How to SHRINK Enlarged Prostate & Lower PSA Levels Naturally | Avoid Prostate Reduction Surgery

By | May 6, 2018

Impactful Tips to Turn Your Prostate Health Around Immediately! Enlarged Prostate and High PSA levels Tips to Help AVOID unwanted prostate surgeries and PSA lowering procedures.

Common Questions Men Ask Me About their Prostate Health
1. How do I reduce the size of my prostate so I can urinate regularly?
2. How can I avoid surgeries that reduce the size of my enlarged prostate?
3. How can I lower my PSA levels Naturally?

My 3 Tips for Improved Prostate Health Naturally:

1. Saw Palmetto

2. Lower, Balance & Manage Cortisol Levels (Stress Hormone)
Saliva Test Kits $195 – ID 4x cortisol level (AM, noon, Dinner & Bedtime) + DHEA levels.

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3. Enhance Lymphatic Function to reduce prostate inflammation:
A. Dry Skin Brush daily pre-shower
B. REBOUND daily 2x a day 10-20mins each set

I like these 3 different rebounders:
Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder

40′ Mini Rebounder with Handrails

MaXimus Pro Gym Rebounder Mini Trampoline with handlebar.

C. Homeopathic Lymph Stim – dosing: 40 drops every 3hrs (severe urination problems) 30-25 drops 3x a day (maintenance)

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Are you dealing with an inflamed Prostate and even potentially Approaching surgeries that you really Don't want in today's video i'm Answering many questions from my male Viewers about how to naturally reduce an Enlarged prostate and to hopefully avoid Some of the unwanted surgeries and Procedures that are not so male friendly Stay tuned for these tips in this video Today welcome gentlemen I'm dr. Melissa Gallagher I'm a naturopathic physician And in today's video I'm going to equip You with several different ways to Manage and inflamed an enlarged prostate Naturally I've worked with thousands of Men who have asked this question how do I reduce the size of my prostate so that One I can urinate regularly and not have Any issues and two how can I avoid Having any unwanted surgeries related to The reduction of a prostate and three How do I naturally lower my PSA levels If you are coming to this video and you Are first time you are welcome I am so Excited to have you join us here at Natural health resources if you haven't Checked out this video this is where I Answer a few more in depth questions About prostate health but I want to Welcome you because I want to give you Impactful tips that are going to turn Your prostate health around immediately So let's dig in tip number one saw

Palmetto is a very wonderful herb that Will help reduce the size and even the Pain related to you and inflamed Prostate the inflammation of the Prostate is one of the major reasons why Men go to a urologist to reduce the Burden placed on their bladder and even Their sexual health is impacted by the Inflamed prostate by using and Implementing saw palmetto on a daily Basis you actually can manage that Inflammation within the prostate gland The men that I work with you are able to Lower the PSA levels and decrease their Inflamed prostate they actually will Maintain their supplementation of saw Palmetto It is very beneficial if you've had high PSA levels in the past if you had an Inflamed prostate in the past it's Likely that it will repeat itself Because the root cause often isn't Resolved which leads me to number two I Guarantee most of your urologist are not Talking about your cortisol hormone Which is your core stress hormone it Causes inflammation and stagnancy of Your lymphatic system that results in an Inflamed prostate gland and I want to Share with you a test that I incorporate In my male patients lives when they First come to me asking about how can They reduce an inflamed prostate and Manage their prostate health this is the

Test kit that I use it's called an Adrenal stress test kit it actually Incorporates saliva testing for us to Analyze your cortisol which is your Stress hormone that's causing Inflammation to your prostate we measure Your cortisol first thing in the morning When you wake up at lunchtime at Dinnertime in the right before you go to Bed normally so your normal bedtime hour This test I want to show you the kits Because it's so easy these are your the Vials that I actually incorporate with My patients I actually can send these to You so if you want one I'll provide a Link right here where you can buy the Test kit it's a hundred and ninety five Dollar these test kits are hugely Impactful and very helpful for us to be Able to manage your cortisol level your Cortisol levels are really at the core Of your inflamed prostate problem your Cortisol levels are a core factor when It comes to having an enlarged prostate And increased PSA levels it also plays a Role in your testosterone levels so Sometimes if your cortisol is too high You might have lowered testosterone Levels you might have decreased libido You might have a reptile function on top Of an enlarged prostate so we want to Balance all that out so we can improve Your urological health and your sexual Health by managing your cortisol level

