How to Make Watermelon Rind Candy

By | August 16, 2016

All the steps, shown in detail, with explanations of all the procedures needed to make this delicious candied fruit!

All of my friends when I was in the Grocery store the other day I picked up The largest watermelon that they had and The reason I did that is I am planning On eating the entire watermelon Including rind I'm removing the Watermelon rind and I'm cutting it in Manageable sections and these are Measuring about two inches by two inches The green peel can be removed later with A potato peeler or you can remove the Peel this way viewing the skin off prior To cutting the rind off this is a much Quicker way to remove the skin but it Takes a little more control with the Knife so with these pieces I'm going to Kind of cut it like the size of a french Fry right here I'm going to put it in the saucepan and Covering it with hot water and this is Going to go on the stove and the only Reason I'm using hot water it's going to Be quicker on the stove we have to bring This to a boil and boil for about five Minutes This started boiling I'm going to let it Go for five minutes now this had boiled For five minutes now and now we drain it I'm mixing up a brine and I'm using the Quarter cup of salt I have sea salt here it's the only saw They have in the house after rain now What we do is transfer into a bowl and I Have brine mixed up it's 1 quart water

And a quarter cup of salt and we cover It enough to cover it the watermelon Rind has soaked overnight and brine now I'm going to rinse this I want to get as Much salt water or brine often these as Possible After I rinse these I place them back Into a saucepan and I cover them with Water and now I have it back on the Stove and I'm going to simmer this until These get tender this is been simmering About 15 to 20 minutes and I'm going to Drain it again and now I leave it there To drain while I make the 0 I'm adding 2 Cups of sugar and one and a quarter cups Of water and we're going to cook this to The softball stage which is 240 degrees Fahrenheit or you can always drop it Into glasses cold water drip it and when It forms a soft ball that's where they Get the term soft ball stage at this Stage in cooking or rendering or heating This sugar syrup you have to be very Vigilant and what you're doing is you're Evaporating the water the liquid and as It evaporates the temperature will go up So the temperature is an indicator of How much liquid is in the sugar syrup so As the temperature starts rising it'll Rise very quickly because you're getting Minimal amount of water in the liquid if You're not careful this is highly Flammable and The sugar can catch fire and if you ever

Made maple syrup there's hours of Heating and boiling and when you get to Where it starts thickening you usually Move it to a secondary heat source where It's a smaller volume and you watch it Much closer There's many sugar shacks that have Grown down because of the last process They lost track of the temperature Rising and went to the flashpoint so We're getting close and then when we add The rhyme the temperature is going to Draw and the rhyme has moisture in it And we have to cook again until we get It back to this softball stage we hit The soft ball stage and now we want to Add this want to be careful you don't Splash This is 240 degrees Fahrenheit we're Adding the rind and now we're going to Put the Rhine and coat it we want to Cook until it's translucent now the Temperature is dropping because the Rhine was closed and damaged or wet so Now we have to heat it back up get it to That soft ball stage again Okay right now it's back to the softball Stage and I have the heat turned way Down Turn in the heat off move on to the Parchment paper it's the coal and I Sprinkled some sugar onto the paper I Don't have a cooling rack I'm scattering these out on the rack and

After they cool I'll shake all the Granular sugar off of the thanks for Watching my friends of I

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