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Hello and welcome back to my channel if This is your customer stopping by this Channel you're happy welcome And please do consider clicking on that Red bull subscribe button Also click on education bill that pops Up just Immediately you subscribed so that Youtube can notify you whenever i post a New video Just like this one in today's video i'll Be showing you A simple method to increase Blood flow to your joystick for a Joystick to function You have to increase the blood flow that Goes to it Okay so in order to boost or increase Blood flow to your joystick You need this simple simple simplest Recipe as usual my today's recipe is Going to be simple Easy and it's not going to be time Consuming Okay that is what i was promising all Right If you're interested to know how to Increase blood flow to your joystick Making it bigger bolder stronger And so on please follow me as i show you What to do in order to achieve all this We will be needing one medium sized Kicking back for this please make sure You wash your kicking back very well

Before using And then you slice the kicking bag into Blendable pieces Did you know that erectile dysfunction Can also cause high blood pressure This is exactly why it is important to Have it treated Cucumber is a citrulline rich food It is used as a natural viagra it is Also used to treat erectile dysfunction Cucumber boosts blood flow to your Joystick After cutting off the cooking bar add a Little bit of water and you Blend it should look like this after Blending Get a clean bowl and a sieve And then you sieve out the chaff please Make sure you are using the kind of Sieve i use You don't need to have for this we just Need the cooking bed juice And please do not use a juicer use a Blender And then you sieve okay then After sieving it out what we have to do Is to get Honey please make use of raw honey there Is a huge difference between Raw honey and processed honey okay Please i talked about this honey in my Ig page Take a tablespoon of honey and add it to The cucumber juice and you mix well

Pour this juice inside a glass cup or Any cup of your choice and then you take This For a whole one month please do not take Kicking bad juice at night so that you Can sleep kicking bad juice can Make you feel bloated okay all right Loves i've come to the end of today's Video if you loved this video please Give me Thumbs up and see you in my next video Remain blessed

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