How to Pickle Watermelon Rind

By | June 27, 2012

In a previous video (, I demonstrated how to peel and slice a watermelon. In this video, we’ll take the left over watermelon rind and pickle them using three different flavor approaches. For more information including ingredients and recipes used, please refer to this episode’s show notes:

Jakub Burton here from Stella culinary Calm and in this video I'll be showing You how to make a great summer condiment Which is pickled watermelon rind now in A previous video we generated some Watermelon scraps when I showed you how To peel and dice a watermelon and so This is our leftover Ryne so we're going To start by cleaning this up you're Going to remove most of that red portion Of the watermelon that stuck to the rind You want to be careful there really is No getting around the fact you're going To have to cut toward your hand so using A razor sharp knife is really really Important here now once you've removed Most of that red you're going to detach The green rind from the actual outer Skin and you're going to go back if There's any left over you're going to Take this off now admittedly my knife Could be a lot sharper here and it's Dangerous to have a knife that isn't Super sharp but you see as I'm very Carefully cutting towards my hand I'm Going to then switch right about here And then pull my knife all the way Through it's that way I'm not risking Cutting myself now once you have all of The rhein remove from the outer skin you Want to go back and julienne into thin Strips and here you can tell I'm cutting This on a slight bias and now you're Going to pack into mason jars here I'm

Using a 12 ounce of canning mason jar That has been cleaned I didn't boil it But I did put it in my dishwasher and This is about the rhein of one Watermelon so for one whole watermelon Gonna need about three jars now we're Going to make a couple different Pickling liquids and the basics behind a Quick pickle like this we're basically Going to place it in your fridge and let It pickle is you want to use a One-to-one ratio of vinegar to water and Then you can add any other ingredients That you want for flavor and you can Substitute some of that water for your Flavoring as well you can use one you Can use juice we'll go over that in a Second so here's our basic Pickling liquid of one part or two cups Of rice vinegar and 2 cups of water or One part water going to add a little bit Of salt to just to taste a little bit of Sugar again just to taste that way Adding enough sugar to where the vinegar Isn't super strong and overpower Typical spoon give a little sippy-sip Make sure that you're balanced your Flavors are balanced correctly there was A little too acidic for me so I'm gonna Add a little more sugar to kind of Sweeten it up and then some fresh Cracked black pepper and a little bit of Cayenne if you like it hot and you go Ahead and place that right in and then

Whisk everything around and that's it That's your pickling liquid now you do Not want to bring this to a boil Because pickling liquid or the vinegar Actually has a lower boiling point and Then water so that ass is going to boil Off before the water boils fill the jar All the way up to the top and then place On your lid hand tighten that ring down On the top and that's pretty much it now For another version here we're using Watermelon juice instead of water so our One part water is actually a watermelon Juice our one part vinegar is going to Be sherry vinegar eight sherry now this Can be champagne vinegar red wine Vinegar whatever you like I'm going to Pour that into a mixing bowl instead of Using sugar I'm going to use honey to Sweeten to counterbalance that bite from The acidic or the acidity of the vinegar And then basil and watermelon are a Match made in heaven so I'm going to Pack the top of that jar with some fresh Basil leafes And I'm going to pour this mixture of Watermelon juice and sherry vinegar over The top and again I'm using a one-to-one Mixture or ratio of vinegar to water or Water-based substance like juice Hand-tighten place in the fridge good to Go now the final one I'm going to do a Little bit of an Asian Flair on it and So I'm going to place everything in a

Mixing bowl sprinkle in some sliced Green onions a mixture of white and Black sesame seeds and I'm doing all This to taste a little togarashi for Some heat the togarashi is a Japanese Seven spice you can substitute any sort Of cayenne or spices that you like we're Going to toss around just like a salad And I'm doing this by sight I'm not Using a bunch of direct measurement so If you look at it you like I you know I Kind of want some more sesame seeds in There then add some more sesame seeds if You want more green onions add more Green onions if you want more togarashi Add more togarashi now mix it around and Once you have your mixture to where you Like it go ahead and place in a jar now For the pickling liquid my portion is Going to be made up of about a quarter Cup of sake quarter cup of Mirin which is a sweet and Saki and in The rest water so I'm going to have two Cups all together then on top that I'm Going to place another two cups of rice Vinegar pour everything back into the Same mixing bowl that I use to pick up Any residual sesame seeds are left Behind hit it with a little bit of sugar For sweetness and again you can use Honey you can use palm sugar whatever You like a little bit of freshly Squeezed lime juice just for that extra Kick of acidity and I'm going to mix all

This together and again is place it in The jar covering completely the Watermelon rinds capping it with a lid And you want to let these refrigerate Overnight they're usually best in about 24 hours or 40 hours and then they'll Last easily for a couple of weeks to a Month without deteriorating now for some Quick serving ideas you basically want To use pickled watermelon rind as a Condiment so for that spicy Asian Version I demonstrate that goes great With barbecue ribs especially if you're Going like a Korean style barbecue rib You can also use it on hotdogs add to a Coleslaw serve alongside roasted meats Like chicken pork and duck and basically Any dish that calls for a crunchy sweet And sour component for more information Check out this episode shownotes At Stella culinary comm slash KP 27

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