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By | December 12, 2019

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Jack fruit smoothie or drink is one of the drinks that has got a high energy content for your body, they also help in digestion by reducing occurrences of constipation to people,has vitamins A, it’s high in protein content, it also used as a food in most parts of the world to fight hunger in humans and animals. It also boosts immunity and because of its high water content helps to hydrate the body, it has properties that help the skin look good, etc…
Preparation: Get some jack fruit that is ripe and cut using any sharp object like a knife, get the edible fresh content and cut it into small pieces. Wash them using cold water and place them into a blender, add some little cold water and blend for about twenty seconds. You can either sieve it or not as the remaining bits from the blended juice are really few. Add some ice cubes,honey, milk or sugar depending on your taste and serve. It’s better to be taken when fresh though it can be kept in the fridge for some days.
It’s so easy to prepare as a home made juice. Please, try it!ń

What I have noticed however over time, when you drink the juice or when you eat jackfruit, it’s scent smells in the urine when you go to the toilet.

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