How You’re Destroying Your Sperm!

By | June 16, 2014

There are many lifestyle factors that affect the quality of a man’s sperm! Trace is joined by Dr. Carin Bondar to discuss how cell phones and smoking cannabis are just two of the dozens of things that can ruin sperm.

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Cell phones negatively affect male fertility, new study suggests
“Men who keep a cell phone in their pant pocket could be inadvertently damaging their chances of becoming a father, according to a new study.”

Cannabis use affects sperm quality
“Cannabis use changes the size and shape of sperm, potentially affecting male fertility.”

Effect of mobile telephones on sperm quality: A systematic review and meta-analysis
“Mobile phones are owned by most of the adult population worldwide.”

Modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors for poor sperm morphology
“The assessment of sperm morphology during semen analysis is an important part of male fertility assessment.”

The Effects of Smoking and Alcohol Intake on Sperm Quality: Light and Transmission Electron Microscopy Findings
“Cigarette smoking is a widely recognised health hazard and a major cause of mortality, yet about 20% of the worldwide adult population are smokers.”

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Tres I've got a few things to tell you About that thing you were talking about The other day I know you might be a Little bit embarrassed but I think I Found some answers for you Good hey everybody welcome to dnews I'm Trace and I'm Karen and today we are Talking about spare little soldiers Swimming friends faithful gametes well Not always there are several lifestyle Factors that can negatively affect sperm Morphology now the good news is that Since you males are constantly whipping Up new batches of the stuff it's Possible for them to reverse some damage That's already but not damaged oh just That I gotta make a call Actually the results of a new study just Released from the University of Exeter Show that keeping yourself on and your Pants pocket is not really a good idea Just leave this here then both sperm Motility and viability were Significantly reduced in men subjecting Their testicles to radiofrequency Electromagnetic radiation from their Phones I do have like a like a fanny Pack maybe I could get one of those over The shoulder bags you know I like a man Bag you know you can use mine oh nice Now that I'm safe let's get down to Brass tacks I have a bit more bad news The results of the world's longest study On sperm morphology show that cannabis

Use is a major predictor of sperm Abnormalities yep you heard me right pot Users sperms are kept locked to Researchers took sperm from almost 2,000 British dudes and examined it it turns Out that the males with funky ejaculates Were more than twice as likely to have Used cannabis in the last three months Prior to getting their rocks off now the Good news is the research didn't find Any correlation between cigarette Smoking alcohol consumption or the type Of underwear worn by the study subject Oh good hang out let me make another Call yeah you know I still want this Yeah the bikini ones Thanks although Previous studies have reported a Correlation between moderate alcohol Consumption and increased numbers of Morphologically abnormal sperm other Factors that may or may not be important In the generation of abnormal sperm Include time of the year City Age times this last ejaculation stress Weekly working time occupational posture Age of leaving school chemical exposure And current weather so you know I'm not Sure if you're gonna win this one that's A lot of stuff I think I'll just get a Cat yeah what do you think of all this Are you gonna find a new place for that Cellphone or change your smoking habits Tell us in the comments below and be Sure to subscribe for more exciting

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