How to Tackle Leaky Gut Syndrome: Causes – Symptoms – Treatment

By | January 29, 2023

Naturopath André Blank explains the leaky gut syndrome: the causes, the symptoms, the relationship with the hormonal balance and how to fix this frequent problem with the intestinal permeability.

0:00 intro
1:27 what is leaky gut?
3:44 what are the causes?
8:08 what are the symptoms?
11:50 how to make the diagnosis?
12:43 hormonal balance
15:03 how to treat leaking guts naturally?
24:52 inyologie book

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That means a healthy God leads to a Healthy human Welcome back to the trt and hormone Optimization YouTube channel and today We’re talking about leaky guts it’s also Called increased intestinal permeability So leaky good describes a damaged leaky Intestinal mucosa and is considered a Serious cause of numerous chronic Disease Most of these are considered incurable By conventional medicines such as Allergies and autoimmune disease Unfortunately very few doctors know About bleaky gut and some even deny that Leaky gut really exists So my guest today is Henry blank he is a Naturopath in Switzerland and is author Of numerous books his most informed book Is the inulugi book with over 900 pages In today’s edition the topic is gut Health and its massive significance to Holistic health so a long introduction And welcome with us Andre Yes thank you Stephen for having me It’s my pleasure it is a topic that we Haven’t talked before here on this Channel and it seems it’s very important Because there’s also a relationship with Hormone imbalance which we will talk of A little bit later but we have five Questions for you let’s start with the First one explain to us what exactly is Leaky good Andre

Okay so this is a very short overview About leaky Garden gut health because It is a huge topic okay so leaky gut Means a permeable intestine now we have To know that every intestine must be Permeable of course permeable for Nutrients Otherwise the nutrients could not get Into the blood and thus not to the cells So the intestine of every human being is Semi-permeable Sami does not mean 50 in This case but homeostasis Means the wisdom of the body determines Which nutrients and how much of them are Needed So what exactly is leaking God means Literally the digestive tract but it’s Also often used as a stomach or belly So there is no stomach leaking that Would be very bad of course but it’s not The case it’s a leaky gut So more precisely we should understand It as a leaky small intestine yeah So some people have increased intestinal Permeability or hyperpermeability this Means that their intestine allow more Than just water and nutrients to pass Through the mucous lining into our Bloodstream so they leak Now we have to problem if our gut is Leaking or more precisely our small Intestine is leaky That not only the very important Nutrients and water are passing through

The mucous lining but also toxic Substances They get into our bloodstream and your Immune system or how I call it The homeostasis is reacting so the Result is what they call Autoimmune diseases And what exactly are the causes of this Leaky gut So the causes are not only for leaky gut But for every disease is the answer is Stress So but most people when they are Thinking about stress they are thinking Only about psychological stress So we have two types of stress we have Oil stress or like or messy stress Which is positive and healthy and we Have the stress which is negative in Making you sick like toxic stress like Stress to pay your bills stress in your Relationship stressed with your boss Stress in your job and whatever it’s Toxic stress and of course it’s Um it has a huge impact On our gut health And of course then for our overall Health and for our body So but most people when they are Thinking about stress they are thinking About saying okay stress psychological Stress but there is also a physical Stress And of course it could be physical the

Stress which is negative in making sex Like to running a marathon or high level Sports or high level like you know Bodybuilding with old substances so this Is of course physical stress and has a Huge impact on our gut health of course They forget the physical stress Made from our food like bad Um bad or or not only nowadays we should Not say it’s a bad diet it’s a toxic Diet so Um simple sugars uh wheat which contains A huge amount Of gluten and pleiadine it’s or gliadine It’s the same Then so much Dairy so much meat Um fluoride toothpaste 5G all the heavy Metal toxins out there microplastic all The things This is the physical stress and not to Forget Um all the bad fats like Um for example some plant pay Plant-based fats like sunflower oil so Sunflower oil is cheap so that’s why It’s in almost 99 almost every product Is out there Also some people are thinking okay I’m Going to the to the Natural Food Store Okay but sunflower oil is in almost Every product so Um and sunflower oil Has a Omega 6 to 3 ratio of 130 to 1. That means the inflammations in your gut

