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You will need these ingredients;

1. 2 Lemons
2. 10-15 pieces of Garlic
3. Ginger (4 thumbs)
4. 1 Onion
5. 1 litre/liter of hot water
6. 5 Red hot pepper

Cut the garlic,ginger,red hot pepper and Onion into small pieces. Blend or crash them and then squeeze the 2 lemons in the mix. Put them into a suitable container and add the 1 litre/liter Of hot water and cover them. Wait until the mixture cools down and take 2 table spoons every after 8 hours. You can strain the liquid or decide not to do so. Refrigerate the drink for a longer shelf life. However I would advise anyone to take it after eating food or when someone is soon about to have food. It’s not advisable tontake it on an empty stomach.

Your body will be able to fight off infections and illnesses like colds and cough or any other illness as your body’s natural immunity is boosted. These ingredients are readily available in markets or supermarkets and are not so expensive in many parts of the world. As recommended by Doctor Kiiza Besigye.

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How to make an immunity booster drink You need An onion some garlic collected pieces Ginger Some red hot chilies and some lemon Plus one liter of hot water cut them Into small pieces Like you see there then after you crush Them Or you blend them then You squeeze the lemon the two demons Inside the crushed beet there like you See there That's the crushed beet with the lemon We've squeezed some tourmaline inside There Then you put it into a container then Add Some hot water one little of hot water Then you wait for it to cool down and Take two tablespoons After every eight hours it's really Effective for Colds flu and other infections it really Boosts your immunity Thank you

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