How to Make Onion and Ginger Juice | Boost Energy and Immunity | Natural BOMB for your body

By | May 18, 2021

Onions are antioxidants which is very good for the general and normal functioning of the body system. Compounds in onions fight inflammation. They help to reduce cholesterol levels. Onions also have compounds that help to lower heart disease risk. They reduce high blood pressure and also protect against blood clots.

Ginger is an antioxidant and is also an anti-inflammatory drink or juice. It is used in teas and also as an everyday spice in many dishes around the world. The gingerol has got medicinal properties, it helps to treat nausea like morning sickness, helps in weight loss, it can help with osteoarthritis, lowers blood sugars and reduces heart disease risk. It helps in treating chronic indigestion.

Preparation: Get a mid sized onion and cut it into pieces. Cut a thumb size piece of ginger and Put in blender the pieces of ginger and onion and add some water like one litre and blend. Strain and drink. You can mix it with any other fruit like mango If one wishes to do so.

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