And therefore in your body are Pre-programmed So the who Recommends a Omega 6 to 3 ratio of Um five to one but I think it’s Completely wrong I recommend a Omega 6 to 3 ratio from One to three that means one times Omega Six three times Omega three at And as we all know how healthy and Important Omega 3 is for our gato and for our Health yeah so yeah it’s stressed but Not only the psychological threats the Physical stress and most important is Uh uh our diet yeah sure thing so what Are the typical symptoms of leaky gut Yeah the the thing with leaky got this That the symptoms are not really Specific So of course So there is a huge range of symptoms That are connected to a so-called leak Gut but I would say that most of the People out there are suffering from Early he got I mean look at the symptoms A diabetic food or lower leg is Amputated every 22nd every 20 seconds And every other person Tendency increasing I mean just think about And you know it better than anybody Think about the last two years tendency

Super fast increasing so every other Person tendency increasing Is building or are building cancer cells So and so many people are sick out there And of course there are typical symptoms Like okay they call it autoimmune Diseases like chronic fatigue skin Problems migraines rheumatism uh joint Uh pain Inflammations so restless legs it’s from Leaky gut sleeping problems leaky gut All the things And in German we have a saying A enjoyment of saying Um That means a healthy God Uh is God leads to a healthy human And the other way it’s like a sick God Leads to a sick human of course so and As we all know 80 percent of our immune System So it’s very important the Um cut Health but how does it work So the following is a a a key Um to our physical health I explain it In like in in this is the way to explain It in my words like for the natural Medicine way okay so Our food or our nutritional food forms Our plant of course without food no no Blood nothing okay our food forms our Blood our blood forms our cells and our Cells form our organs And now backwards our organs cannot be

Healthier than the cells that make up The organs and our cells cannot be Healthier than the blood that forms the Cells our blood cannot be healthier than The food that forms our blood and now Our food cannot be healthier than our Consciousness that chooses the food now Stephen the bridge is built to Understand how important our Consciousness or a healthy Consciousness Is for choosing the right food for our Health or choosing the right Media or Choosing or or building the the healthy Thoughts So Now Okay so if it gives so many different Symptoms how to make the diagnosis Andre You could do like a blood diagnosis of Course and then you could see it of Course yeah What what to look for in the blood to That shows Um leaky gut enzyme markers it’s called Sibo and other enzymes From the Um from the colon okay there is a Special type of blood diagnosis and then You you can see that you have a leaky Gut Foreign [Music] [Music] So how does a leaky gut impact hormonal

Balance because that’s something we’re Very interested in on this channel So nutrients are needed to produce Hormones of course so if your gut is Weakened it cannot absorb the nutrients To build hormones like thyroid hormones Estrogen progesterone and and cortisol For example our microbiome Plays a major role in activating and Eliminating certain hormones when there Is an imbalance in these microbes Due to stress core stress yeah Toxins antibiotics gut infections or a Poor diet it can have a huge impact on Hormone levels and function Now it’s interesting for you Um for estrogen in particular there is a Group of microbes called the estrobolone That helps regulate levels of Circulating estrogen normally after Estrogen are deactivated by our liver They head to our intestines where most Of them exceed our body via our stool But in case of estrobolone imbalance Instead of exiting most of the estrogens Are reactivated and recirculated Throughout or through our body that’s One reason why we have higher estrogen Levels in our body that’s very Interesting especially for men okay is It also the xenoestrogens from the Outside like in foods like soy and food Colorings and so on Would not take sinoestrogance more yes

Okay that too But then if you have a healthy gut The god Is able or are able to eliminate these Uh estrogens yeah if gut is leaky It will be reactivated okay Right so last question maybe most most Important how can I heal from a leaky Gut Yeah so most people Um are asking their doctor or their Therapist what can I take for symptom x Y and what can I add and what can I take So the question is wrong and also often The answer is wrong because first we Should not ask what to add and to add And to add more and more and more Because that does not lead to Holistic health that does lead to more Symptoms so the first question is We should ask what made me sick And then So We are talking about what to do but First we should ask what made me sick And tend to remove all unhealthy things And then if needed or is necessary we Can add things okay So um in my practice that’s in a Thorough part I was asking my Um my patient Four questions always four questions First why are you contacting me second What are you expecting from me and third

