right it but take Know in particular formula oh really Really uh it's a change of lifestyle Actually it's really not a meal that's Gonna really kill your arthritis but at The same time if you were to switch over To I believe in personally I know from People really if you change your diet You can change your life and also that Would help with arthritis okay that Sounds right thank you Okay thank you yeah I think that was a Good question are there I know there are Certain foods you know that really do Help on on certain levels is there do You do you really when you get into your Teaching when you get into sort of your Sharing do you share those things where There's different there's different Foods for different ailments different Foods for healing because I know that's A lot what you talk about is your food As your medicine and so recognizing how We can begin to eat these things to Really really help us sort of kind of Heal at many different levels yes that's Why I promote food and living foods Because they are healing I mean I know People who've been heal from cancer Different type of diseases and they said It is no cure for you know and it's

Because of how they change their diet I Mean we all know well most people know That cancer cannot survive in an Oxygenated body if you eating raw man That gives you oxygen because we know That only cancer is only the arm is only Oxygen not being present in certain Areas so if you eating ten emails for Donating foods that's given oxygen to Your body and cancer cannot survive in It And also I promote a lot of coconut Water fresh from the young coconut water Because that's right now is like and I Learned this from dr. east about the Coconut water coconut water is like one Of the best gifts from the Creator you Know because it's very healing I mean It's the highest form of let your life Known to me I mean coconut water has a lot of Different healing properties to it So I promote a lot of I promote coconut Water real but you want to drink the Young coconut water nothing mature not The brown ones you want to drink a young Green and so for people who may not be Familiar with coconut water can you sort Of tell us where to get it how they can Get it if they can make it how they can Make it for themselves as well – okay You can get the coconut water from like Any farmers market if you have a farmers Market in the area you can get coconut

Water I'm pretty sure Any Asian market they still like coconut Water you could get the Thai coconuts – I know it's a big controversy about the Thai coconuts but from my studies in Researching but you know the Thai Coconuts you know you can drink those Blick oh yeah but you want to go to like The Asian markets to get those if you Have a farmers market they purchase Those Oh shake it no no go ahead Oh or you can get online and it's Different like on I think it's well guru It's a guy it's also like um you can get Them shipped from Florida it's the guy Down in Florida he has a 10,000 coconut Trees and he ships them to you so you Can always get your coconuts more but I Definitely promote coconut water because I'm learning more and more on coconuts Each and every day I mean it's it helps To get rid of all kidney stones it helps Lower blood pressure speeds up Metabolism I'm home high blood pressure High cholesterol get rid of I mean it's They used to use it as um they used to Use it as home what is it in RVs you see It's like giving yourself a blood Transfusion because they used to use it In World War two for your IV and I Reason me okay okay we're going to go to The phone lines it looks like a caller Calling in from area code nine one nine You are live in the remix I'm wonderful

How are you thanks for calling in you Had a question for chef T yes I like to Say hello to chef T as well I've been Listening to the show I'm really glad That you did this show because I'm a Person who have been trying to get away From eating a lot of meat myself because I have free diabetes and Some arthritis twisters osteoarthritis And he's right with changing your diet It does make a difference because I've Noticed in the last two months since I Just started taking vitamin C it's just A supplement I had like over a year of foot pain and The pain is really going away so as Going into Whole Foods I started Watching other people who didn't you Know who wasn't he's really eating meat That much and I said okay I can do this But it's like he said it's so important That the food must taste good because we As african-americans like food that has A good taste but if you kind of go Outside your box and learn to eat foods In the raw state it really does taste Good because you know I didn't when I Went to Whole Foods I would taste some Of the things that are barely cooked and I was like ooh can I eat this it's going To be yucky and I think they had some Kale that was just seasoning with sea Salt and olive oil and I tasted it and Then I was able to eat that with some

Tofu and I was like wow this tastes Really good and I was just surprised how Learning to eat food that are barely Cooked is really feeling so good but you Just got to learn how to do it that's The problem we're just used to taking Some vegetables so on another pot and Putting pork or some type of meat in and In order for it to get its flavor but I Really love Indian food and you know a Lot of my friends are Hindu and they Don't eat meat so that's how I began to Learn to eat food that didn't have meat In it at all so this show is really a Good show for me and other people from All races who want to stop learning how To meat and the only reason why we eat Meat is Because we think that is getting giving It taste giving vegetables taste and we Don't know the herbs that season food Most African Americans only know salt Pepper garlic we don't go to the basil And the fresh state and you know we Don't know how to use all those really Really snow good earth but I think this Is a really good show I'm really I'm Really liking it right well thank you For calling in all right we're going to Go to the phone lines continue to call It You People who were raised in Japan the Philippines Korea China never had heart

Disease prostate cancer colon cancer Breast cancer rheumatoid arthritis Multiple sclerosis this is the atlas of Cancer mortality in China virtually the Western diet was non-existent they had No animal products they had no dairy no Leaf we learned that we could turn on And turn off cancer for us just by Adjusting the level of intake of that Protein I knew at that point what caused most Diseases our national authorities are Simply exporting this concept in order To protect the status quo with the Western diet they're gonna be half a Million people in this country this year Who will have to have the front half of Their body divided their heart exposed Some people would call that extreme I Know of nothing else in medicine that Can come close for a 5-day start to do If you go through life thinking that What happens to you from a health Perspective is based on your genes You're a helpless victim I've reversed The diabetes the diabetes subtract other Guys I just can't understand what it Does it changed my life Diet is so much more important than Anybody ever thought to me the answer is So simple it's criminal it's just people Starting to take responsibility for Their health and starting to eat more Plant-based foods it's that simple

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