L-Arginine Vs L-Citrulline?

By | September 8, 2020

What’s better between L-Arginine and L-Citrulline? Brad briefly goes into why you would choose one over the other and what the actual purpose of using these ingredients is!

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Okay how's it going guys this is brad With best price nutrition And today i'm not gonna do a flavor Review i'm not gonna do a product review I'm gonna go over a question that we Actually get a lot in our brick and Mortar stores We have stores in the chicagoland area And i go to them pretty frequently And one thing that i hear a lot is A lot of usually older people will come In looking for arginine still For a nitric oxide booster so We start with nitric oxide what nitric Oxide is is something that your body Uses for a ton of processes But the thing that it's most known for Is vasodilation so what that is Is your blood vessels if they're Vasoconstricting Then they're tightening up and that's Actually what happens when you take a Lot of stimulants So oddly enough a lot of pre-workouts Have arginine or citrulline And they kind of counteract with the Fact that nitric oxide will Vasodilate them it will open them up And why would you want your blood Vessels to open up one thing Is that it will lower your blood Pressure it's just kind of The math behind it more or less if your Blood vessel

Is this big and you have x amount of Fluid going through it and it's pushing On the walls If you open up your walls and you have The same amount of fluid going through Your blood pressure goes down So if you have high blood pressure you Know follow your doctor's orders and Everything But something you want to look into is Maybe taking an arginine or citrulline Supplement Another thing that people want to use Nitric oxide for is in the gym it gives You a better pump So if your blood vessels are widened up You have way more blood flow going Through them Way more blood going to your muscles You're going to get a better pump You're also going to get more athletic Performance as well Another thing that it can be used for uh This is kind of specific to guys is Erectile dysfunction So a lot of times um it can be a mental Thing for guys and that's something you Have to get over for whatever other Reason But if it's a physical thing something That can help Is blood flow so if you have you know Really tight blood vessels you're not Getting that much blood flow

Everywhere someone that you specifically Want blood flow Um it's gonna open up your blood vessels Everywhere so you're gonna get more Blood flow to where you need it to go And a little side note if you take Citrulline or arginine they're both Going to do what you want it to do one Better than the other if you take either Of those and you stack it with Pycnogenol Pyc nog enol if you stack those two Things together It's a really really common very proven Uh i want to say cure but it can help a Lot of guys with ed I think the studies show it's something Like 70 of people see Positive changes after one or two months So The the main point of this video that Was that's nitric oxide um those are Some of the reasons you might want to Increase your nitric oxide Now the difference between arginine and Citrulline So arginine is what people have been Using for a long time to increase nitric Oxide because it does increase nitric Oxide The issue is that it's not as effective As l-citrulline So why is that because if you look at The

Pathway to nitric oxide from arginine You get arginine you get what is it Um you get l-arginine Turns into n-hydroxyl arginine to L-citrulline To nitric oxide so if you take arginine The reason that it's not as effective as L-citrulline is because arginine is used For a lot of processes in your body So by the time it gets down the line to Turn into nitric oxide it's already been Broken away and used for a bunch of Other things If you take l-citrulline it's the first Precursor to nitric oxide So it makes it further into your body Before it turns into nitric oxide so you Just get more nitric oxide Another thing is that because arginine Is used by so many processes and it Breaks down a lot You actually can get some gi distress if You take like 10 grams or more And you need a lot of l-arginine to get The same effect of l-citrulline L-arginine they've used pretty high Doses before you don't need to do a high Dose the highest dose you'd ever need to Do with l-citrulline Probably six grams anything more than That i don't think you'd see any Additional benefit So when you're looking at and i've got You know

L-arginine caps 700 milligrams each and Then i've got citrulline malate At 2 grams the if you're going to buy Individual ingredients It doesn't really matter how much the Cap is how much it is in each serving Because you're going to want to get to I'm not going to talk about argentina Because actually it's just better you're Going to want to get to Three to six grams of l-citrulline or 8 Grams of citrulline malate I'll get a close-up on this but if you Can't see it Citrulline malate always says 2-1 on There and that's because If you take 1.75 grams of citrulline Malate You'll actually get one gram of L-citrulline because there's going to be 0.75 grams of malic acid Bound to the l-citrulline um some people Think that citrulline malate is actually Better than just straight l-citrulline Because you get some hydration benefits From the malic acid um I prefer l-citrulline uh there's really No reason i've just always thought you Know Just get the pure form of what you're Trying to get right Um so end of end of the day i would say If you're trying to find something to Increase your nitric oxide for

Blood pressure for ed for athletic Performance for a pump Just go with citrulline it is going to Give you less gi distress Probably no gi distress you're going to Get better benefits out of it and you Need less of it To get the final outcome that you want Um and i think that's about it i think i Covered everything i wanted to cover Those are usually the talking points That i will discuss with people in the Store Um i try to get as many people away from Argentina as i can some people are Pretty Steadfast on what they want to do which Is fine if you use arginine and it works For you That's great i'll say try out citrulline You may like it more And it's really not that much more Expensive when you get down to the price Per dose So if you guys have any questions about What i talked about If you think i didn't go in depth enough If you want to know anything else please Leave a comment below and i would be Happy to answer it And also um let us know any other topics That you want us to do as well We've done quite a few videos in the Past where we will you know show you the

Comment of someone that asks us a Question we will Respond to that comment and answer the Question in an entire video So let us know what you want to see next All right thanks [Music] [Music] You

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