What are you willing to do by yourself For your health and for the most Important question Who is responsible for you state or for Your condition So and then as you know Stephen Um A lot or most of not most but often People are blaming the outside I don’t want to take self-responsibility So but this is these are the basic Um if you want to heal So and a natural medicine then I explain To my patient the five area two holistic Health to heal a leaky gut Okay they have to understand what we are Doing I don’t say just take the pill do That no they have to understand because Otherwise it’s not the way to holistic Health Okay so For these are five areas not Five Points Because these are huge areas first area Is to understand Means self responsibility and then I’m Asking okay does it make sense to take Self-responsibility for all you action For your life for your health for your Mother for everything and the answer is Of course yes it makes sense They self-responsibility And then Second is To remove all Unhealthy things

That means go to your kitchen remove Everything on her go to your fridge Remove everything unhealthy thing and When I talk about food I don’t only talk About like physical food or the physical Things no remove all unhealthy like also Not not only the physical part in your Life but also the metaphysical part like Unhealthy energies unhealthy toxic Relationship so remove everything so and Then people are does it make sense to Remove if you want to if you are sick And want to be healthy does it make Sense to remove all all unhealthy thing Yes it makes sense and 10 people are Often asking okay but what can I eat now My kitchen is empty my fridge is empty What can I do now Then I say yes of course It’s empty because why because you were Surrounded from toxins 24 7. so okay first Self-responsibility second remove all Unhealthy things not only to heal and Leak gut to heal everything everything Okay and then for Um the third area is to detoxify So does it make sense to detoxify of Course your kitchen is empty your fridge Is empty of course yes but your body is Still full of toxins Okay it makes sense to detoxify with Co Light and we to detox your body and then The fourth area is

Now to fill up your body not only your Body also Mind and Spirit and mind to Fill up your life your body your spirit With very very healthy food healthy Supplements everything which is needed Okay to fill up your body with very very Healthy food And also surrounding yourself with nice People healthy people and not as we saw With the last two years so many It’s sad but it is so many sick people Out there So fourth area is filling up your body Or your life with healthy things and Fifth area is Activation So activation means cardio training Resistance training Um going barfi walking barfi outside Activation these receptors Taking cold showers in the morning not Cold and warm three minutes ice cold Showers every morning Huge benefit And I spot and so on meditation whatever So activation does it make sense of Course and this is only just I explained That this is Basics because people have To understand health and not to say okay Okay my doctor recommended or not Through a part or my therapist no they Have to understand Health by themselves And actually it’s simple just understand Self-responsibility remove all unhealthy

Things detoxify and fill up with healthy Things and then activation of course it Makes sense but this is these are the Basics okay um and now maybe to to to Explain Um uh particularly what can I do Um especially for the leaky gut First of course remove all unhealthy Things Intermittent fasting is a a key factor If you got time to heal let it rest give It time intimated fasting So then Tight Your mucosa lining tie your leg tight Yeah because we know it must be Permeable but tie it with Um uh alglutamine Alglutamine is a key a product to heal And tighten again and heal the mucosa Lining But in higher dosages like 30 to 40 Grams a day split it so it’s very Important for sleeping problems for Restless legs and so many other things L-glutamine but in higher dosages and Then the next step If you did that then we have to Um build and produce new uh a new and Healthy microbiomes new and healthy Microbiomes with fermented products like Sauerkraut apple cider vinegar miso soup And so on okay so and um it’s simple Just remove all onion fishings and then

Of course give it time it needs it needs Months to heal a leaky gut yeah yeah Very interesting so uh I’m sure no Medication right no pharmacological uh AIDS there It’s not necessary in this case because It would it that would mean add Something now just let let it heal it’s Uh self-healing everything itself in This case leaking up okay and by the way Alglutamine is also key Um for liver problems it’s it’s I didn’t Know it before but but Um years ago we found out alglutamine is So important but if you just take five Grams no higher dosages and then it it’s It’s working so well algutamine yes Rested for restless legs sleeping Problems all the things yeah Very interesting Um can people read more in your book About it I’m sure Not especially in the ideology book this Is um the ideology book is Um About the natural law it’s a magical Compass to understand the natural law or The order in the universe so it’s um Yeah it’s 912 Pages it’s translated in English it’s this is indiology or in in French in geology and in in English it’s Ideology but I’m writing a book about Likigat in German it will be published End of March and then it will be

Translated in English to about 550 Pages Yeah and then yes great looking forward I think there is also a online course About leaky gut on the vivotera website Okay I’ll put the links to the book and The website in the description of this Video so for everyone who wants to check It out make sure to do that seems very Interesting and we’re looking forward to The book uh on leaky good as well thank You okay thank you so much Andre Thank you to Stephen Thank you it’s a pleasure

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