How to Plant Mint In a Container | Growing Mint at Home

By | November 2, 2021

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Mint is a favourite plant for many people and is used fir different purposes like mint tea as a spice. However it’s very easy to grow anywhere because it does not require much space to grow well. It can be grown in a plastic bottle, container, hollow block or anything that can easily support it’s growth. Get mint cuttings and put them in a container with good soil, and irrigate with water. Within a few days you will be able to start harvesting the leaves if we’ll looked after.

How to grow meat from cuttings So these are our cuttings i've just cut Them as you see here So now I've cut them off i've removed plucked Off the leaves and cut them cut them at The top so that i wanted them to be At almost the same height So now this is our stock that we are Going to plant i got this from the Market i got this mint Mint from the market freshly brownie Mint this one you see these ones within A few days they will have grown To More meat you can do this at home you Buy it once you can be harvesting from Your garden so now these are the Cuttings that we are going to plant here So easy so i'm using this block as My Flower pot So for the mint this is A flower pot this is a block used for Building it's used in construction So Inside here there is a base as you see So now to react as a flower pot Yeah it's an alternative to these Plastic flower pots because normally for Them With sunshine after some time They break down but this one is Long-lasting so now

This is the meat I'm going to start planting them This is the soil i already prepared the Soil like you see here i got it from A garden it's black so your black soil Is better by the way it's better to use Black soil because of the nutrients i Will also add some fertilizer some Naturally made fertilizers So now you just place it Here like that So easy Like that you see Because the soil is soft that's why it's Easy to use my hands The soil is a bit soft I'll just put it in Today Added the soil today so now you see These are the plankings i'm Putting into the soil for the mint to Grow That's what i'm doing You make sure that the meat you buy has Some roots otherwise the roots are there Otherwise it might fail to Germinate Just to be with the roots you see the Roots the roots are visible In this one you can see them So Put it inside there It depends on the number you want but i Wanted them to be

Here many That's why I'm Doing it like that Yeah Yeah Later on i will add some More black soil To cover it up yeah So So this is our meat that i've just Planted so now i'm going to To irrigate it with some Fatty liquid fertilizer the fatter is Made from Banana peels you see this is the Factories i'm going to use these are Banana peels i made them a few days ago So i'm going to fertilize it So That's enough Within a few days we shall be getting More meat i will show you later on So this is the meat That is i've just planted i've added in Another box this box i've also put some Moment here as you can see So This is this is what i planted Yesterday and you see the leaves have Started coming up even this one my Leaves will start to appear within like Two weeks You can be able to harvest


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