How to Manage TRT Side Effects

By | March 5, 2023

Dave Lee explains how to manage the side effects of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).
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*Disclaimer: This video and comments are meant purely informational! This is not medical advice! If you are looking for medical advice always contact your own doctor.

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I'm going to use this as an example to Make a point I used 35 milligrams test e test C blend Every other day from a compound pharmacy For seven months now there have been Times where I have serious anxiety Feelings of swelling up high blood Pressure heavy heartbeat but it's hard To go to sleep even and that will last For up to two days and comes on about 8 Hours after the shot I noticed this more When I was using a slightly higher dose Because of doing it Every three days I don't know what the Hell is going on I almost went to the Hospital last time it happened it's not Regular anxiety I can't feel the search Of Androgen feelings that speak out to a Very uncomfortable feeling and Aforementioned symptoms is 43 years old Five foot six 176 pounds workout three times a week no Caffeine D3 10 000 nak 1200 600 vitamin C thousands And uh yeah that's it Okay firstly I'll address the test CE Test e blend that's like taking a can of Coconut kind of Pepsi and mixing them Together it's a complete waste of time But it wouldn't be doing any harm but For anyone who's watching wondering About that that is It's probably some kind of marketing or Some kind of um product that someone's

You know patented from a lab to be able To mark up look in situations like this I'm going to use this as an example to Make a point Um Issues like this are virtually Impossible for myself or anyone to Diagnose and rectify on the internet Because there are way more questions That need to be asked to be able to Rectify this Um so being able to give someone Personalized medical advice based on This much information is I mean it's Basically just we're just flipping a Coin to see if I'm going to get the Answer right so the things to be looking Into here first is any kind of Underlying medical conditions a lot of The time I find that if we're looking at Secondary hypochonadism which in in my Experience is the vast majority of guys I work with are secondary A lot of the time the unresolved issue That caused the biotestosterone in the First place is causing the side effects From the trt the analogy that I use and I'm sure I sound like a broken record to People who've watched me before but if If your car needs a service and you're a Beating up old Suzuki Swift and you put A Lamborghini engine in there it's not Going to work out very well and what's

Going to happen is you're going to rip Out of the car dealership or the Mechanic yard with your you know shiny New engine and then you're going to Start to shine a light on all the other Issues that maybe you were getting away With before but now you're putting a Whole lot more stress on because you're Putting the gas down a lot harder with a More powerful engine this is What I would say would cause the vast Majority of side effects that I see is The unresolved root cause that led to The low testosterone in the first place And guys are fighting against their Natural biology because if you've got a Biological state which is naturally Suppressing your testosterone production And then your solution to that is to put More testosterone into the body it's not Putting it into a situation where the Body would be making those levels if it Could so I would be looking at going Okay well what led you to needing trt in The first place that would be my first Thing second thing to look at is Underlying I guess we call it learned Fear stress people would call it anxiety Um being more highly wired will cause This I mean this could this could Basically be psychosomatic people don't Like hearing that their issues are Psychosomatic because it comes with the Stigma of it being it's all in your head

If something's all in your head it's Still causing a very real biological Cascade in the body so it's not it's not Like to dismiss it or downplay it but it Can absolutely be psychosomatic in root Cause and that's not something that People should be ashamed of or try to be Running from and that can be present for A lot of people The other things I would be looking at Is I mean the the gentleman said that he Described it as a overwhelming Androgenic feeling It's very difficult to put a finger on What is what I mean people will often People can't differentiate between Cortisol and adrenaline so maybe he Can't differentiate between androgens And adrenaline so that's also something To be looking at so I would be looking at potentially Intolerances to carrier oils this is Something that comes up I mean it comes Up more often than I thought it would It's something that's worth looking into If you're having these weird side Effects I mean he's only on I did a Calculation on my phone he's on like 122.5 milligrams a week It's not a lot but he could also be Hyper responding so maybe his dose is Just way too high for him some guys only Need 60 70 80 milligrams a week to get What the average guy or myself gets on

200 250 so maybe he needs to get his Levels checked the other thing as well Pregnenolone deficiency that will also Cause people to not be able to tolerate Their trt properly and get this Over-stimulated cranked out response Which I mentioned in that second video On the YouTube channel so I would be Looking into all those things and if Underlying anxiety and stress is Something that this gentleman maybe has Experienced in the past and you can go Yeah I feel that Um CBD phosphodide or serine combination Video that I made recently on this Channel Um that video is literally purpose made For someone dealing with that Foreign [Music]

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