Not only will you decrease the state and The size of your prostate but you'll Actually increase your libido and you Know the functionality of your Urological reproductive That's a big bonus and so many men Benefit from that test and they also Benefit from the residual effects of Managing the prostate and in turn the Hormones the third thing that I want you To do is to incorporate dry skin Brushing I have a free download for dry Skin brushing it's a DIY how-to I also Have a video coming out very soon right Demonstrate exercises DIY lymphatic Exercises for your abdomen which is Going to be key for men to move the Lymphatics of their abdominal cavity Because moving your lymphatics will help Clear out congested testosterone and Excess hormones and toxicity that are Accumulating in your lymphatic system And causing inflammation in your Prostate which is a lymphatic gland so We want to enhance your lymphatic Function to in turn detoxify and clear And cleanse and manage the inflammation In and around your prostate gland The net result is improved bladder Functionality you're actually urinating Your full bladder and not having Decreases in your flow or feeling like You're not voiding fully and then also Erectile dysfunction will resolve often

By that lymphatic flow occurring if you Want to watch more details about the Lymphatics in your prostate I filmed This video I think this will be helpful After my last video I received a lot of Questions about my commentary about Riding a bike and if that was a helpful Beneficial exercise there's been a lot Of dispute whether that's good for male Prostate health moving and exercising BarNone is one of the best ways to move Your lymphatics and get circulation Moving but also help detox your body of Excess hormones that often cause the Fluid retention and inflammation in your Prostate bikes are wonderful as our Walking and swimming incorporating those Exercises in your daily life is Beneficial but I also want to give you Something else that I love it's super Easy it's something you can do at home You can literally balance on what we Call a rebounder I'll link to some of my Favorite rebounders below that you can Buy on Amazon these are affiliate links They help support my channel but more Importantly they're gonna help you move The Favics of your whole entire system but Get that prostate gland decongestant Really jumping on a rebounder is going To unclog your a lymphatic system and It's going to help clear out the Inflammation fluid and swelling in and

Around the prostate in the gland itself And then in the interstitial space space In between your prostate and other Tissue and organs and glands So this rebounding is super impactful What I recommend is 20 minutes in the Morning and 20 minutes in the evening This really opens its forces this kind Of gravitational pull out as you're Bouncing it's opening the valves and the System in your lymphatic so that we can Clear out congestion in and around the Prostate rebounding is a super impactful Technique it's super easy and I knew it Will help you if you want a bonus on top Of your rebounding that you're going to Do every day this is a homeopathic that Is great for moving your lymphatics and I actually recommend this for men and Women and anybody who's having lymphatic Challenges this product is called lymph Stim and it's a homeopathic that Motivates your lymphatics but for men And prostate health it moves and Motivates the lymphatics that are Clearing and cleansing and detoxing and Managing inflammation in and around your Prostate this is hugely impactful I sell This on my online store I'll provide a Link down below or you can check out This link my store requires an access Code for all new patients and me my Access code is six zero one zero so when You go to this link you type in the code

Sixty ten and you can purchase this Particular item the lymph stem is hugely Impactful I recommend for folks who are Inflamed so the dosing if you are Dealing with a very significant inflamed Prostate where say you're having a Really hard time emptying your bladder Fully and you notice that maybe it's Like a third full or even a half full 40 Drops of this lymph stem every three Hours until you start to notice more of That flow enhancing in terms of being Able to eliminate your bladder fully so Voiding Foley is key maintenance once we Manage your PSA levels and Bring down some of the inflammation We're now managing that lymphatic Process along with rebounding daily Maintenance 30 to 35 drops three times a Day this for so many people it's Life-changing so I hope you do check That out it's an extra bonus but I want To give you all the tools and equip you With key ways to resolve an inflamed Prostate naturally I hope this video was Helpful I wanted to give you really Quick really easy ways to minimize the Inflammation in your prostate today if You have any questions please message me Down below and if you want to work Privately with me where we can delve Deeper into some of the hormonal Imbalances if you want to buy one of Those test kits there's a link up there

Again and more details down below of how To work with me I am accepting new Patients and I do virtual appointments So I work with men and women all over The world literally at many different Times throughout so I tend to be Flexible as much as my schedule allows And I would love to work with you Individually to get your prostate back To normal and get your health optimized Thanks gentlemen for tuning in if you Haven't subscribed I hope you will stay To you for more impactful videos for Your health [Music] You

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